Stuff We Love: Toro TimeCutter MX5075 with MyRIDE

– Welcome back. Today Josh and I are talking about this Toro zero turn mower. A few weeks ago Josh said, Hey, I want you to try out
this mower at your house. And I kind of live in the country and I've got a big yard and
I have a commercial mower. – Way in the country. – It's really bumpy and I don't care because I'm in the country. I've tried other smaller mowers
before, relatively smaller, and I'm like, Oh, Josh I don't know. I said, I just went to the dentist and I don't want to go back to get my fillings fixed
after bouncing around. He's like, No, no you're
going to love this. So he brought it over
and I see the springs and I've gone to a lot of shows
where they've got new mowers and I see springs and it's
like, yeah, whatever, springs. Well this one, as soon as you
sit in it, it's just crazy. The difference between
this is, regular springs, this whole thing is basically
isolated from the mower.

So while the mower is going up and down, you're kind of floating in this little cushion-capsule thing. It's really, amazingly smooth. – So what it does, is that helps not only the smoothness of the bumps, but it also takes out
the vibration as well, which is really cool and
you probably noticed that. – Yeah, I really noticed it. – Yeah, this thing is
unbelievably comfortable. It's got the settings on the back that you can run for different weights or comforts that you want.

So you can even have it
smoother if you want. I didn't believe it when I saw it and I tried it and I was like holy cow. – Yeah, because you used it
several times on your yard. – Yeah, so this is actually
the Toro TimeCutter MX5075 but it's got the MyRide system on it. – So this whole suspension
system is called the MyRide. – Yes, and we're talking about the MyRide.

Creative works

So this is a monster. It's got a 24 and a half
horse v-twin motor on it, but this thing, it is so
fast, I could not believe. – That's the other thing you told me. He goes, you'll be
amazed how fast it cuts. I'm like, yeah, whatever. I don't know how fast it goes. It feels like you're
going 20 miles an hour. – It does. – There's a couple different gears. Mowing gear and high speed. And they probably say you're
not supposed to do it, but we tried it anyway. You can go full blast and it actually does a
pretty darn good job cutting. I mean it screams. – Yeah, I won't lie, when
I looked at your yard, you had some nice stripes going on. I don't know how fast you were mowing.

– Fast. – But this thing is really cool. – It's just a three-point
suspension that they run on here. It's just the two in the
rear and the one in the front that they run on with the MyRide. – Oh, okay. – So an average seat out there has about an inch and a half of travel and there's three inches of travel in this isolated suspension
that they run on here. – That's the thing,
it's not just the seat. It's your whole body that's in there, so it's a different feel and actually it kind of
freaked me out a little bit because sometimes I was going up on a hill and all of a sudden the
seat shifted and like, whoa. It kind of freaked me out. But I got used to it after a while. – Because it's your whole
body, not just the seat. – Your whole body is
moving independent of this. It took a little bit to get used to, but I was very impressed. It's a hell of a machine.

– Toro did an awesome job. Good job guys. So these are $3,999. – And where are they at? – You can check out Toro's website or Home Depot has these actually. I've mowed a lot of mowers. You might tell me your lawn's level, but you'd noticed it with
this when you start going. It's just crazy. It's super cool. – It is really cool. Alright, we'll see you next time. You were right Josh. – I know. – It happens every once in a while. – I love hearing that from you. – It happens every once in a while..

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