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This is Couples Court
With The Cutlers. This is the case
of Hughes v. Hughes.
You all are married. You've been together
for 15 years. You have two children together. But there's a cloud
hanging over your marriage,
because you believe
she's cheating. JUDGE KEITH: Is that right,
Mr. Hughes? Yes, sir. Okay, you've opened
this case today. Tell us why you
brought this case. I opened my case today, because I believe my wife
has cheated on me. I believe that she… We argue all the time. She posts sexy pictures
on global media. It's my page.
I can put
whatever I want.

JUDGE DANA: Hold on, hold on. My wife showing her goods
to the whole world which is only supposed
to be for me. (EXHALES) JUDGE DANA: And you got
a problem with that. I have a problem
with that. And if she has
cheated on me, I want it to be over with. JUDGE DANA: All right,
Ms. Hughes, you are…
you ready to go. So, let's here
what you got to say. Why are you all fighting? 'Cause he says
you're fighting every day. Well, we fight for
a lot of different reasons. One of them, he cannot
provide for his family. He cannot keep a job. He's always accusing me
of cheating. If you would do
what you're supposed
to be doing, then there would be no room for accusing me
of doing anything. So, what are you
here to prove, because are you saying… SHERIA: I'm here
to prove that I'm not cheating. JUDGE KEITH: All right. JUDGE DANA: Mr. Hughes,
what have been the warning signs
for you that Ms.

is cheating. The warning signs are, sometimes we be
in the bed together, this has happened with me, we've been into bed and she's texting another guy
while we in bed. How can you
possibly see me texting another guy
in the bed? I mean, you have what? SHAMEL: Second time is when we get up… What kinda eyes do you have? Because I check your phone. You think she is
or you've seen it? SHAMEL: I've seen it.
She did it in front of me. She would
hold her phone this way and be texting. JUDGE DANA: Okay. I believe that
you're insecure. (SCOFFS) That's what I believe.
You're insecure. Ms. Hughes. Ms. Hughes. Hold on, Ms. Hughes. So, did you submit a copy of that recollected text to us? Yes, ma'am. Let's take a look at that. So, this is your recollection
of the texts that you saw.
It says… (READING) SHAMEL: Yes, ma'am. JUDGE DANA: And that was
to another man?
Yes, ma'am. All right, Ms. Hughes,
did you text another man saying, "I miss you.
Did you get the pictures?" I don't recall this.

(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Have you sent pictures
of yourself to other man? Yes. Um… I'm sorry. If I did, we wasn't
together, so… They're my rights. We're married! So what,
we're married? Why was you
at Myrtle Beach
for two whole days? Ms. Hughes. Ms. Hughes. I know you think
you answered my question, but you did not. I've been doing
this a while. Plus, I got three boys. But no, I did not. JUDGE DANA: You have
never sent pictures of yourself to other man? Not when we was together,
no, I didn't. JUDGE KEITH: What kind
of pictures have you sent
other man? SHERIA: Um, pictures of, like selfies,
you know.

You know. JUDGE KEITH: Dressed how? Well, let's
take a look. So, was that a picture
that you sent? (LAUGHING) Well, you know… JUDGE KEITH: No, no. I don't. JUDGE DANA: No, I don't. That's not what I did.
No, that's not one of
the pictures that I sent. No, that's not
one of those either. No, that's not
one of those either. JUDGE DANA: But here's
the thing. Do you hear here
what you're saying? 'Cause you're saying,
"Not one of those." So that means
that you have sent… I have sent
pictures before. JUDGE DANA: Were they
sexy pictures? Or were they similar to this? I mean, pretty much
all my pictures
are sexy. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Now, what if he sent similar pictures
to a woman? JUDGE DANA: In his underwear,
oiled up. JUDGE KEITH: How would
you feel about that? I won't care.

You wouldn't care? SHERIA: Mmm-mmm. You would not care if your husband did that? No. That's sad. That's sad. JUDGE KEITH: You're a better
woman than most women. JUDGE DANA: Yeah, I know.
That's right. All right, but you are,
in your mind, this is inappropriate
for your wife. SHAMEL: Yes, ma'am. JUDGE DANA: Are there
any other warning signs? Yes, ma'am. I had came home
from work one day, and the room smelled like sex. It smelled like sex. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Cue the violins, people. SHAMEL: It smelled
like hot, heat, sex. JUDGE KEITH: Which room? Which room? Our bedroom. JUDGE KEITH: Your bedroom? Yes, sir. You get home,
long day at work, you come home… Bed messed up. JUDGE DANA: And what
did you say… That is a lie. I said to her… I said, "Baby, the room
smells like sex. "What's going on in here?" SHERIA: Oh, God. You're so… SHAMEL: She told me, she was working out! I guess, working out
smells like sex to me. Well, I was. (CHUCKLES) Did this happen? No, that did not happen.

JUDGE DANA: Did he come home
and say the bedroom
smelled like sex? No, first of all,
he wasn't at work, so… JUDGE DANA: Well,
that's neither here or there. The question… SHERIA: My whole house
is filled with people, so how can I have sex
in a house full of people? JUDGE DANA: All right,
Ms. Hughes, you've not answered
a single question. SHAMEL: Yeah,
she's a good liar. JUDGE KEITH:
Here's what she's doing. Is this robe black? Uh, this room is yellow. JUDGE KEITH: Okay,
but I'm asking you,
is this robe black? Well, the carpet's blue. What I wanna know is,
is this robe black? Well, what I'm looking at
is over there. Okay, that's how
your answers sound. (LAUGHTER) JUDGE KEITH: You've been asked
direct questions… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Well… You are going
all around the moon not answering the questions. So, I'mma ask you
"yes" or "no" questions, and that's all I want. I don't want
any other explanation. Did you husband
come home and say our bedroom smells like sex.

Yes. JUDGE DANA: What was your response to why the room, now this is not
a "yes" or "no", why the room smelled like sex? Well, my response was, "Um, are you crazy?" I was working out, okay? I didn't have the AC on. It was a little humid. Okay? I was sweaty. So what? But that's the first thing
you think about when you come home is the fact that I had
somebody in our bedroom, while everybody's
in this house. How crazy bizarre
do you have to be? I mean, you gotta be
a little delusional.

That's really
far out there. JUDGE KEITH:
In terms of bizarre, it seems bizarre to me
that you're working out with a house full of people. SHERIA: I'm in my room, I can do that.
I'm in my room. JUDGE KEITH: So you got friends
and guests coming over
at your house. And you're out there
working out by yourself. No, my cousin stays
at the house. My children were in their room
doing their homework. I was in my room,
doing my squats. Which is what
I always do
in my bedroom. So, you can
get in shape to take the kind of pictures
that we looked at. SHERIA: Yes.

JUDGE DANA: Were you all
always this contentious? I mean, have you always been
fighting like this? Was there ever a time
y'all were happy together? Ooh-wee. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) JUDGE KEITH:
Then you got your answer. JUDGE DANA: Ooh-wee. And you all have been
together 15 years? SHAMEL: Yes, ma'am. JUDGE DANA: Okay. Woo. And this relationship is now utterly on the rocks. Yes, ma'am. JUDGE DANA: Because you believe she's cheating. Yes, ma'am. Tell me why you believe
she's cheating now. Now. She told me
she was going out
with friends one night. (SIGHS) And, um… I didn't believe her. So, I decided to follow her
with my friend. And so she went
and met up with a guy. Wait, so you're
following her… You followed her on foot
or in a car? SHAMEL: In a car. JUDGE KEITH: All right,
and where did she stop? She stops as a restaurant. They meet up
at a restaurant. What restaurant
did we meet up at? JUDGE KEITH: So when you pulled up
to the restaurant and you saw that
she was getting out going into this restaurant, what did you do? I really kinda…

It kinda… I didn't do nothing.
It kinda broke me. SHERIA: You never do. JUDGE DANA: Well,
I'm looking at you and your eyes are filling up, just thinking about it.
Just telling us the story. So, it emotionally wrecked you, didn't it? Yes, ma'am. No sympathy from me. JUDGE DANA: And so what happened? Did you ever talk to Ms. Hughes about it? SHAMEL: She came home
the next day, and she just brushed it off.

JUDGE KEITH: The next day? The next day. JUDGE DANA: So, she was
gone all night. Yes, ma'am. JUDGE DANA:
And as far as you know,
she was out all night with this man
that you saw her with at the restaurant. Yes, ma'am. JUDGE KEITH AND DANA:
Ms. Hughes. Yes! JUDGE DANA: Did you spend a night with another man? SHERIA: No, I did not
spend a night with another man. Um, I did go out,
I did go out. Um, no, I haven't.

I did go out and I did not
come back home, because he just had left and went to Myrtle Beach and stayed for two
whole days. And I didn't know
where he was. He did not call,
he didn't leave a note. He didn't leave anything. He did not answer
his phone, did not answer his texts. So, when he came back
that Friday you thought I was gonna
stay home Friday night? Wrong. So, yes, I left… JUDGE KEITH:
So, you were mad at him
for going to Myrtle Beach, so you went out and met another man
at a restaurant.

SHERIA: No, I didn't meet another man
at a restaurant. And didn't come home
till next day. That's the part that he put in.
That's in his
delusional mind. He put the other man in there. Because first of all,
even if I was to go out and be seen
with another man or get out in a car, Do you think
he would really find me? Or really be able
to track me? JUDGE DANA: Also, my question, to you, Mrs.

Hughes is… Please. (SCOFFS) Were you involved
with another man? Were you sexually active
with another man? No, I was not.
I was not. Have you ever been
since you've been married? No. It's a lie. Have you been out
with other men? SHERIA:
Yes, I have. JUDGE DANA: On dates? We wasn't together. Yes. We're married! If you and me are
not living together, I don't owe you
anything, okay. I don't know what
you're thinking
in your head. You do with other women. So, you're not…
You do with other women.

What other women?
You told me to go see
other women. (GAVEL BANGS) Monkey see, monkey do. Do you have any other
allegations of cheating,
Mr. Hughes? Yes, ma'am. I was coming out of the house, and she had this white boy
come and see her. When I come outside,
they're outside over down
the side of the house. Talking, giggling,
they're flirting. I know what he came to do. What man comes to see
a woman for nothing? So, you believe something's
going on with this man? I believe something
is there. Yes, ma'am. Okay, so what's the nature
of relation with this man? What's the nature
of relation with this man? Well, this man only came
into play, Miss Cutler,
because he is a carpenter. So, he fixed things
in our house. So, the front door
which Shamel broke, needs to be fixed.

SHERIA: Do you think
he bothered trying
to fix the door? No. So, yes, I called
the white guy
to fix the door. I shouldn't have to call him
to fix the door. I gave you money to fix it. No, you didn't
give me money.
Stop lying. He was not there
to talk with you? For any other, no.
For any other… Was the door broken? Yes, ma'am. JUDGE DANA: Okay. All right. So it's your testimony, that you didn't have any kind
of intimate relationship with the white guy
who was a carpenter.

No, no. None, none whatsoever. JUDGE KEITH:
And this hush-hush talk that your husband saw
was in his mind. SHERIA: All in his mind. He just made it up. Everything like this. Yes, delusional. JUDGE DANA: Well, Mr. Cutler,
there's his side. There's her side. And in this case, it's
the white carpenter's side. He's here. Ron, would you
escort the man? (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING,
APPLAUDING) (RON SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) How're you doing? Good day, sir. How are you? ARLEDGE: I'm good. JUDGE KEITH: Okay, would you
state your name,
please, for the court? My name is Michael Arledge.

And Mr. Arledge, what is the nature
of your relationship with Miss Hughes? ARLEDGE:
We're just friends. We live in the
same neighborhood. Like she said, she did
need her door fixed, that's why she called me. I went over there
to look at her door. And when I went, me and her started talking, and she kind of started
tellin' me how
they're having problems and stuff like that. We just chit chatted.
Started vibing a little bit. Hanging out and stuff. So, do you think
what she told you that she was having problems
with her husband, she opened the door for you? Yeah.

And you stepped in. Mmm, not like that. I… I… You know.
I spaced myself. I gotta respect, you know. She got stuff goin' on. But you stayed in the door, you didn't leave the door? ARLEDGE: Right.
You peaking in the door, you just ain't
come in the door. Have you ever
gone out with her? Or what I would consider
to be a date? I took her out
to dinner one time.

JUDGE DANA: Have you all
ever gone to the club or partying together? Hmm, we… we partied
together before. Just once or twice.
It went on like that. JUDGE KEITH: And all this time
you knew she was married? ARLEDGE: Yeah. She telling me, "It's over." That's what
she was telling me. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) You're a liar. So did you ever fix the door? No, I'm not. No, I did not. So, the door
is still like that. The door is still broken. The door's open.
The door ain't fixed. We got all kinds of doors. I think he was doing
some other kind of woodwork. You… Oh! (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) So, did anything happen
between you two? I did not ever have any kind of sexual
relations with that woman. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Thank you. Okay, that sounds
very Clintonesque. But… did any kind
of physical contact happened between you two? We kissed. We had a little
make out session. Yeah! No, we did not.
No, we did not. Pfft! He ain't lying.

He tried to kiss me. That's not my mind.
Let the man talk. It was mutual.
We kissed each other. SHAMEL: Right. Wow. We didn't kiss each other. JUDGE KEITH: You kissed her.
She kissed you back. ARLEDGE: Yeah. My wife. JUDGE DANA: I think we've heard
enough, Mr. Cutler. What we have here is that Mr. Hughes claims he has found text messages which he shared with the court
on his wife's phone between her and another man. He says that
he secretly followed her, saw her go to dinner
with another man. She didn't come back
till the next day. And then the final
thing is that, Mr. Arledge came to the house, he says, to fix the door.

One night when he
dropped her off, they shared
a mutual passionate kiss. That is a lie. SHAMEL: He's not lying. That is a lie.
There was nothing
passionate about the… (GAVEL BANGING) JUDGE DANA: Miss Hughes… It's not about what is. That is the testimony
that we have today. And your husband has said, based on what happens
here today, will determine whether or not
you stay married. That's what he said.
Am I right? SHAMEL: Yes, ma'am. That is what is at stake. JUDGE KEITH:
This court has done a full and complete
investigation. At this time, the court
will like to hear from certified polygraph
examiner, Michael Williams, to determine,
is she cheating? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Ron, please escort

Williams in. Mr. Williams, good day. Good afternoon, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA: You completed
a polygraph examination on Mrs. Hughes,
is that correct? That's correct, Your Honor. You asked Mrs. Hughes, "During your 15 years
of marriage to Mr. Hughes, "have you ever had
sexual intercourse with anyone "other than your husband?" What was her response? Your Honor, she said "No". What did
the polygraph determine? On this question regarding Mrs. Hughes' fidelity,
last 15 years? (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) …she was being deceptive. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) You asked Mrs. Hughes, "Have you ever had
sexual intercourse
with Mr. Arledge?" What was her response
to that question? She said, "No". What did
the polygraph determine? On this question there was
significant and notable physiological responses which indicated to me… …deception. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) You wanted to talk. Let's talk. Lie, lie, lie, lie. That never happened. That polygraph is a lie, 'cause I did not
have sex with him.

I know that I didn't
wanna have sex with him. JUDGE DANA: Mr. Williams. I don't wanna have
sex with him. JUDGE DANA: I want you to…
I want you to listen. Mr. Williams, how many polygraph examinations
have you conducted over your career? WILLIAMS: Over 900. When you said that there was a
strong physiological response, what happens?
What are you looking at? I look at all the indicators
of the instrumentation that I had you hooked up to. Mmm-hmm. Three of the four
have significant responses that indicates to me
that you're being deceptive. Mrs. Hughes… SHERIA: Yes. …and Mr. Hughes, if you want
this marriage to go forward… Mmm. …you'll have to learn to be
quiet and listen to each other when the other's talking. Mr. Hughes, you came here
for answers. What do you want to do
with this relationship? It's over. I'm done. Yo. You're done? SHAMEL: Yes, sir.
I am done. We need a divorce. That means nothing to me. JUDGE DANA: Wait, wait.
That makes this conversation
very short. We're ordering you to
go get the counseling so that you can
co-parent effectively.

The rest of it, you all will learn
by trial and error 'cause you're not
going to listen
to nobody anyway. So as we say
in this court room, "Do not cheat yourself
out of a happy, "healthy, "quiet relationship." (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) This is Couples Court
With The Cutlers. This is the case
of Howard versus Osley. You've been together
five years, you have one child together
and another on the way. Tell me why you have
initiated your case today,
Ms. Howard. Well, I'm here today,
to prove that Quintton, he is cheating with my cousin. (AUDIENCE GASPS) BOTH: With your cousin? Yes, my first cousin. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Oh, no! We're the only two females. That is messy,
messy, messy! Mr. Osley, you gotta
respond that. I gotta hear about this. No, it's… (LAUGHS) It's not true.
It's not true.

couples court

It's not true, you… It's a made up story. JUDGE KEITH: You said you're
not involved with her cousin. OSLEY: At all. You're not cheating with her
or anybody else
for that matter, are you? Nope. No, sir. And you're here
to prove that today,
to her, once and for all. I'm here because
I'm tired of hearing about it. It's like, from day one,
since I met her, I've been hearing,
"Oh, you're cheating
with my cousin." JUDGE DANA: Right. OSLEY: From day one,
the first day…

This has been a cloud
over this relationship
the whole time. And look,
she's got a baby
on the way. JUDGE KEITH:
What does that feel like? It feels devastating. I'm hurt, because I have
a 10-month, by him,
already baby. Baby boy. And then,
I have another baby boy
on the way.
I'm seven months. I'm hurt,
because this is my life.
You're seven months pregnant, you think he's
sleeping with your cousin. So, not only are you
talking about, potentially, a relationship
between you two, but you're talking about a family relationship
being destroyed.

Yes, family. And we both have
our older sons. So, we're all a family. So, all of that is
in jeopardy, today, HOWARD: Yes. based on what evidence
we hear and uncover
in this courtroom. Ms. Howard, you have
a book in your hand. Is that a Bible? HOWARD: Yes, ma'am. Tell me about
why you have a Bible. Because this is where
all my faith is. I feel like,
God is my witness. He know
where I'm coming from. JUDGE DANA: Okay. HOWARD: That's where
that comes from. All right, so you…
There is your support. HOWARD: Yes. In this time. Yes. And, you know…
Often times, it's like,
not a specific person, but you have
a specific person, that being your cousin. Why is that?
Why do you believe
it's your cousin? HOWARD: Because of
how she approach herself.
The first visit.
The first visit.
You knew I had a man.
You heard a man
in background.
She came to visit you?
the first day.

Yes. And he was moving
in the house. We were starting
our relationship,
moving in together. So, you all were moving into
a new place, you and Mr. Osley. HOWARD: Yes. And your cousin
comes over. Yes. And what happens
when she comes over? First thing,
she was dressed inappropriate. She had on
her tight V-neck tights, with her… Her thing
showing down there. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Cleavage out. This is the whole cat bodysuit. Mmm-hmm. JUDGE KEITH: Okay, now,
was she helping you move in? So, she was over and…

She wasn't over
for me. JUDGE KEITH: Was she
helping you move in? She never met me,
so how will she be there
for me? Because she knew
a man was in the picture. JUDGE DANA:
But, here's the thing… He can't control
what she's wearing. HOWARD: Yes, that's true. So, you know, you…
She comes over,
she's dressed inappropriately. That's not his fault, that's a decision she made. HOWARD: Okay. JUDGE DANA: Okay, so,
why do you think,
it was more to it
than just the way
she was dressed? Okay, well, first off, she came over,
she's a big drinker. JUDGE DANA: Okay. So, she came over
with her bottles ready to
get me drunk, basically.

To get you drunk? Yes. Okay. Why do you think
she was trying to get
you drunk? Because, I can't.
I told her I'm a light drinker. JUDGE DANA: Okay. So, we kinda went
overboard, a little bit. And it's kinda like
more of a manipulating thing. JUDGE DANA: Okay. So, we was in
the kitchen, and,
la-di-da-di-da, drinking. You know, next thing
you know, I passed out. JUDGE DANA: All right. And then, I woke up
and I see her above me, and I'm looking everywhere,
where's Quintton at? JUDGE DANA: Okay. I look down the hallway,
where he at, in the next living room
walking around. JUDGE DANA: Okay. And I ask her,
"How did I get here?" "Oh, I dragged you
back here." I'm just trying
to understand.
Are you… Are you thinking that
she was trying to
get you drunk, so she could be
with him? Yes. And you think that she
slept with him that night.

Wow. HOWARD: Yes, I do. You believe that? Okay, so while you were
passed out, they got it on? HOWARD: While I was
passed out, they got it on. Your man slept with
your cousin? Yes. JUDGE DANA:
Mr. Osley,
this is my question. Did you sleep with
her cousin that night? No. No. That didn't happen. At all. At all. At all. She just made that up. OSLEY: She…
She made… JUDGE KEITH:
Don't know where
she got that from. She made the part of us
sleeping together, uh, because,
the situation is like, just because you passed out,
and how your cousin is dressed, you're saying, "Oh, we had
to do something with her."
And you're saying
that didn't happen.
No. No way. JUDGE KEITH: Okay. Ms. Howard,
do you have
any other proof that your cousin is, in fact,
the one he's cheating with. HOWARD:
Yes. Yes, ma'am. JUDGE DANA: Okay,
tell me about that. Incident, me and him,
both were sleeping in bed
one night. This is another night
she spent the night. So, he wakes me up,
taps me on my shoulder, tells me my cousin is
stripping butt naked.

WOMAN: What? (MAN CHUCKLES) She's what? Stripping. So, what I do is,
I look. She's actually
stripping her clothes. I said, "Jchonkeithiyah." What she do?
Fall over, hit the floor. That's not how it happened. JUDGE DANA: So, you're…
Wait, wait, wait. You're in the bed, asleep,
he wakes you up, and your cousin is… We both are in together.

Stripping her clothes off, in your bed… HOWARD:
Yes, in the hallway. In the hallway
or in your bedroom? In the doorway, basically. Here is the bed,
here is the doorway,
right here. Is this true? I'm innocent. JUDGE DANA: Okay,
wait, wait, wait. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I'll tell you straight up,
I'm innocent, because… I don't know. I don't know
about that, Mr. Osley. OSLEY: The situation was,
all three of us
was watching a movie.

She's laying on the floor,
whatever, sleeping, me and Keke is in the bed,
or whatever, like this,
sleeping or whatever. So, boom…
I heard a boom,
I wake up. So, when I turned
to look towards
the doorway of our room, Chardaye's standing there,
fully dressed at the moment. So I'm like, "Chardaye,
what you doing?" She immediately
starts taking
her clothes off. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIM) She had her eyes closed
and all, but she starts
taking her clothes off. So, boom, she starts
caressing her body
or whatever. Starts playing with herself.
So, I'm like… JUDGE KEITH: Right there? Right there
in front of you? Right there in front of me. JUDGE DANA: Okay,
in the doorway, doing this.
So, what did you do? OSLEY: I woke her up. I shake her like, "Babe,
what is your cousin doing?" JUDGE KEITH: And said what? (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) So, you think the cousin
was coming at…
Was kind of, trying to get
your attention.

(STAMMERS) Basically trying
to have sex, basically. If you stripping down… JUDGE KEITH: And you say,
you did the right thing by saying, "Hey,
look at what's going on." OSLEY: Exactly.
Because it's her cousin. This is the person that's
trying to get me.
She's trying to get me to do… JUDGE KEITH: And you've never
done anything with this cousin. OSLEY: No. JUDGE DANA: You know,
but here's my thing.
You already have this issue
with this cousin.
Why in the world
are you letting her
spend the night again? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) That's a good question.
That's a good question.

Me and her both… Your Honor, we've both
been going through a lot. Our whole family is,
you know, discombobulated, and I'm trying to get
to know my family. This is the only female
in the family, and I felt like me and her
was trying to reach out
to each other.
But in the midst,
I got my man
and I'm starting
a relationship
with him. And, of course,
she's a female,
so you know… I wouldn't think that
my own cousin would, you know, turn around
on me like that,
purposely-wise. But if you saying,
what, Chardaye and I, it's like… JUDGE DANA:
Well, I get it. Come on, now. And then,
you're accusing me
all the time. But, in the midst of
trying to get to know her, you believe she's now,
sleeping with your man. Yes, I do. Well,
there's your side, there's Mr. Osley's side, and there's
your cousin's side. She is here
to testify today. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Ron, would you escort
the witness in, please. RON: Yes, Your Honor. Go right up
to the witness stand.

Good day, ma'am,
how are you? I'm all right. Ms. Wheaton, you've been
listening to the testimony? Of course, I have. All right. Did you come over
the day they were
moving in, dressed provocatively? I remember exactly
what I had on. I had on some white tights
and I had on a black shirt. I remember
it was cold outside. So I had snow boots on. You know, I came over
dressed appropriately. It was not too cold outside. It was cold outside. JUDGE DANA:
Did you come with alcohol? HOWARD: You just had… Stop interrupting me,
you already had your chance. JUDGE DANA:
Did you have alcohol? (SCOFFS) Yes, I did. And she know
I didn't come over
to get her drunk. She told me
she was dehydrated.
That's why she passed out. How do you feel
to know that your cousin, your first cousin, is accusing you
of sleeping with
her boyfriend? She's off in the head.

(OSLEY CHUCKLES) But how do you feel
about it? I feel hurt, but,
I got a little used to it. You know,
she's my cousin… You got used to stripping. I'm not finished! (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) She is my cousin… Used to stripping. I'm not finished! HOWARD:
I'm as hurt as you are. Ms. Howard, Ms. Howard, We are trying to get
her testimony. Yes, ma'am,
I will be quiet for you. All right, thank you. Do you feel that Mr. Osley
is attracted to you? WHEATON: Yes, I do. WHEATON: Yes, I do. I was on, uh, the couch
asleep downstairs, and I get woken up
out of my sleep. And I have slobber
on my chest. And he has my hand,
and he tells me
to come upstairs.

And I told him no. And I was woken up twice
out of my sleep that day. I mean, that night. And I never did get up. Okay. I fell asleep. So, he came on to you? Yes, he did, but… What was he doing to you? You said you had slobber
on your chest. Obviously, he was
kissing on my chest
while I was asleep. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) And how do you know
if I was kissing
on your chest or not? Because you had slobber
on my chest. What else would you be doing. (STAMMERS) Anybody
could've put that there. WHEATON: Who?
Weren't nobody else there. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) And how'd you know
it's me? But you admitted to Keke
that you did it. If you were asleep, how'd you know it was me? Why didn't you
tell me first off? I did tell you.

JUDGE KEITH: Okay, hold on. Hold on, hold on. At the end
of the day, he admitted to Keke
that he did it. So, that clears
all that up
right there. Did you admit that? I admitted it,
but I'm saying, how did you know
that I had anything to do… You saying you just woke up. JUDGE DANA:
What does that matter? OSLEY:
You just woke up… What I wanna know is,
how did her breasts
fall into your mouth? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Okay, I'll tell you
the story from the beginning
to the end. Anyway, me and Keke
was having sex, all right? So, while we're having sex
or whatever, Chardaye is downstairs
on the couch or whatever,
asleep. She tells me
go down there
and check on her. I'm like,
"What you telling me
to check on her for?" Or whatever, like this.
She's like, "You know
how my cousin is…" Because you don't pick
her up the numerous times
she passed out.

That's why she told me
to go check on her. That's why I said check on her. I know how my cousin is. JUDGE DANA:
Okay, wait, wait. You said she says that now,
what'd she say at the time? Okay, at the time
me and her
were having sex. So, why would you
send me downstairs, when you already accusing me
of me and her having sex? Why in the world
would you tell him
to go check on your cousin, in the middle of
your intimate moment? First of all… We were not having sex.
I don't know
what he was doing, maybe he was trying
to get some, but I was… You're… I wasn't trying to do nothing
at that point, Your Honor. She's lying, Your Honor. We was having sex. You can ask her, too,
she probably heard it. I said, " Check on my cousin." Okay, hold on,
hold on, hold on. (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) (GAVEL BANGING) The light bulb
just went off
in my head. Okay. 'Cause I'm sitting here
going, "What?" (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Mr. Osley, were you trying to get
a threesome together? WOMAN: Oh! I basically…

The situation is… JUDGE KEITH:
Ron was thinking it.
Ron was thinking it. Go, Mr. Cutler.
Ding, ding for that one. And it went off in my head. Okay, but…
Wait a minute, hold up. OSLEY: The situation… Hold on, hold on… How'd you go there? (CHUCKLING) It didn't make sense. Okay? Because… All right, you got
some explaining to do later. (LAUGHING) Because,
here's the thing, he says they were
having sex, she says
they weren't having, He was trying,
but she wasn't interested. So, he was
trying to do something
to get her interested. So, he went down
to get the cousin… He tried to. I didn't want her up there,
and she didn't want to be
up there. Uh-huh.

So, Mr. Osley… (OSLEY LAUGHS) So, you wanted to have
a threesome with your girl
and her cousin. No, I didn't want to have
a threesome, but all these
different occasions
is basically making me lead on
to that point. So, where it's like,
I feel like, you all want like,
a three-way relationship,
or something like… JUDGE DANA:
So, Ms. Howard, the evidence that
we've heard today is that, she came over the first time
you all moved in together, she came in
dressed inappropriately, you believe
she got you drunk
to sleep with him, and in fact, did so. The other is that, he admitted to you
that he had sucked on her breasts.

the final thing is that, the night that
you went up
to his bedroom, he went down
to talk to your cousin, you think he was
trying to sleep with her. HOWARD: Yes,
'cause I kept calling him, but he never came back
to the bed with me. Based on all of this, you believe
that Mr. Osley, is sleeping with
your first cousin. Yes. JUDGE DANA: And if he is
sleeping with your cousin, your family is
going to be destroyed. You will lose your cousin, and you already have a child,
now you're expecting another. Is that correct? HOWARD:
Yes, Your Honor. We don't even speak no more,
just because of this. JUDGE DANA: All right,
well, that's what we have,
Mr. Cutler. This court has done
a full and complete

At this time,
the court
would like to call licensed private investigator,
Eric Echols, and licensed
polygraph examiner,
Tommy Platt, into the courtroom, to determine,
is he cheating. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Ron, please escort him in. RON: Gentlemen. Would you please come on in,
and stand on this side
of the room. A whole team of experts.
How are you gentlemen? How you doing,
Your Honor? JUDGE DANA: Good, good. Thanks for being here. Mr. Echols, can you tell us
what you did to investigate
the cheating allegations
in this case? Yes, Your Honor.
I sat in a room
with Mr.

Osley, posing as a person
who was coming to court, who was accused of cheating. My goal was to find out, if Mr. Osley
was cheating himself. JUDGE DANA: All right. Can you tell us about
your interaction
with Mr. Osley? Well, Your Honors,
from the start, Mr. Osley was
very comfortable
with me. It is clear
that Mr. Osley
is a sexual-charged individual. He spoke to me at length about doing threesomes. And there were
some other behaviors that I found to be
very questionable. Because there are
still questions, to further investigate
this matter, we had Mr. Osley
to undergo
a polygraph examination, and we have those results. Mr. Platt, you conducted
that polygraph examination,
is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Osley was asked, "During your
five-year relationship
with Ms. Howard, "have you ever had
sexual intercourse
with her cousin, "Jchonkeithiyah Chardaye
Wheaton?" What was his response
to that question? PLATT: He stated, "No." JUDGE KEITH: What did
the lie detector determine? The lie detector
determined that…

the lie detector determine? The lie detector
determined that, he was being deceptive. (CRYING) What? You ain't no faith. What? By "sexual intercourse"
what does that mean? (CRYING) What I'm talking about is,
for like, even him, putting his hand,
putting his mouth
on my chest… Oh, my God,
you wasn't no good. Girl, girl, you cheated, too. You don't even know
if your baby his. Shut up. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) HOWARD: I bet we could do
a DNA test, and it's his. You just jealous.
You just wanted
my relationship. So, you go out
and have sex for… I knew it! (GAVEL BANGING) JUDGE DANA: She is saying,
the child is gonna be dullard. The only way
that you could potentially, make this work, is if you come clean.

I told her. About what I did,
I told her already. But, the thing
that I told her
that she never heard, she already knows it. I don't get how
I'm getting deceptive
or whatever. I want you to look at
Ms. Howard, though. Look at her. Look in her eyes. (LAUGHING)
I never cheated on her. It's okay,
I got God with me. The time, other than
what I told you, You want to judge Keke here, ain't nothing else there. I can hold this Bible, 'cause he's my witness.
I'm with God,
I'm in a better place. And you're supposed to be
my family. It's okay. But you being deceptive
in a court. Because I seen it
from day one. (GAVEL BANGING) Ladies, ladies, ladies. You ain't seen nothing
from day one.
And guess what… I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

(OVERLAPPING CHATTER) BOTH: Ms. Howard! WHEATON: I'm sorry. Ms. Howard,
you came here
to get answers and you've gotten answers. Thank you. What do you wanna do
with this relationship
with Mr. Osley? He just could take care
of his kids. I'm just gonna live…
You know, do better. What do you wanna do
with this relationship
with Ms. Wheaton? That'd been over, sir. You have decided that you want to co-parent
with Mr. Osley. HOWARD: Yes. JUDGE DANA:
We have counselors to help you figure out
a plan. And as we say
in this courtroom, do not cheat yourself
out of a happy,
healthy relationship. Court is adjourned. (GAVEL BANGS) Thank you. Thank you.


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