– Hi, loves! How's it going? It's Anne! Welcome to my channel! So first off, thank you
all so much for joining my Plan With Anne tribe and helping me create
the best journal ever. So I got all your votes, and I put in my order for the samples. And the prototype should be coming in in a couple of weeks or so. I will be doing an unboxing video of the prototypes and how these journals are going to look. So it's going to be very interesting. I'm very, very excited to see the outcome and what we came up with together. So stay tuned for a video on that in a couple of weeks. Other than that, I am
going to share with you some tips and hacks you
can do for your journal. This is great if you're in school, and if you have a whole bunch of notes. This is a great way for you
to organize all your notes.

And if you love journaling all together, you're going to love today's video! So let's go ahead and get started. For this first tip, I'm
going to show you how to make an envelope slot
so that way you can store paper, photos, whatever you want. All you have to do is snip off two corners of a rectangular piece of craft paper. Then you wanna fold about
a quarter of an inch on three sides of your rectangular paper. Notice I fold the sides
where I snipped off the rectangles. By doing so, it makes you
folded corners less bulky.

All you have to do now is place on some strips of glue, and then place it wherever
you want on your journal. After the glue dries, decorate it however way you like, and fill it in with inspiration, pictures, or whatever you want to use for future journaling entries. If you want to skip all those steps, you can also glue an envelope
directly onto your journal. Either way will work. Tip number two is using washi tape as a page marker. If you've been following
my journaling entries, you know that I did a nail
polish and a makeup library. They are both mixed between other entries. So in order to make these pages stand out, I'm going to add some washi tape to them.

For my nail polish library, I added the washi tape to
the corners of my pages. This will make the pages
easier to find from the corner. For the makeup library section, I am adding a whole strip
on one side of this page. And then I'm going to repeat
this on my second page. What I'm doing here is I'm
placing half of the tape strip on this page, and then I'm
going to fold it around the edges, just like so. This way, when I view my
journal from the sides, I can see the washi tape and know where my makeup library
section is in my journal. This is something I'm
doing for my sketchbook. I made cut-out marks so
that way I can categorize different projects I'm working on. To do this, start with a few
pages in your sketchbook. Cut out a mini little triangle. Depending on your project, if you want to make this section thicker, you can add a few more pages, and repeat the steps to add more sections of your cut-outs. Make sure your triangles are spaced out about a quarter an inch
to half an inch apart.

After you've finished with your cut-outs, it should look something like this when you close your journal. To index this, I'm going to use letters. But you can also use
numbers or color code it, whatever you want. Here's a fun hack that you can do with the elastic band on
the back of your journal. Instead of placing your elastic band in a horizontal position, you can pull it over the left corner and make it into a pen holder.

11 Bullet Journal hacks

In this section, I'm going to show you how to create your own color index. You can do this on the first
few pages of your journal, or you can do this on a
separate piece of paper and glue it to the front of your journal. Categorize your journal
into anything you want. I am doing it by the month. And then I'm going to
color code each of this with my highlighter. So here I have each month representing a different color. And now on the side of my journal, I'm going to section off
the pages into color codes. Depending on how thick I
want to make each section, I'm going to create a small
little square on each page. Double check and make sure
that your color matches your index when you create
each sections on your journal. When you're done
color-coding your journal, it should look something
like this on the side.

And it would definitely
make things a lot easier when you're looking for certain
sections in your journal. This next tip is a little DIY, and we're going to make some
bookmarks for the journal. It's super, super easy. All you will need are some
paperclips and ribbons. Cut your ribbon in to three inch pieces. Take that, and tie it around
the end of your paperclip. Now you can take these
paperclips and use them as bookmarks for your journal
or even for your books. They're really cute to look at, and they're easy to find. You can just clip together pages or sections of your journal. And they're just really
convenient and practical. This next idea is a great
way for you to store your Post-its with you on the go.

Open up your journal to any page. Start attaching each Post-it side by side. So now when you need to write extra notes, you can always go back to this page and grab yourself a new Post-it. All right, so here's a
little tip that you can do if you wrote something
and you don't like it. You can cut this piece off, and save the rest of your page. There's no reason to
waste the whole paper. All you have to do is cut off the area that you don't like. I love this little trick
because half this page looks like a little barn door. And you could create this
into anything you like. I usually like to make this
into an extra note section. So here's a little example of what I made my little barn door into. This is where I keep extra
notes and also a to-do list. The paper on many journals are super-thin, and it drives me crazy. So this is a hack that I
like to do whenever I can see the pen bleed through, or
it just drives me crazy because the paper is just so thin.

So I usually like to print out an image or use an image that is
relevant to my journal layout, and then I would cover the
whole area with the image. You don't have to use an image for this. You can also just glue on
a separate piece of paper to add more notes. I like to do this
because of the aesthetic, and plus, it's visually inspiring. So here is a super-helpful
hack on how to add more notes or a flip out page. What I did was took a
regular sheet of paper, fold it in half, trim around the corner so that way it can fit into my journal. In my flip out page, I added
in all the bullet points. This just makes it easier
so that way I can flip this out, have it on
the side while I work on my current journal entries. Okay, so let's say you wrote something, and you messed up. So this is a little
trick that I like to use.

If you're using black ink, draw a black box around
where you made your mistake. Let the ink dry completely, and then with a white
gel pen, write over it. This may not be perfect, but it reminds me of one of
those vintage bumpy labels back in the days. So I love it, and I guess it all depends
on if this is your aesthetic. Thank you all so much for watching. Make sure to give this video a thumbs up, and also leave a comment below this video. Lemme know which ones are
your favorite tips or hacks. And if you have something
you want to share with us, then make sure to
comment below this video. Thank you all so much for watching, and I will see you next week! (kiss) Ciao!.

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