Nur 3 Stunden und 1 Tasse! So ein leckeres Brot hast du noch nicht gegessen. Brot ohne kneten

Today there is a little update to my bread-baking videos. I made a promise in the video where I bake with the "Tupperware Ultra" and you asked me a lot of questions. I am trying to answer that now, and above all I would like to show you the differences there are when you bake bread with the Cocotte, with the Ultra or with a normal stainless steel pot. Today I bake the bread with you again "without kneading". It's a super easy recipe. All you need is a bowl and three cups of flour. I personally prefer to bake with spelt flour, but unfortunately all of the flour is sold out at the moment .

Right now I'm just taking wheat flour today. There are three more cups in there , many have asked me how many grams that makes up and I measured it earlier and found that this corresponds to exactly 600 grams of flour. You need 3 cups of flour, one teaspoon of dry yeast and 2 teaspoons of salt. You mix the whole thing together and I always add one and a half cups of hot water to the flour.

Many have complained that you shouldn't use hot water, so I'm going to use lukewarm water today. As I said, I've been making bread with hot water for years. But today I'll take lukewarm water and just use this cup that I also used for the flour. It doesn't matter which cup you use, the main thing is that you use the same cup that you have to use for the water. So I already have a cup of water here and now I add half a cup and the whole thing is now simply stirred. This is what the dough looks like and now I cover it and put it aside for three hours. Because we use warm water, the dough doesn't have to rise overnight or for so many hours. That's the nice thing about the recipe. With the warm water, the dough really only needs three hours to rise.

The dough has now risen for three hours and now looks like this. Now I sprinkle flour on the baking paper and spread the dough. and now I completely wet the dough with flour. Then I take the pot, I'll start with the pot and put the dough in the pot along with the baking paper. Fold the paper to the side a little . I have now put the first two loaves of bread into the pots, then I like to sprinkle flour over them again, it just looks nicer after baking. I cut into the bread once and now preheat the oven. The bread can rise meanwhile in the remaining time. And then bake the loaves one by one. Then I'll show you the result.

I'll start now with the roasting pan (cocotte) and, as I said, put it in the oven for half an hour. I'll show you the result in half an hour . The pot has been in the oven for 30 minutes and now looks like this. We get the paper out and now the bread comes back into the pot, but without the paper. We put the pot, without the lid, in the oven again for 30 minutes. The bread is now ready and looks great.

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I still have to get it out and let the bread evaporate on it, cool down. This is what the bread looks like in the roaster! Now I put the stainless steel pot with lid and the "Ultra" because I put the two in the oven together. In the "Ultra" the dough comes without parchment paper, I just sprinkled a little flour. I do that shortly beforehand because otherwise the flour will pull from the bottom into the dough and then the bread will stick when it is removed. And again put flour on the surface. Now, as I said, both go into the oven. The bread has to bake a little longer in the stainless steel pot because it simply doesn't cook through as quickly here .

That's why the pot is now in the oven with the lid on for 40 to 45 minutes . The "Ultra" only lasts for 30 minutes. But I'll show you the difference right after 30 minutes. This is what the bread looks like after 30 minutes in the "Ultra", and so after 30 minutes in the stainless steel pan. Although, it's actually pretty good this time. Most of the time it is actually the case that you have to leave the dough in the stainless steel pan for at least ten minutes longer. One is still a little soft, the other one is a little firmer. In the "Ultra" from Tupperware I bake it for another 30 minutes without a lid, and now I take out the paper. Yes, it's still very, very soft, you can tell. It has to be done again, it's too soft. so I've left the pot in there for another 20 minutes and I hope …

Now it looks better. Now it's not that soft anymore. Now the pot comes in for half an hour or 40 minutes. I have to look a lot of people ask why I take out the parchment paper. The bread must then be put in the pot without baking paper, so that it is crispy and properly cooked . Otherwise it would stay soft and muddy below. In the meantime, the bread in the "Ultra" is ready and it looks great . I'll get that out now and let it evaporate now. And then let's compare all three loaves of bread. I now want the third bread in the stainless steel pot. This is the third bread and it looks great too. All three breads are ready and all three look great. You can even see the bread is good in the stainless steel pot, it just takes longer. But all three breads look great. As you can see, if you don't have an "Ultra" or a roaster, it definitely works in a stainless steel pot.

Have fun copying, I hope all questions have been answered and I look forward to your comments on how the bread turned out for you. See you soon!!.

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