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Hi, it's Don Kennedy with ProMaster Home Repair and Handyman of Cincinnati. We've got an exciting, real life case study from one of our clients up in West Chester, Ohio. About 10 years ago, these folks had their house completely resided by a very large, reputable siding company here in Cincinnati. Unfortunately, they did a few things wrong, and some of the defects in the siding allowed water to get in the house and cause some damage.

So in this video we are going to learn two things. First, how to spot any defects with your siding that might lead to nasty wood rot and water intrusion problems you're going to see here And second, if it does occur what the appropriate way there is to go about fixing it. So without further ado, let's check out the damage! Okay, here we're out in West Chester, Ohio where a homeowner had siding installed about 9-10 years ago from an excellent, reputable company, However, in some areas in the corners where siding was installed, there were no top caps or any flashing installed That allowed water coming down the roof to instead of going down the siding it ended up going inside! This is how it got inside the home.

Into the sheeting and interior of the home which we are going to show you next. So here we are on the inside of the home and you can see where the carpet has been taken away The only way these folks figured out there was a problem was they were having new carpet installed, and as the carpet came up they realized this whole section, where a metal filing cabinet had been had rotted out. So now I'll introduce you to one of our craftsmen who is going to explain where the water was coming in and how it rotted out the drywall and subfloor. So Ben take it away. The cabinet was sitting here, on top of the carpet. which was hiding the fact that the water was coming from the outside running down the wall, and sitting here pretty much. And then the drywall acted as a sponge and soaked the water up into it. As did the framing behind it for the actual wall. Under this plastic you can see how it's rotted away.


It also rotted the floor out. It's really bad here in the corner. We have large water stains through here. The best bet to fix this would be to cut out the entire piece see what the subfloor looks like underneath here. and replace that. Okay, now that we showed you how the problem occurred and all the damage that was caused, let's walk you through how easily this can be fixed. First we are going to see all this rot. This was all down by the sill plate, at the bottom of the home. You can see how all of this is just completely rotted out. That all has to be cut out. Next, we are going to put in a lot of new, clean lumber You see all the new framing that is taken care of. Then we go back and properly insulate it. Make sure it is all sealed up with new sheathing on the outside. Make sure there is house wrap on there. You've seen on other videos how we've talked about how a lot of homes today aren't properly wrapped with that synthetic material on there to keep water out.

This will make sure that now water is going to get in here again. At the very end we put up some new insulation board so it's already to be resided. Now let's go look how to fix the inside. You see here all that nasty wood rot. These folks pulled their carpet up, and this is how they discovered they had a problem. So we just simply cut it all out, brace up all the framing put some nice new sub floor down and it's all ready for carpet. Well thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed this video. Now if you are in the same situation as these folks with a siding problem that has caused wood rot or water damage, dont worry! If you're in the Cincinnati area, we'd be happy to come help you. Call ProMaster at 513-724-0539 Learn more about us at MasterMyList.com and as always, we'd love to be you're friend on Facebook Keyword, "ProMaster Craftsmen".

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