DANTDM THE HANDYMAN!!! (House Flipper)

Hey guys Dan here welcome to a game called house flipper where today we're gonna be buying old dirty disgusting derelict dusty did they will start with D gross houses basically and then we're going to be doing them up and Selling them for big bucks, hopefully anyway, I'm pretty sure that's what we have to do Let's find out these guys love plants. I I don't sorry unless they're fake They're gonna die in my possession. This better not be our room because that is Wait, welcome to house flipper.

This game won are you to buy renovate decorate and sell houses? We've covered that for now However, you need to be contended with this Shack that you can call your office and the laptop that is your command center please Please no, please don't let that be my bathroom. Are you kidding me? Oh my goodness the sensitivity Ah, it said what a mess. I need to clear it up. Why is the sensitivity so crazy dude? Oh It's bad. It's so low as well. I'm putting that down to ten. Let's see what happens. Oh that's better. That's so much better okay, so we have thirty thousand one hundred and sixty three dollars and 81 cents press To dispose. Yeah, get out of here. We don't any of this trash around go. Go be gone. See you later. See you later See you later. Where are we putting all this stuff? It's time to check emails on my laptop this I don't know why I've done this is a nice-looking neighborhoods.

It really is Can I make my office like massive? I noticed the plot is really big But what I'm in really isn't, okay, let's open this Yay It is this is my office. It's closed at all before the stink gets out. Are you kidding me? How can someone work in a place like this this right? There's no radiator. Oh, no Whoa, frankly, that's disgusting.

It doesn't even work. It doesn't even work. It's not even plumbed in. Oh Geez, okay. This is this is not how I thought this is gonna start. Let's just go some apps op I should just sell my laptop and Do everything on a phone? Maybe I don't have a phone I don't know samso will always find jobs buy houses and switch between them You cannot afford to buy a house yet. But it looks like you already have your first email great. Can I create this up? I don't find gonna need all this stuff I need to hold the left mouse button a I'm Gonna put that hit it. Oh, I have different tools as well.

Okay, turn on head flashlights. Hey, what's under the beds? We can't find out where probably should clean some of this stuff up This is actually disgusting or should we just go straight for the house? I kind of don't want to I kind of told her to be here for anyone Yeah, you know, I'm just gonna check my emails. What do we got? We got Minecraft on this thing. No Ex-boyfriends stole the radiator from my house Sahra. That's a big problem Like you ty I like too high, you'll come to eat at my house in order.

I know from photos posted on face spam nice and my ex-boyfriend broke into my house made a huge mesh and Stole the radiator he is a facebook bandits. My goodness. It is possible to something else is missing Please make order in the house and replace the missing devices. I would ask you not to inform the police about the whole matter I will settle it myself with my ex-boyfriend after returning from a business trip. Okay, let's do this. No bathroom Are you nuts are the parents? Really way congratulations, you've unlocked a new tool from now on you'll be able to clean any dirty stuff using the mop I'm so excited. We've got a mop. Let's go we can use too Oh Watch out. I have a mop and I'm gonna clean it All right, so we have no tasks remove trash clean dirt and mount devices.

Oh my goodness. Yeah He did trash the place you kidding me What is wrong with this dude hold to clean? Hey look my hands Gross do a little bit of dusting they had a bit of mopping little bit of everything make this place look clean dispose dispose dispose Pick up Do we put all the stuff back scroll it rotate? Okay, that's quite cool. I like that I don't know how the house looked before though we've got a boss here as well can go right here need to dispose all these clean this Mop that table is extremely odds. I'm not quite sure. What I'm doing here. How much is you gonna pay me? There's no agreed price so I could I could pretty much charge whatever. I want old to pick up No, I'm gonna leave that there okay, I've got 30% of the dirt done I just need to hold it. What did he even do How can someone make this much mess and then why would they feel the need to post her on Facebook? It's so dumb.

Your boyfriend's an idiot. Probably why he's an ex-boyfriend open close Okay, I fixed it just by doing that. That looks pretty good actually You can pick up the fridge You put this outside. He's got outside Okay, I don't wanna do that. I don't to pick up the fridge. I just wanted to test my strength real quick Okay, let's clean this I see it. I see you in a second, I guess after I done was mopping Why do you guys tell me to play this game? And Did he just grab like these papers have been here for a while? So did you just grab loads of disgusting papers? And then just throw them all over your room. What were they there already? You little bit disgusting. Are you work women? We're learning all your secrets you are improving turn on the tablet to choose what you want to spend the new skill points you got Okay, how do I tell on the tablet right now tab? Oh Let's go.

Okay so we can upgrade fast hands 25% faster cleaning good mop upgrade our mop see dirt in the mini-map All demolition painting building handyman colleges is gonna be so much fun I'm gonna do fast hands. We want faster little faster cleaning. Don't wait. I'm gonna have to mop the bed life lesson a few guys Don't mop your beds. That's not a good choice We've cleaned the dirt removed the trash and now we need tasks in other rooms all there's one for each room Okay, let's get rid of that We still have trash to get rid of All do we need to clean underneath No, okay. No, we don't it's the weirdest looking so far I've ever seen.

Oh, it's it's soiled Disgusting absolutely disgusting. I just need to mount the device. I'm not actually sure what that means I think that's the radiator the view stall, but does that mean that I need to I need to buy a radiator first? I'm pretty sure it does Right, you do a pretty good set these candles out again. What does it say? The clothes the secrets? Oh There's a book of the secrets. Whose secrets are they? Oh, No, this is disgusting. Oh I need like I need to unlock face mask upgrade or something. Does this really need to be here? This really doesn't match. I guess I could put it there Okay door still closes that's Let's clean this okay done. It's actually a pretty nice house big garden I like it might need a little bit of a now you have a tablet The press tab to show/hide it allow you to buy things Finally, it tells me how to buy things right store. I Need. Oh, geez. I need a radiator mountable big or normal Let's just go for normal and see what happens.

I think this is what we need to do. Yes Assemble. Oh, dude, it makes you assemble it as well. Okay, and then we And then we put the nuts on here dude. Look at me I'm actually learning things about how to put a radiator in I'm sure it's not this easy in real life, but I think we've done it turn this Radiator installed 100 percent complete let's go. I have made seven hundred and eighty-five dollars complete Back to this disgusting office. I bought that lady a radiator, but I haven't bought myself a Toilet even so I can't even shower it sounded like I shouted in the toilet, but you know what, I mean? You know what? I mean? There's also a chainsaw in here I'm gonna put that outside there probably shouldn't I can't even put outside.

I don't I don't want this to be in my house What if someone breaks in and tries to? You know, let's just check emails. I got two more cleaning the garage more radiators. I will pay you if I'm pretty satisfied Well, you'll get nothing winter is coming The winters are hard and there are no great ages in my house about them Know what as long as I don't have to clean then Let's see. All this house is nice. I Think we only have to mount four devices Yeah, look at this you use probably some pictures on the walls though. It's a baby's room This is not just a way to earn money It's also a way to snoop through other people's houses.

You wait till I get my chainsaw here. What what is that doing here? do any of you guys have your washing machine and Your dryer inside your bathroom next to your toilet. Do you mind if that's all in your trying to poo? No, that's weird We're seeing how everyone lives their life in different ways. I think I need four radiators here one We got our we need to assemble it all as well. I've done this before it's all goods. Dunzo new handyman skill available Sweet so we can 20% faster mounting Plastering or tiling let's do mounting. That's the only thing we're doing at the moment that ship yours.

Let us do it 20% faster right radiators – 2 out of 4 white they Why did they not buy radiators with their house you? Can buy a single mounted here Hmm. Oh, I see. So can we buy what does I say buy a towel radiator? Ok, it's a little bit. I was gonna say it's a little bit cheaper is exactly the same price How do we assemble this one, huh? Screw that in put the thing on top Beautiful same on the other side. I feel like I'm learning essential life skills here Obviously, it's not the same but hey, it's ok. It's ok. I'm installed a towel rail above the washing machine What is this? Ok, if I do the sink do I get more money? The income is six hundred and ten dollars and then I can you know what? Let's try this see what happens sink Well, like a bathroom sink though, right this one mountable sink by now Why is this not gonna work? First thing to unscrew the pipe cap.


Oh dear. There we go. Hopefully no water comes out. Otherwise, I'm in big trouble Hey, there we go Assemble, we need for the taps or unlike the faucets. Is that what it's cool put it on the wall? Somehow go inside the sink and attach it to the wall dude, I have no idea what I'm doing I did say that I was learning things. But really really I'm just clicking and holding and hoping that things work That's probably not what plumbers should do right pop Tap force it whatever you want to call it installed plug installs Something else pushed in pipes attached. Let's go. The sink is done new handyman skill upgraded Let's do it mounting against with 50% faster They done asked me I'm pretty sure we're done in here. We just need to wait for each task in each room to pop up no tasks in here We've done some bonus tasks with shoulds. Yeah. Look it's got up by eight hundred and thirteen Sweet, we're done here.

Let's go Completes. I want to buy myself a house Because I've got this disgusting off its own photos and images Have you noticed that by using the gallery tab or tablet? You can choose any image from your hard disk and peace? There's a poster or picture on the wall. No way. Okay, we'll do that. Later I think I got a new school just our negotiation price negotiation quick orders or higher payments Oh 10% extra so we would have earned an extra $80 I'm gonna do that one higher payment. Definitely. Hmm. So I have thirty one thousand five hundred How much is it to buy a house browser? thirty one thousand four hundred This is mine. What's the most expensive one? Two hundred and seventy nine thousand dollars. Oh My goodness, there's a pink one looks like The Simpsons house Fantastic, the problem is if I buy it this I have a hundred dollars to do it up It is that that's bad, isn't it? And I'm gonna have to do all of these little jobs to try and afford it and unless you care and go into the red I'm not a hundred percent sure and also oh you can sleep.

I Don't sleep the laptop. That makes sense. But how do I plumb this myself? Hold to switch and to clean I don't to clean on it. Yeah, I do want to clean it actually Yeah, that's clean our office. We're cleaning other people's house. It's been on our own all this gross something's leaking now Usually really bad, isn't it? I have no radiators even though I've been buying radiators for everyone else buyers. Look at these dudes Georgio I like his look he's very cool. There's the jam tart family my parents possibly Yeah, he might he might like to live here actually I'm guessing I can buy things to put into my house, right but I need to save money to be able to do so Right more jobs. I'm around walls Bonjour I want my house to look a bit more arty Can you please paint some of the walls in the living room? The remaining ones are like painting in stunning grey Oh, I almost forgot.

Can you please replace the broken electrical socket? Merci? Let's see What happens here when there's something different? Congratulations? You have unlocked a new tool? I'm so ecstatic now on your bed paint the walls with a brush All you have to do is use the tablet to buy paint. Okay, let's do this first Let's have a little Snoopy snoot round. This person's house. They obviously have a child This bear is freaking me out a little bit not gonna lie. The kid has a computer as well. I like it I like it. Very nice bathroom Okay. This has to be this has to be something that we just don't do in the UK surely your your washing machine next to Your toilets. I've never seen that in anyone's house ever. I have never seen that do you guys do that? Let me know I want I want to know nice little slide a slide as well. I can dig it So I already need to paint these walls right paint with the colors Amaranthe adventure and great.

Okay, nice TV good for playing video games. That's a disgusting bed But hey, it's not mine. Let us paint Paints we need what was it called? I'm around Adventure. I'm just gonna search it. I'm Always pink. Okay. It's pink by now. I can't actually remember what oh And lips me put it down. There we go Three brings up the brush, but I can't remember can access for emails from here I can't actually remember which wall she wanted I think she wanted one wool in pink and then the rest in grey hold to load roller There we go. And Now we paint which walls should be paint pink. I'm gonna go with this one Yes Let's go. This is Going to take ages. How do I know when it's done? I'm actually glad I chose this wall because it has the smaller pieces but mine giveness Shirley if you upgrade when we get the little upgrades we should be able to do this faster, right because this is This is long.

Okay, that is Normand I'm very I now need to do just rain now, right and I need to mount an advice I don't actually know what she wants me to mount. But I guess we'll find out let's do gray Normal, great buy it now we might need more than one Money more than one of these looking good our yellow note got a painting skill. You don't waste paint on an already painted wall 25% faster or paint two walls at the same time. Let's upgrade that. I think that's the best But how do I do two at the same time? Is it is it working paint was at the same time? I've been white I should have done faster.

I tried to get a bit fancy. What if we do this? Ah, There we go. You've like click-and-drag if I click this then this Yeah, you can drag it across okay, I didn't waste my time that's good, niice You know what this actually shows how long it would take to do up a house It's crazy. I'm only doing it in a video game. I know I've run out I have run out of paint. New skill available. Okay? Don't waste paint on already painted wall. Let's do that as well. Say feel like I'm doing that a little bit Which is annoying. So there we go much better. So now it's not gonna paint an already painted wall I know when it's done, so much better! Yes.

I've done it. Haha. Look how good That looks. I think that's what I needed to do here. I need to mount a device as well, but I'm not actually sure What she wants me to do? Mm. There are all other rooms Is it this room? Yeah, it's this room. What do you need me to mount milady turn on the switch? Okay that turns that on I think that's that th- ahh the faulty plug. Look at that gross I'm like, well, if I to do this I do not want to electrocute myself and die. That would be horrible. Oh my goodness They're actually trusting me to do electrics. This is a bad time for everyone easy as that Easy as that, that's how you don't elect coup yourselves. You don't use gloves You don't use anything. We live life on the edge just in case we get zapped and there you go. Dunzo There's still another task though. What is it? So, I don't know where this oh wait Is it here hard to pick up? It might be behind here.

Let me just place the fridge there No behind here. It's got red on the mini-map. Ah, there it is. Haha. It's hiding Let me just do this and then we should go to complete it does. Oh, okay. Let me just put this lady's house back I don't know if you have to but Seems a little bit. Oh, jeez What have I done. Seems a little bit unfair if you don't that's also the most useless plug in the world Why would you want it there? And I think we're done complete the order 1234 let's go. We're making Bank guys We can almost afford to buy that house thirty two thousand six hundred and ninety three and I still have a chainsaw a spanner I can get rid of this box. You know what let's clean up just a little bit because It's looking a little bit gross in here got coffee stains everywhere coffee stains on my chair for some reason I've been sitting on that. Can I put things inside other things? I Don't think I can't don't even know what that is.

Let's fix these just open them on close and it seems to work Ok, maybe not should probably put these in there I Can't even do that. Ok. How did this get dirty again? I'd already mopped this What is good now though is that I can actually paint this if I want to so I can paint it whatever color I like But I think we're gonna save the money for now before I do up anything else What are the mail you have cleaning the carriage of baby on the way? My beautiful wife is pregnant with our first child We have also bought a new three-bedroom home which requires some repairs and decorating. We have no spare time 2 p.m. Renovate So we need your help Can you please clean the house and set up a nursery with crib changing table and maybe toys? Oh my goodness This is a big money job. This is definitely a big money job, but first All cleaning the garage. We need to clean the garage for other boxes trash and old tires.

Don't forget to clean the window That's fine. Ok. Those are e well one of them as easy ones gonna take a little bit longer But I could buy this 31,400 it will leave me with 1200 left. So I should be able to do the other jobs and we can buy this house Let's look at the other photos. Oh my goodness. That's disgusting. Oh no, spiders have moved in as well. This is what it looks like from the outside. It doesn't look too bad. And then yeah, it does look it looks bad on the inside not gonna lie. That's awful But I think we could buy this I'm gonna do it. Buy house You bought a new house you want to go there right now if you prefer to stay in the office. You can always go to the new house By using the gate I'm gonna stay and I am gonna tease you guys we bought a new house It's called abandoned house.

You know what? I'm gonna tease you guys and not going to the new house just yet and maybe save that for another video You know what? You guys want me to play this game I was a little bit dubious For some reason because it didn't look like my kind of game but it is kind of addicting and hopefully you liked it if you did I want to go and see the new house and we Can do that up and sell it. Hopefully we can make a nice learner money We have you enjoyed this please leave a big fat like and would like to see some more That would greatly appreciated subscribe if you are brand-new as well To join teamTDM today for daily videos and I will see you guys in the next one have an amazing day.

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