2 DIY Hamster Hammocks | #DIYJuly 16

Hey, guys! Today I'm going to be showing you how to make two different types of hammock. The first is going to be for those of you who feel you have absolutely no DIY skills whatsoever. It is very, very simple. And the second is going to be slightly more advanced and is definitely more suitable if you are trying to make a very specific style of hammock for a themed cage. For the first hammock, that absolutely anybody can make, you're going to need a clean square face cloth like this one, and it can be absolutely any color you want.

And you're going to need four pieces of string. Taking one corner of you face cloth, pinch it inwards as if you're folding it in half like this. And then you're going to take your string -one piece of string- and tie it around very tightly. And then you're going to repeat that step on each corner with each piece of string. When you're finished, it will look like this. And to attach this hammock to your cage, all you have to do is to thread the strings up from the top of the cage and tie them tightly to the bars or mesh. Now, if you'd rather not tie this hammock and hook it onto your cage instead, you can make hooks really, really easily simply by taking a paperclip and bending it into an 'S' shape. Then, you just tie this end of your string to one end of the paperclip and use the other end to hook it onto your cage. And that's how you make possibly the easiest DIY hammock out there! For the slightly more advanced hammock, you're going to need a square of fleece, you're going to need a square of any other material (it can have absolutely any pattern you want, but it needs to be the same size as the fleece), you once again need four pieces of string, you're also going to need some pins and you're going to need either a needle and thread or a sewing machine.

What we're going to do first is take each piece of string and tie a large knot in one end of it. Now, you're going to take your piece of fleece, lie it out nice and flat and then each string and place them in the center but, with the knot hanging over one corner. I'm going to do that with each one. Here we go… Three… Four… So, we end up with something that looks like this. Then, you're going to take your other piece of fabric and place it on top of the fleece and the string, making sure the pattern side is facing down. Then, you just need to take your pins and start securing the fabric together, making sure to also secure the string in place. Once the layers are secured, it's time to sew them together. And you can do this using a sewing machine if you have one or you can hand stitch it if you prefer, just make sure you leave a one inch [about 2.5 cm] gap along one of the edges.


Once you've finished sewing, you'll have something that looks like this. You can just trim away any excess material off the edges and then, once you have, just find the gap that you left and you're going to start pushing the material through this little gap to turn it inside out. The final thing to do, is just is just to sew that hole closed. Now, one optional extra I like to do, because I like the way it looks, is to just add a square of stitching on the inside. It just gives it a nice finish. So, that's what I'm going to do now and I'll show you what it looks like afterwards. So, there we go, that's what it looks like with the extra stitching in it. It just really helps to flatten the hammock out and make it look a little more finished. So, one thing to remember with these hammocks, is [that] you want the fleece side up, this is the side that your hamster is going to be sitting on, and once again, to attach it to your cage, all you need to do is just thread the strings up through the top and tie them to the bars or mesh, or attach hooks to the end and hook them on to the top of your cage.

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