Ron Swanson Gives Ann Something Special – Parks and Recreation

-Hey there.
Is there a project you're working on?
-I know more than you. -Alright. -When April and Andy married, I didn't get them
a wedding present. In my experience, wedding
presents are nothing more than kindling
on the divorce bonfire. But I think I found a way I can
really help them make a home. You — beanbag. Come with me. -I'm an eggplant. -I don't care. Come with me. -Why?
-I need small hands. -I'm…scared. There, I think I got it. -Yep, you got it. -[ Grunts ] Can you at least tell me
what you're doing? I'm a homeowner.
I would like to actually learn something. -Yeah.
I'm tightening the valve stem into the valve shank. I'm replacing the handle,
and then tightening the set screw,
which will hold it in place. Now… -Oh, my God! We made it work!
[ Laughs ] -It's a good feeling. Sense of accomplishment
and pride. Damn it, I just love it so much.

-Are you okay?
-Great. I'm gonna go around this house
and fix everything I can find that needs fixing.
You want to help? -I really do. -Good. That's next. Excuse us! Ah, nice form, son. Make sure you keep a firm
pressure on the cranium. -On the cranium?
[ Grunts ] Listen up!
I have to turn off the power for one minute!
-We're gonna go dark, people! Bear with us, okay? We got to switch off
the main fuse hose! -It's just a fuse.
-It's just a fuse, people! Just a fuse. -I see you got the handle
on that torque wrench.

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-Yeah, well,
the flange was a little warped, so I just goosed it with
the triple-three bolt smack. -That was nonsense. -I know, but it's so fun to talk
like that. -You know what? Keep this. You earned it. -Thanks, Ron..

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