Hammer Drill Repair – Replacing the Leaf Spring (Makita Part # 232182-2)

The leaf spring attaches to the drill's housing
and created the positive detent to lock the clutch in each of its modes, drilling, hammer
drilling, and clutch screw driving. It is possible that the leaf spring can wear
out after years of use, but the most common reason for replacement is that it is lost
while doing another repair. If you still have your leaf spring, but it
has fallen out of the drill and you just can't figure out where it goes, this video will
help you out with that as well.Hi, I'm Mark Sodja. [music throughout] Do it yourself repairs
like these are easier than you might think. From lawn machines to cordless drills, kitchen
mixers, outdoor grills, our how-to videos walk you through each repair from start to
finish, so doing it yourself means never having to do it alone. Let's get started.I'll begin by removing the
battery. Now, remove the rear cover. It's secured with two screws. Now, I'll split the two housings.

Now, remove the brushes. I'll pull the brush spring out of the way. Remove the brush clip. Then, I can pull the brush from the holder. Then, I'll do the same thing on the other
side. With the brushes removed, now go ahead and
lift the gearbox and motor assembly from the drill housing. Slide the armature away from the brush card.With
the motor and gearbox assembly out of the way, now you can see the leaf spring. It just simply sits inside the housing. I'll pull it out and install the new one. I'll place the switch back into the housings,
making sure that I line up the change lever with the post on the reversing lever on the
switch and making sure that I get the wires tucked out of the way.


Now, I can place the motor and gearbox assembly
back into the housing. This notch on the field needs to line up with
the tab on the lower housing. I'll rotate that around so it's on the side
of the assembly.Now, I can slide the armature through the brush card and lay the assembly
back into the housing. Again, making sure the notch on the field
lines up with the housing. Just like that. Now, I'll tuck the heat sink back down into
the housing. I want to make sure these wires are in front
of this plastic post.

One last check of all the wires. Don't want anything to get pinched as the
housings go together. Now, I can replace the housing and secure
it.Now, I'll replace the brushes. I'll pull the brush wires, or springs up and
out of the way. Install the brush into the holder. Secure its clip to the brush holder and place
the spring over the top of the brush. I do this again on the other side. Now, I'll just reattach the rear cap.Be
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