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there we are we're back third time I've been here in less than a year I don't really know why would come back in cliche joke and using our usual quasi scientific research methods there are more quasi than scientific can't believe what we do country it just seems nothing's fair about anything in order for good things happen you've got to hit rock wall first we've been immersed in a summer of political drama and deadlock on the ground Walsall is somewhere we've been on to past occasions it voted heavily for braixen then while jeremy corbyn's labor surged in other places in this area of town labour lost the seat to the Tories at last year's election so it's not a bad place to try and figure out what on earth is going on twelve months later well generally this is indicative of an anywhere but Westminster staple which is if you've got a spare couple of hours hanging around the shopping parade we spoke to him last time excuse me sir I've come back how are you feeling about where the country's I think that improve I don't think they are no just put bucks on everything right last letter pickin and all that yeah and you know it's that stuff yeah do you think the country's got sort of better words in the last year how's it getting worse you're crying I've even add more windows smashed in the shaft in the last row oh yeah this is council and they've took our freedoms away from the area there's lots of mess and even it does look good for new customers what about Bragg's it how do you think that's going about it forward it but I'm only where it was a right decision now you're feeling a slight regret yeah do I put forward it was it was the wrong one why did all that extra money gets spent on the health service yeah positives didn't seem to be your night in politics that's all and by the sound of it no you get all your news from Facebook does that mean half of its fate yeah rubbish yeah and then people share it and then the believe it it's all sort of what's the word for it so angry is it resigned a stripper it does it's a cliches you have to avoid traveling around a talk in Topeka and one really is zooming in endlessly on the people who feel bleep right we're in hot pursuit of banning fraud there's some spadework she's a garden and handyman service they do gardening and indoor maintenance for elderly people and locals who can't afford market rates it's part of an impressive Bentley based charity that does everything from benefits advice to running a library a Children's Centre and social lunches for isolated older people all things that have faced the cuts if you don't step up and do it yourself no one's gonna do it for you at the moment we met Denise the woman who started it at the furniture I think we work with some absolutely amazing people I think they're tough I think they're intelligent and I think they're straight boys and I think that's what's keeping them going at the moment you just have to just play through whatever more doreen where the sort of politics and politicians sit well the government we all do what the government will do because they won't it won't make any difference we'll be making the difference a grassroots well meet loads of people in Warsaw just don't vote well what are you voting for I don't know where you leave but if you live in Warsaw everything's being caught caught caught now if the council has not got funds to do these things it doesn't matter who's in power the budget still same makes policy development than on May the 3rd people have the chance to send an unmistakable message this government that enough is enough austerity is a political choice a political choice the toys and the Lib Dems made the political summer began with the local elections Corbin and labour framed them as a referendum on austerity in Walsall party activists were trying to gain seats to cement Labour's control of the council poorest and the country but you've got is a lot of very thought people walk around you can see that you've got homelessness you've got people who and they're not very happy but a massive rising anti-social behaviour in Walsall good taking the whole feel of water was changing about the past few years and yet the election last year that's always gain the seat here labour councils have to implement Tory cuts so people see them as all the same there are less and less people voting every year terrified in a sense it's very concerned [Music] had Bashir is standing in the Tauri held paddock Ward the shortstop we've had several clothes and we only got one main one named infiltrate the library I look at when I was younger compare that to what's going on now and what does Walsall need me or expect good well there's a lot of deprivation or field improvements in schools schooling we also I do feel as well because of different communities we have I mean community cohesion is quite good really like there are certain communities I haven't really got em Center it's really seems like that selection day today are you voted I'm gonna be you know you gonna vote for conservative my I've always voted labour Hurley didn't switch this time always works about it as national politics got nothing to do with that mr.


Corbett and mrs. mayor you know yeah I believe Jamie will be no I'm not gonna see Corbett says he'll reverse the cuts what we know I mean he feels very passionate and moral about them thinks they're a terrible thing and the people in place but like I say matter who's the system is bigger than them you don't buy the idea that mr. Corbett is a different sort of politician who wants to deal with the system finally whereas other people have sort of danced around it to them don't know mixed reviews on that when I'm being honest but I own the cuff on the corner there seven days a week I'm never gonna see it be the best place it's coming back and get some general yeah that's better you know I'm coming from can you get a mix of people in there and that's precisely the sort of voted if the Labour Party is got any chance or in the next elections can either get people out there to poke them the trouble is voters of any kind of thin on the ground oh the Guardian yeah commies I wish that were true well there you go I think I'm dumping hero weed labor [Music] give it up someone's that so you come here though [Applause] [Music] you're the first person we've seen voting in about an hour probably love to know you reckon I ask you two questions really quick really quick excuse me asking who did you vote for I can't tell you that okay second question what was in your head issues why eyes when you were voting and all of you to do immigration right what about Walsall things we decide to be honest put your cross in and that was like yeah soon poor player basic human right well there you go as the mysteries of democracy explained to close one okay to close Hach didn't winners see when the Tories gained five which meant they seized leadership of the council from labor and that's the mouth of the winners service have done very well here tonight the Labour Party has not [Music] [Applause] and jeremy corbyn's our only hope for them to save in this country for making a film at Walsall syllables carry on slowly [Applause] [Music]

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