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– Listen. Why don't you let me know
when Ryan is available to keep Curtis busy, so that I can
get some professionals to come over and look at this work? Hmm. OK. And where he is Ryan? Oh, he's studying. He's got exams coming up. Oh! I remember those
times with Calvin. [LAUGHTER] What times is that, baby? [LAUGHTER] You know, Calvin. The times when he was
studying for those exams. [LAUGHTER] Please.

Calvin ain't never
studied for nothing. [LAUGHTER] Curtis. Mm-hmm. Why are you dressed like this? [LAUGHTER] Dressed like what? Uh, I don't know. A helmet with a light. Goggles. One glove. [LAUGHTER] He he. [LAUGHTER] Don't act like you ain't
never seen this before. [LAUGHTER] Curtis. What are you doing out
there in the garage? I'm just cleaning
up and fixing a few things, few repairs. Well, why are you out so
long, Curtis, every day? That garage is so dirty. [LAUGHTER] Dirty, baby!
Well, good. I'm glad you're
cleaning it up, Curtis. Because I want to put
my car in that garage. Well, you know it's
a one-car garage right? [LAUGHTER] And I only have one car.


[LAUGHTER] That's so cold, Ella. [LAUGHTER] What? What're we gonna
do with my car? Put it in the driveway,
like you usually do. [LAUGHTER] One of these days, Ella. One of these days. [LAUGHTER] Buddy!.

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