Cauli Rice A Comforter & A Handyman: Delegating. How Can I Delegate?

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Today on clearing the clutter inside and out, we're talking about delegating. Does the thought of handing over your work
to someone else make your palms sweaty? Would you like to know what are good choices
to delegate? Are you skilled at how to effectively delegate
items once you've handed them over? Let's wrap up our month focusing on back to
school. Are you ready to clear your clutter and share
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I'm an award winning professional organizer,
author and certified life coach and I destroy the box and examine clutter in all areas. Every episode I'll give you take action steps
that you can easily apply to your life. Come on, let's get started. I'm really challenged at delegating and have
learned to get better. I laughed I for the first time took our bedspread
to the cleaners because we have a bedspread and gets really hot in the south. So we just have our sheet and a blanket and
case it's a cool night.

What I do in the past stuffing into the washer
and then I'd have this huge comforter and let it air dry. And it was this whole process and I thought
this year I'm going to do it differently, found a coupon and said you know what? I'm going to pay to have this bedspread dry
clean. It was awesome. It came back in a little bag so I can keep
it away in the dress in the closet. It's not going to get any dust on it. It was awesome. And I think about all the time that it saved
me and one less thing to do. The other thing I found was a Trader Joe's
they have cauliflower crust, I'm not doing sugar in More. And I thought, Oh my gosh, if you've ever
made cauliflower crust or you've made cauliflower, rice, you have to steam you have to cut Chopra
get all the water out, and I'm really bad at that.

And so a lot of times when I make cauliflower
crust for pizza fall apart, I got over my fear of oh my gosh, I'm not being a good boy,
he's not gonna have homemade cauliflower, save me time allowed me to make the rest of
the meal homemade. So for me, this was delegating on a much smaller
scale. But it was a great baby step to take those
little steps to get me started delegating, awesome rally, there has been a new service that has started and so I tried it and so you have people that you can
say, Hey, this is what I'm looking for. And I found this awesome man to do yard work. Tony's extremely stressed at work.

I love knowing that I hate edging. And so I found this guy. Come and do the edging, we need to some trees
trimmed. And that allowed Tony not to stress out, he
just redid the floors in our TV room or about to finish painting the bathroom, he could
focus on stuff that he loves to do. And that really is much more important to
us. Now, of course, I've delegated some things
quite easily such as my website, I have no clue how to redesign a website. So that was completely worth it. I'm working on taking more and more of those
steps to delegate so that I can have more time and peace of mind. what's preventing you from delegating? For many, it's about control. And control really is about fear. I know for me, it's about control, because
I still struggle with control. Side note, there are many layers to all of
our stuff. Don't get discouraged. The more personal development work I do.

I'm moving And sometimes yet another layer. However, the more you clear your stuff, the
better life gets. For me, I chose to control stuff because I
was a little bit still afraid I was going to be hurt again. If you are like me and like control, what
is it you're afraid of being judged, criticized, rejected. Another concern is, we worry someone else
won't do it as well. If this is you, is it because you lack trust? Why wouldn't you trust others to do a task? Were you taught to not trust others when you
were younger? I know I have a fear of being taken advantage
of because that has happened to me in the past. I am grateful for my husband because I will
never deal with a car mechanic again to eat Raise your concerns, ask for referrals.

Get references, start off with a small job. If they do a good first job, you can enable
them with something that's more important. The recent man I hired for yard work was a
great example. I had him clean the gutters out, and I saw how that went. He showed up on time, had all his equipment
was prepared. He actually told me you only need to get this
done once a year. I made sure that I reviewed him so others
know that he was a good person to hire. Some people really like the sense of power
that can control gives them in my experience that a need to control comes from feeling
powerless in other areas of our lives and as a way to compensate. If this is you, what area in your life do you feel powerless? Unknown Speaker 5:55
What could you do to Julie Coraccio 5:56
empower yourself in that area if you were hurt As a child and determined to gain power,
so you would never be vulnerable again.


How could you heal that wound? I read an interesting article where it said
power made people happy because they could act as a pleased and allow them to be authentic. If this is sounding like you, how else could you be authentic? Maybe it is finding a new group of friends. If your current crew are critical when you
are the real you. I truly believe we all have a tribe and that
we can find each other. The same article noted that seeking power
did not make people happy. So the process didn't make you happy, but
the goal did. For some people, it allows them to criticize
others if they can control everything. they criticize others before others can get
a chance to criticize them.

Control allows people to feel better about
themselves. What healthy ways could you practice to feel
better about yourself? Do you see yourself in any of the scenarios
I just talked about? Are you tired of being stressed out every
time school begins? Would you or your child benefit from being
more organized? Already to be on top of it all and achieve
your goals are successful school year, get organized, clear clutter and gain peace of
mind. Facebook mastermind community can support
you begin September 6, more information at reawaken your brilliance calm under life organization
masterminds. Now that you have a little more insight as
to what may be stopping you From delegating, let's think about what you should delegate. What to delegate. Not the most crucial stuff. I would never delegate any of my writing,
or podcasting.

I have hired editors, but never anyone to
write my stuff. That is me and I choose to have my voice expressed. So not the most important stuff. If you have the funds, can you hire someone
to do what you dislike? I've talked about yardwork can't stand it
now have delegated that. Perhaps you could check out something like
a babysitting Co Op or get a sitter to free up your time. Consider trading or bartering and support
one another. Think outside the box. How about an intern? I've been dying to get an intern for my business. It would be a really wonderful benefit. So if you know Anyone looking to do an intern? Have them give me a call. Remember, you don't have to start really large. What one small thing could you delegate? Like I delegated having someone cleaning the
Comforter? Or getting cauliflower rice. broaden your definition why cauliflower crust
isn't quite delegating it freed up time for me to focus on more important things, like
writing in the podcast.

How to be a good delegator. Ask questions depending on what you need to
delegate. What are their skills? Are they motivated? Do they have resources? Someone may have the skills but is too busy
or unmotivated to take on the task. If you're having someone do more intimate
work with you or your business, consider making sure you're on the same page community Effectively, I am a huge fan of having everything in writing
and follow up for clarification. Encourage the person to ask questions. Maintain accountability. What system will you put in place? Are you going to follow up in person via email? What happens if the job's not done to your
satisfaction? allow the person to participate. I'm looking for an intern for social media. I would love their feedback and suggestions. I'm pretty good at it. But it doesn't mean I know everything by a
longshot. I would welcome new thoughts and ideas. In my class for school success, I talk about
brainstorming is a valuable tool.

I welcome others perspectives, provide resources
and anything that the person might need. Our cat sitter has a list an emergency Contact
and we're set up at the vet for her, something happens. She doesn't have to go out of pocket, she
can take the cats in the vet knows that we'll pay for it, and to get ahold of us and to
get the cats treated, I couldn't go on vacation without my cat sitter give credit and understand
steaks, actually accidentally did something for a writing client. She'd been a client for about five years. It was really super small.

However, I immediately told her what it was. She wasn't worried, and we figured out a way
to correct it. When I wrote my course, I thanked the editor
and said it was a better product because of her editing skills. How can you give credit and understand when
someone's makes a mistake? take actions from today's podcast if you are
hesitant to delegate tasks, seek her out Why? What small thing could you delegate to someone
right now? Today or tomorrow? What do you need to keep in mind to be a successful
delegator? If you are already comfortable with delegating,
how could you make the process even better, easier or more efficient. Next month, we'll be talking about hodgepodge,
a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

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