Friends: Ross Breaks a Little Girls Leg (Season 3 Clip) | TBS

So this must be
kind of neat for you, huh? I mean your dad tells me you get
a couple of days off school and you, uh, you don't have to
sell those cookies anymore. Well, I kind of wanted
to sell the cookies. The girl who sells the most
wins a trip to space camp and gets to sit in
a real space shuttle. Wow, you, uh.. You really like
all this space stuff, huh? Yeah, my dad says if I spent as much time
helping him clean apartments as I do day-dreaming
about outer space? He'd be able to afford
a trip to the Taj Mahal. I think you'd have to, uh,
clean a whole lot of apartments to go all the way to India.

No, the one in Atlantic City. Dad loves the slots. He says he's gonna double
the college money my grandma left me. Huh. Well, good luck to dad. [sighs] Say, how many more boxes
would you have to sell in order to win? The girl who won
last year sold.. …475. – Yeah?
– So far, I've sold 75. Four hundred, huh? Well, that sounds do-able. – How much are the boxes?
– Five dollars a box. And what is second prize? A ten-speed bike but I'd rather have something
my dad couldn't sell. Well, that makes sense. Could you do me one favor
if it's not too much trouble? Yeah, Sarah, anything. Could you pull all
the curtains open for me? The astronauts from
the space shuttle are gonna be
on the news. Since we don't have a TV the lady across the alley said
she'd push hers up to her window so I can watch it. [knocks] (female #1)
'Yes?' Yeah, hi. I'm selling
brown bird cookies. 'You're no brown bird.' 'I can see you
through my peephole.' Um, no, hi. I-I'm an honorary brown bird.


[trilling] (female #1)
'What does that mean?' Ah, well, it means
that I can sell cookies but I'm not invited
to sleepovers. 'I can dial 911 at the press
of a button, you know.' – 'Now, go away!'
– Please, please. Um, it's for a poor little girl
who wants to go to space camp more than anything
in the world. – I'm pressing.'
– No.

'A policeman
is on his way.' Okay, okay, I'm going. I'm going. (female #1)
'I can still see you.' Alright!.

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