Class can be tough. And sometimes, answers aren’t always obvious. How many friends do I have? I know! It’s zero! Oh yea. It’s okay, Jake! Our school hacks ought to cheer you up! Well, kids, looks like today’s test day! You’ll have 20 minutes to finish. Cell anatomy?! Jake! Wanna give me the answers? Ugh, fine. I’ll just look them up on my phone. No one will notice. Yes! What was that? I wasn’t being discreet enough. Just thinking hard here, sir! Just a few quick glances and we’re good
to go! NO! Think of something! Anything! Sorry, just dropped my pen there. Okay, fine. Boy, was that close or what? My phone! But I really need this thing! I’ll just put my drawstrings in the case! That way, it can hang down for me look at.

Yep, in you go! Then put the phone back in the case! Kate! Are you looking at your phone?! You know you’re not allowed!! I gotta be more careful with this thing! Hello, sweet answers! What ever would I do without you? Today’s art class is so boring! We’re drawing apples for crying out loud! Ah, let’s see here… What’s Jake doing with his pencil? What kind of sketching sorcery is this? Woah, I think he’s measuring the size! I can do that too, you know. Hey, it totally worked! Then a little shading and a few lines… There! Ooh, that’s not pretty. How’d Jake’s turn out? He’s like a modern-day Cézanne! Mine looks like a fifth-grader drew it. I can’t possibly turn this in. I’ll never be good at drawing. I forgot I was wearing these rubber bands! I’m brilliant! Take your pencil, and make it perpendicular to another one. Then, taking a big rubber band, Put it over the two writing utensils.

Loop it around until it’s nice and tight. Do it again with one on the other side. Check it out! Let’s try this again, shall we? Can I see that real quick? Thank you! If you start tracing with one pencil, The one below will create the same thing! Pretty cool, huh? WOAH! Don’t wanna catch any flies, Jake! Time to turn in your masterpieces! Mine’s really good, teach! What a little cheater! I don’t know the answers to any of these! I can’t see what anyone’s writing. Kate obviously studied. This is so unfair! What?! I forgot we can use calculators! Good thing I remembered to pack mine! Uh, what’s my TV remote doing in here? I remember talking on the phone… I must’ve reached for the remote by accident! Just my luck. What’s with the remote? I brought it by mistake.

Don’t you know the special trick? Need to find the square root of 144? First, take the first two numbers, Then add them to the number 2. That gives you 16. Don’t forget the last digit! Subtract it from 16 and boom! Who needs a calculator, right? So if I want to find the square root of 81, First I add 8 and 2. That gives me 8. Then subtract it by one. Nine! Thanks, Kate! How’s my sign? Jake! So cute, right? I’m just about done with the balloons! And getting a little dizzy… Almost there… Jake! Look what you’ve done! My gorgeous sign is ruined! Don’t freak out, don’t freak out… Hey! Why don’t we create something new? Take a balloon and some scissors, And cut off the tip of the balloon, And the entire bottom as well.

First I

See ya! Remember your plastic cup? Go ahead and fill it up with water. About three quarters full is good. Then put the balloon over the top of the cup. Then you’re done! Hey, I did it! No water’s coming outta this thing! See? On second thought… You’re getting a full-on shower! JAKE!! I’m so getting you back for this! Whoopsies! I’ll just have to try this again. You think it’s funny to ruin my hair? How do you like this?! And it’s nice and cold too! Two can play this game, dude. And it looks like he’s drying off like a
dog! My work’s done here! I guess I don’t have to shower later! Hunger pains can hit anytime, anywhere. Even smack-dab in the middle of class! I have something that can hold me over! These are my fave. I know that smell! Hey… Give me some! Come on, just one! Okay, I see how it is.

Teacher! We’ve got a snacker over here! Oh, yea? Can’t you read the sign, Kate? Now put those things away! UGH! You’re such a tattle-tale, Jake! I’ll just put these right here.. See you guys later… In fact, I have an even better idea! Take a Pringles can, and cover it with your favorite paper. Then make a line of hot glue on top. Place a free-standing zipper on the glue. Looks an awful lot like a pencil case, doesn’t it? Isn’t my new pencil case to die for? Jealous? Something tells me you’ll like what’s

Ta-da! Want one? HA! Teacher! She’s snacking again! Okay, that’s it, you’re outta here! You snitch! How do you like this, huh? Now you definitely have to go. Ah, presentation day. A.K.A the most nerve-wrecking day ever! Once she’s done, I’m next! Looks like the teacher approves. Yikes. I’ve got nothign! Quick, what can I find online? Wait a second. Can I just — Oh, yeah! Have an empty notebook that needs filling? Put globs of hot glue in four places. Perfect! Then put stretchy fabric like this, On top of the glue. Do it on both halves of the book. Now it’s presentation time! Looks normal from the outside, right? Very good, Jacob! Man, I love the Internet. Phew! How’d you know all that stuff? Technology and creativity go a long way. Gotta thank the old noggin! Think any of these school hacks would come
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