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Hello, cool people! We're officially less than 48 hours away from
the highly anticipated Season 2 release of Raj and DK’s The Family Man, which I can confidently say is easily one of the
best shows to come out of the Indian streaming space. It's certainly my favourite. But, before we get bingeing and dive back
into the exciting world of Srikant Tiwari, let’s refresh our memories and recap
what went down in season one, shall we? The Family Man follows Srikant Tiwari – the answer to the question:
what if James Bond was from Chembur? So, he doesn't have any of the swag
or fancy cars or cool gadgets. He’s just an ordinary middle class dude
with a wife and two kids, who just happens to be
an intelligence agent for TASC, a special secret cell of
the National Defence Agency.

So, of course, his wife and kids don’t
actually know what he does for a living. The series follows his various missions
tracking down the bad guys, while trying to balance his responsibilities
as a father and husband and trying to keep his secret work life…a secret. Genre wise, it's really tough to put
The Family Man in a box. It somehow is much about stopping
terror threats and kickass gunfights as it is about intimate moments
of marriage and family. But if I had to put it in a genre,
I’d say it’s an action thriller… family drama… …workplace comedy romantic espionage??? You know what?!
You can't put it in a box! The first episode introduces us to the latest threat
that Srikant and his team have to deal with – a gang of Malayali ISIS recruits that
they suspect are planning something big. So, Srikant sets off to investigate alongside
his team which consists of his partner JK as well as Milind and new recruit Zoya. Along with the human embodiment
of pure swag.

The Bonafide Badass Pasha. This guy is a one man army!
An absolute unit! A beast that just won't give up!
Just a tall slab of pure killing machine! No, shut up!
YOU have a man crush! Anyway… The three suspected ISIS recruits escape custody leading to a heart pounding shootout
in an abandoned mill compound – and holy shit, do Raj & D.K. know
how to shoot an action scene. The shootout ends with one of the three
suspected terrorists Moosa, being captured alive. They interrogate him only to find out
that he‘s just an innocent engineer who was at the wrong place at the wrong time
and wants nothing to do with the terrorist life.

So they keep him detained in a hospital
while he recovers from the shootout. Meanwhile, the team does some more digging
and finds out that a mysterious mastermind is in fact planning a major terrorist attack
on Indian soil under the name *cue dramatic music* Mission Zulfiqar! As Srikant and his team continue to investigate,
they come across a student activist, Kareem. Kareem and his friends seem to be planning something
big against a bigoted, hate spreading MP and when they set off to execute their plan, Srikant and his team intercept them in
another bloody thrilling action sequence. But, in the heat of the moment,
things escalate to a violent shootout and Kareem and his friends
are killed by TASC agents. Only for Srikant’s team to find out that
Kareem and his friends were never terrorists. They really were just innocent student activists. We soon find out that the real bad guy
responsible for framing Kareem is another student at his college, Sajid who's the real ISIS agent
who managed to escape.

To save face and avoid public outcry,
TASC decides to tell the world that Kareem and his friends were in fact terrorists. It’s a heartbreaking scene
which leaves Srikant broken. He goes home drunk and in pieces
struggling with the weight of the lie, and the emotional burden of his job, which leads to a fight with his wife Suchi. In one of the show's most
emotionally charged scenes, you realise just how fractured their marriage is.


Her wanting the support and companionship
that he doesn't provide, and him having to bear with the burden
of his job which he can’t share with her. It doesn’t help that Srikant also believes she’s having
an affair with her friend-turned-coworker Arvind, who she's been getting increasingly closer to. Following the fiasco of Kareem’s wrongful death, Srikant is temporarily transferred to Kashmir where he does a few ops with
a former flame. played by Gul Panag. We later find out that he’s been sent to Kashmir to chase up
another Mission Zulfiqar lead and track down Sajid. Elsewhere, in the hospital, the thus far innocent
but increasingly shady Moosa seduces and gets jiggy with a nurse so he can
get access to a phone to call his fellow ISIS peepz. Leading to the big reveal that Moosa was THE mastermind
behind the whole thing the whole time, and is actually a top ISIS operative. Which takes us to episode 6’s HOLY SHIT level
13 minute, one take hospital assault action sequence, which is the greatest thing anywhere, ever! It’s a breathtaking sequence which sees
Moosa’s men storm the hospital to extract him, killing a bunch of TASC agents along the way.

It’s a total bloodbath where the casualties
include the swag machine himself, Pasha. RIP Pasha, you absolute Beast. Back in Kashmir, as Srikant investigates
Operation Zulfiqar, he uses the help of a CIA contact
to sneak into Pakistan to interrogate one of Moosa’s associates to
find out more about what they're planning. There, we find that Pakistan’s General Ansari
and Major Sameer of the ISI are the ones who've hired Moosa in the first place
and that they plan to stage a nerve gas attack in Delhi. Luckily, the good guys manage to stop
the General and arrest Major Sameer, but it’s too late. Their plan is already in motion
in the hands of Moosa and Sajid, who are both headed to Delhi,
to stage the attack.

Which brings us to one of the most masterfully
tense sequences of the entire series. Srikant is undercover behind enemy lines, in Pakistan
and could get discovered any minute. While Suchi is in Lonavala with coworker
Arvind for a conference and… …they’re on the verge of getting jiggy, while Srikant's young son is at home alone, where
he finds Srikant's gun and starts to play with it, and their daughter Dhriti sneaks off
to some shady ass house party. It’s a masterful sequence which perfectly
captures the essence of the show – where you’re equally invested in
the life threatening situations as much as you are in the relationship drama. Of course, all these things get resolved, apart from Lonavala. We never find out exactly what went down
between Arvind and Suchi in Lonavala. Thereby, giving the internet its new favourite
question after 'Why Did Katappa Kill Baahubali?' 'What Happened in Lonavala?!' Anyway, back to the terrorists.

In the last episode, Srikant's team lands in Delhi to try and figure out exactly how Moosa and Sajid
will go about the nerve gas attack. The two bad guys have actually taken over a chemical
plant which Moosa has rigged to spread toxic gases which will kill everyone in Delhi within 2 hours,
as he escapes with Sajid, leaving armed guards behind. Srikant’s team still doesn't know
where the attack will take place, but luckily, Zoya and Milind are sent to the chemical
plant to follow a lead where they find the bomb. A tense shootout ensues between them
and Moosa’s men. They try and call for backup, but Srikant
and JK are busy chasing Moosa and Sajid who have their own power struggle
between themselves, leading to Sajid killing Moosa and then escaping.

Elsewhere, do you remember that innocent
student activist Kareem who was falsely killed? Well, turns out his girlfriend has
been investigating his death, and she finds his phone at the scene
of where he was shot and killed where he’s actually recorded
a video about his innocence, calling out TASC agents in which you can
actually see Srikant in the background! In the final moments of the show, we cut back to
the chemical factory where we see Milind is killed, and Zoya is trapped in the shootout with
no hope in sight of stopping the nerve gas. The last thing we see is one of
the chemical containers explode! So, obviously we end on a cliffhanger! And, most importantly… Find out on June 4th!.

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