Friends: Joey the Handyman (Season 3 Clip) | TBS

Oh, sorry. Did I get you? No, you didn't get me. It's an electric drill. You get me, you kill me! Calm down.
Do you want this unit or not? I do not want this unit. Well, you should have
told me that before. I'm not a mind reader. Ooh. And we're out of beer.
Okay, I'm going to Monica's.

Fine! Hey. Where you heading
in those pants, 1982? Oh, Monica, listen. I saw down at the hardware store they got those
designer tiles on sale if you ever wanna redo
your bathroom floor. What's wrong
with my bathroom floor? Nothing, it's just
old and dingy, that's all. I highly doubt that. Oh, yeah? If you, uh, move your hamper you can see the color
the tile used to be.

American television series

Yeah. I can't live like this.
Wh-what am I gonna do? – What are we gonna do?
– Relax, relax. Here, hold this. This old stuff comes right up.
I'll show you. A little more than
I wanted to see. Oh! Look at that. Every inch
of this is glued down. It'd take forever
to pry this up. You should, uh,
you should just leave it. [scoffs] I can't leave it. You gouged a hole
in my dingy floor. Uh.. – Yeah, there you go.
– Aw! Yeah, that's nice. We can put it back there
after the surgeons remove it from your colon.

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