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all copies got filled but some pages remained in it but of no use… what are you doing only few pages were left in these notebooks which is of no use so just throwing them have a look wow.. this notebook is so awesome.. isn't it expensive?? not at all you know I just made it myself with the left over pages I know you can't believe.. DIY Queen's new video is live so you too watch video with us and hit 1,00,000 Likes so first we'll make this cute notebook So first gather all the left over pages from Notebook and staple them all together cover it with coloured paper now to make it more interesting cut colourful sheets in these shapes and decorate like this how can you study so easily & comfortably don't your notebook pages get fly of I have secured my notebook pages with these colourful paper clips wow.. how beautiful these clips are from where you bought these wow this colourful scissors too now we gonna to decorate paper clips for this you need paste pom pom together like these have decorate so many clips with pom pom now lets decorate some with foam sheets so just cut these designs paste keeping one on another and make design like this with outliner cone likewise made some more yeah I know thats too you did yourself you too have a look how we made this bag if you too got bored using the same bag so lets give it to a new look so you need first secure a section with tape and fill it with your favourite colour likewise fill more colours fill the colour in scissors as we filled in our bag

Cool DIY School Supplies

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