Scary Movie 2 (3/11) Movie CLIP – The Caretaker (2001) HD

[Cindi screams, followed by Hanson's scream] – Oh hohohoh! Oh hohohoh! Oh– oh, I'm- I'm sorry child, did I – did I frighten you, child? I'm sorry! Are you scared? Alright, I'll sing to you! [Dusty ass singing voice] God is i-hin his Ho-oly Temple! [Sounds of dying snake] Better?? – Yeah. I'm here with Professor Oldman's group. – I'm Hanson! [Sucking sound] I'm the caretaker! – Hi.
– Hi! And what's your name, sweetshine? – I'm Cindy!
– Cindy! [Orgasm] Oh, but the resemblence is striking! Look at those thin cheek bones, and fake lips! Same – same eyes– look at your hair! Oh, oh I'm sorry! You've got the same nose! Heh.

Tickle, tickle! Beep, boop! Beep, boop, on the nose! [Creepy ass chuckle] [Inhale] Shall I show you to your room? Hoh. That's heavy — WHOOOOH! That's heavy! I better use my strong hand! – Oh! No, no, no it's fine!
– Oh, I'm clumsy! – Look, you got the panties! And-
-Nonono, it's fine, I can take care of it! – Look at — oh, watcha got here?! [Perverted sniffing] – Oh-oh AHHH! UHH! [Nervous panting] – Can't forget your toothbrush! – Oh!
– Gonna' need that for later! Hahah! [Cindy clearly freaking out]
– Here we go! Follow me, child! – Oh, my God!
– Watch my bottom! Coming through! Come on, right this way– here we are! [Insane humming] – So, um… Do you live here by yourself? – Well, yes. We've tried to rent it out, but people don't seem to want to stay very long! Heheh. Oh! There's old Mother Cane.


And that's old Master Cane! – Who's that? – That's Big Daddy Cane! – Oh. Oh, he's cute! – Oh, yeah! That was the Master's favourite toy! [Both chuckling] – I don't know what it's doing out here! I swear, I sometimes think these toys have a mind of their own! – Oh. OW!.

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