Stanley Handyman Level H1297- 28 inch

you hello you two I got a level give to me so box it proudly belong in this box came from the same place and hard to get here with the shadows and everything but we'll take it out of here and we'll get over the better to show you some a little more detail on it so that fits in there with a buyer needs to spare that's good okay Stanley level I'll put the number in the description h12 97 28 inches Stanley handyman there's a dark blue if i change the photo around i already test and once that is a real dark blue it's not black really good shape we do have one vial it's broke here so when you're trying to do plum you got it switching around the other way because your level we got to go this way if your bubble always goes to the curve at the top these are curved vials and got the tripod and wave it so you can still do plum with it it's kind of sad ones broke but it was good to me i'm not going to complain but real short video on this i'll show you some pictures of it I so you can see some detail of it this side the label is as good as the other side so there you go real happy something for my carpenter box that's old so thanks for watching you

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