Here’s What Actually Happened To Mike Holmes

mike holmes never set out to be a tv star it just turned out that way nonetheless that success has not come without some bumps along the way to find out more about his journey from contractor to hero of tv home repair here's what really happened to mike holmes mike holm's foray into television was not by design holmes was a full-time contractor when he was hired to do some building work on the set of a canadian tv show dedicated to diy home repair as noted by the globe and mail the ever opinionated homes began telling the people who hired him that they had it all wrong holmes went into one of his trademark grants explaining that encouraging homeowners to do their own renovations was a bad idea since they usually did a lousy job in fact he pointed out a huge portion of his business came from repairing the botched renovations done by people who had no idea what they were doing right off the bat i don't like this after holmes apologized for overstepping his bounds the producer of the show got an idea home should star on his own tv show repairing homeowners diy disasters and the shoddy work of shady contractors homes on homes debuted on hgtv canada in 2001.

By 2004 the show was averaging 250 000 viewers an episode a considerable number for a canadian specialty channel the beefy tough talking contractor had accidentally become a tv star the success of homes on homes kept growing as did the popularity of its star already a hit on hgtv canada the show was eventually picked up by hgtv in the us expanding his reach considerably by 2005 mike holm should have felt like he was on top of the world yet he was dissatisfied mike quast the tv exec who first discovered him told the globe and mail that holmes had become disenchanted with his producer according to quast holmes invited him and crew member pete kettlewell to his home for a meeting holmes laid out his vision to expand his brand the tv show he explained isn't the be-all and end-all but one prong of a larger enterprise all with a goal of educating homeowners about the importance of hiring skilled tradespeople to ensure they wouldn't be begging homes to fix lousy work down the road during that meeting in holmes garage the idea formed for the homes group quas designated himself vice president of business development with the goal of building holmes brand while kettlewell became vice president of production responsible for managing the tv show with mike holmes media and construction empire beginning to take shape 2006 brought him a huge opportunity as the globe and mail recounted nestle canada was in the process of launching a new brand of its nescafe instant coffee and commissioned a poll asking canadians to name the celebrity they most trusted holm's name was at the top of the list the company wanted homes to be at the center of an advertising campaign for its new product launch my quest however wasn't sure if holmes would go for that given that chilling coffee was a bit out of his wheelhouse to feel him out he asked holmes what kind of coffee he drank the answer nescafe's instant coffee the ensuing campaign was a massive success with home's partnership with the company renewed multiple times you wanna make things right you gotta start right as holmes later told when they approached me about the commercial i said if they can relate the commercial to what i do and keep it real i'd say yes to it because the real truth is i drink nescafe and have for years as the globe and mail reported mike holmes brand exploded in 2009.


Not only was homes on homes now being seen by american hdtv viewers the holmes group also began an ambitious expansion that included an ultra green housing development a canada-wide home inspection service and a line of homes branded workwear however the latter didn't have an easy path to the marketplace according to the globe and mail the home's group partnered with the winnipeg-based manufacturer a stickler for quality homes was insistent that he had final say on the design of products rather than just slapping his moniker on the company's existing merchandise once the homes work wear products at shelves however they were being marketed as quote a premium version of the existing line as opposed to its own standalone brand those issues however were ultimately sorted out a decade later holmes workwear continues to be a successful venture consisting of a wide array of items ranging from canvas work pants to tool belts to fire resistant coveralls for welders mike holmes lent a hand in the wake of the devastation that hurricane katrina unleashed on new orleans as holmes told toronto star it all started when brad pitt founded his make it right foundation with a mission to build new homes for residents of the lower ninth ward whose homes had been destroyed there was one issue however holmes holds the trademark to make it right and even has it tattooed on his bicep rather than seek an injunction however holmes offered another solution pit could use the name and holmes would provide his expertise holm said he had his vision of doing it when i talked to him but he knew he didn't know enough about it that's where holmes came in bringing his crew to the big easy to rebuild a home which was filmed and aired as homes in new orleans during mike holm's time in new orleans he became downright evangelical about the advantages of eco-friendly building products and techniques he told the globe and mail everyone's talking green well let's really go green why don't we change the building process if no one else is going to do it i'm going to do it build a home that won't burn won't mold that's termite resistant in fact holmes went on to become a big proponent of net zero homes houses that are quote sustainable and energy efficient as he wrote on the hgtv canada website and that zero home he explained produces its own energy locally with an end goal of producing as much energy as it uses if not more in order to achieve this holmes wrote the building envelope must be highly efficient with all cracks and gaps completely sealed to ensure there's virtually no air leakage especially crucial with windows and doors building a green energy efficient home requires an investment up front but it's an investment that will pay you back every month for as long as you live in it it really is the future of housing in 2009 mike holmes ventured into the world of publishing with the launch of holmes the magazine to make it right he said in a press release this is the magazine homeowners need to help them with their renovations it's the magazine i was searching for and couldn't find so i had to make my own magazine and make it right the magazine didn't last long according to the toronto star holmes got into a dispute with the publisher dauphin media group which led to the magazine folding in 2011.

Things became even worse when the publishing company ceased operations in 2012 leaving behind unpaid rent and ticked off subscribers who'd been waiting to be reimbursed as mike holmes group director of communications liza drozdov told the star their sole involvement in the magazine was quote regulating a portion of the editorial content meaning holmes himself didn't really have all that much to do with the publication drozdov said mike feels terrible about it but it's not his fault he didn't get any of that money as homes on homes maintained its massive popularity with viewers in the u.s mike holmes continued to remain a wildly popular tv presence in his home and native land in fact a 2010 feature in reader's digest listed him as among the 10 most trusted canadians the list put homes in some pretty celebrated company other canadians to earn the trust of their fellow citizens included back to the future star michael j fox queen elizabeth ii who technically isn't canadian but is the country's constitutional monarch and celebrated cbc news anchor peter mansbridge holmes took the number two spot on the reader's digest poll with the publication noting that his work quote brings a sense of security that people appreciate topping the list by the way was dr david suzuki founder of the david suzuki foundation and veteran host of long-running cbc nature documentary series the nature of things in 2012 the homes group lost one of its three founding members when brian quast who was then ceo parted ways with the company according to a news release about his departure the split was an amicable one a new ceo julius brinkman was hired when he left a mere two years later his exit was far more acrimonious and actually led him to sue mike holmes and two homes group co-directors for a hefty 3.1 million dollars as the calgary herald reported brinkman alleged that his contract had been breached when the company failed to pay him five percent of the 15.5 million dollars he'd raised and also didn't reimburse him for expenses that were quote reasonably incurred other allegations in the suit included claims that holmes company had allegedly quote failed to establish a benefits program in which he could participate as well as having created a working environment designed to frustrate his efforts holmes himself never commented on the lawsuit given that the legal action didn't generate any further news reports it would appear the matter was settled privately outside the courts while holmes magazine proved to be a bust that didn't deter him from making further attempts to immortalize his philosophy and knowledge and print in 2006 he published his first book make it right inside home renovation with canada's most trusted contractor he followed that up with a 2011 tome specializing in attics and basements and another in 2013 focusing on kitchens and bathrooms in 2015 holmes unveiled his magnum opus the home's manual described as a must-have guide for homeowners that answers their most common questions holmes dropped by canadian talk show george trompilopoulos tonight to promote the book and explain that the impetus for his manual emerged after spending years being stopped by viewers in public asking him questions about the specific issues they were having with their homes he explained it just made sense let's do a manual and this way instead of reading the whole book like a lot of people seem to not want to do anymore they want an answer now mike holmes children cherry holmes and mike holmes jr first started appearing on screen in 2013's homes makes it right the siblings have been a part of their father's myriad of television shows ever since including the likes of home's next generation homes 9-1-1 and homes and homes my junior took center stage in 2014's mike's ultimate garage a two-hour special that put him in the driver's seat to build his dad a sweet 1800 square foot garage man cave as mike senior told the ottawa citizen relinquishing control to his son took a herculean effort it was very hard i'm the guy that's on a site from beginning to end it's the first time i've walked away and had someone else finish it meanwhile sherry accompanied her dad when he went to new orleans happily serving as a member of his construction crew as she told the times colonist i would do it again in a heartbeat mike senior added i love working with my kids watching them build on what they know and get better every day mike holmes in his various tv series have been a staple on hgtv for years but he had the opportunity to broadcast to his biggest audience yet with home free on the fox network in its review of the series the hollywood reporter outlined the premise nine couples competed to build the ultimate dream home restoring a ramshackle house in atlanta for a needy family with the poorest performing couple eliminated or so they thought what actually took place was that the eliminated couple won the house they just renovated that wasn't holmes only experience with u.s network television in late 2020 a press release announced fox was picking up holmes family effect a new series in which homes and children perform surprise home makeovers for people who are leaders in their respective communities holmes said i am absolutely thrilled about bringing home's family effect to fox furthermore in 2021 holmes teamed up with windy city rehab's alison victoria for rock the block second season since first entering the realm of television back in 2001 mike holmes shows may have evolved but his message has remained remarkably consistent home's commitment to quality workmanship has been unwavering and is woven in the fabric of all his shows in 2019 holmes took another big step when he parted ways with hgtv and inked a big deal with canadian media conglomerate bell media corporate owner of canada ctv network homestead in an announcement i'm absolutely thrilled about this new partnership with ctv i look forward to bringing new content to ctv's portfolio of networks and spreading the make it right message with even more canadians across the country while financial details of the deal weren't publicized it's safe to assume it took big bucks to pull him away from hgtv his television home of nearly 20 years according to celebrity net worth holmes wealth is estimated to be in the 30 million range check out one of our newest videos right here plus even more list videos about your favorite celebs are coming soon subscribe to our youtube channel and hit the bell so you don't miss a single one [Music]

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