#DeWALTTough Cordless Circular Hand Saw DCS393: By the Weekend Handyman

so today we're looking at a Dewalt 20 volt max tool this is of course a six and a half inch circular saw this is a dcs 393 it's a nice little circular saw comes with of course battery comes with the blade and such to put it all together really kind of a sweet little system I wanted to kind of show you a couple of things with it and talk to you about a couple of things that I'm going to be doing a little differently with it first up one thing I really like we've got our just a little 2 amp hour battery we should be using a 4 amp hour battery because we want to make sure it lasts longer but for demonstration purposes we use it to what I do like about this is pretty which is pretty cool is that this has the ability to be left or right handed you can be either one and run this successfully you see on the handle that there's a little safety switch here I can access that safety switch from one side or the other it's basically a pass-through safety switch so if I'm right-handed on this case if I'm left-handed I'm using my left hand I can push that down with my thumb and then pull the trigger if I'm using my other hand I push that down with my thumb and pull the trigger and we're good to go so that's kind of a cool feature not all circular saws have that ability to be left or right-handed and of course depending upon how you're using it if I'm right-handed which is I can see it really quite well if I'm left-handed I can't see it quite well that way but then I'm back to the traditional way that we used to look at circular saws as right-handers where we had to look down through the – through the opening which works but one of the greatest advantages of having the blade on the left side for right handers that I can watch the blade walk right through what very easily and it's a little more difficult but not impossible the other way so the tool comes with a six and a half inch – all played now this is kind of a multi-purpose blade that could be used for for paneling it could be used for plywood could be used for doing wood cut as far as two by fours and 2i sixes there okay this is this is what comes with the kit I would highly recommend that you spend a few dollars and go buy yourself the next step up in blades from the wall I have a couple of their step-up blades that are multi-purpose but they're a better quality blade than what comes with the kit this will work for 90% of the homeowners but I like to have just a little bit cleaner cut and more teeth to my saw blade so I usually grab a second a second one but what I really do like about this blade is that it's a very thin kerf it's not a very fat blade it's very thin so that makes it easier to go through the 2×4 is two by sixes and it also means that you're having less waste of your wood so you're not having you know an eighth of an inch that's going to be lost every time you make a cut so that's a cool cool feature about this blade and again for most people this blade is going to work work well and last them a long time but I like to get a higher end carbide blade to put in my saws because that makes the saws cut easier cut better and of course saves the battery makes them last longer but it's a very cool circular saw and we're going to go and do some cutting with us and kind of demonstrate exactly how it works and how well it goes through different types of wood again this is DCS 393 we'll put links in the description below so you can check this out this is John young what do we get handyman you


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