Proxxon rotary ratchet | A must have tool

this is the proximal to eat ratchet I just like to apologize now on always come up to Christmas times or people will be relatively skinned and this costs approximately fifty pounds but this is an ideal budget it's also a great as a Christmas present if anybody's wondering what to buy any of their friends if them into engineering or fixing cars etc this will be an ideal gift probably will be what's special about this ratchet well it's actually a rotary ratchet so these are very very actually went to a trade show in Cologne I'll show you and actually saw these on a stand over there events are one of these for sale on eBay so I thought I'd give it a go it doesn't like a very well-made piece of kit and it also has a two year guarantee so it's just like a normal rapture it's as 50 2t which means that you can use it in very confined spaces you can actually hear the quality of the ratcheting mechanism to change direction you simply turn the end there whilst all in the socket you can then turn direction easily if you want to remove the socket you need to press in the red button at the end there that will enable you to pull the socket off likewise when you got to put the socket back on you need to press in the vent bottom before you can press the socket on there so you probably wondering what's special about this ratchet well the special thing is that it's rotary so you can use it in situations where you can use a normal ratchet I'll now demonstrate how that works if you all this part and turn the handle you can see that the socket turns and it doesn't matter which direction you turn the handle in the socket will always go in the same direction you can turn out as many times as you want if you want to go in the opposite direction you just need to change direction of the ratchets then when you turn the handle you then get the socket turning at the end again it also has a quarter inch drive on the end there so you can you use a quarter inch drive screwdriver for example in the end of their or you can use another ratchets you can put quarter inch drive ratchet in there and you can ratchet that and that means you can get in virtually anywhere and all such they are very quite enjoyed ratchets at all but I do have this Milwaukee electric conversion so you can see that what the you watch it in there and then squeeze the trigger get into a compound spears and that will to wants to solve this it just had to go on the shopping list as soon as I got time I've actually purchased one so that will be used in my toolbox on site if I get any problems with it I will of course report back but it'll seem very well-made and it does come with a two-year guarantee trucks on are actually made in Germany so I'm sure that they are a very high quality tool well I think you'll agree that is pretty unique and that will get you out of a lot of sticky situations so I do apologize how long has gone up to Christmas and you've probably got better things to spend your money on but that is definitely something support on your shopping list well that's thanks for watching the video and if you haven't done so already please subscribe to the channel you


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