Friends: Joey Finds Out (Season 5 Clip) | TBS

Damn Rolos. – Hey, you're back.
– Hey. How was your conference? It was terrible, I fought with.. …my colleagues,
you know, the entire time. Are you kidding with this? Uh, so your weekend
was a total bust? Uh, no, I got
to see Donald Trump waiting for an elevator. – Hi.
– Hey, you're back too. Yeah, um, Chandler,
can I talk to you outside for just a second? Hey, how was your chef thing? Uh, it was awful. Guess some people just don't
appreciate really good food. Well, maybe it was the kind of
food that tasted good at first but then…made everybody
vomit and have diarrhea. Chandler? [imitating Monica]
Monica? Hey. Hey, Mr.

Bing. That, uh, hotel
you stayed at called. Said someone left
an eyelash curler in your room. Yes, that was mine. 'Cause I figured you
hooked up with some girl and she left it there. Yes, that would
have made more sense. You know, I-I don't even feel
like I know you anymore, man. Alright, uh.. Look, I'm just
gonna ask you this one time, alright? And whatever
you say, I'll believe you. Were you…or were you not.. …on a gay cruise? [instrumental music] – Hey.
– Hey. – Hey.
– Oh, hey, Monica. I heard you saw Donald Trump
at your convention. Yeah.


Saw him waiting
for an elevator. Hey, Rach, can I borrow
your eyelash curler? – I think I lost mine.
– Yeah, it's in the bathroom. Oh! Oh! Joey, could I talk
to you for a second? Ooh! Oh-h-h! Joey, I need
to talk to you.. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh-h-h! [muffled screaming] No, no, no. Yes. Yes. You? And-and you? Yes, but you
cannot tell anyone. No one knows. How? When? – It happened in London.
– In London! [indistinct shouting] The reason we
didn't tell anyone was 'cause we didn't want
to make a big deal out of it. But it is a big deal. – I have to tell someone!
– No, no, no. – You can't.
– Please, please.

We just don't want to deal
with telling everyone, okay? Please, just promise
you won't tell. Alright. Man, this is unbelievable. I mean, it's great. But.. I know, it's great. Oh, I don't
want to see that. We're so stupid. Do you know what's
going on in there? They're trying
to take Joey. [instrumental music]

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