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today would like to show you a little one a little order that recently Arriving at me is owning the time to do it again but today comes finally and indeed my longer have a little less you know you definitely from various etc videos today I have to expand a bit and I have it now as you can see here victorinox brought this is the victorinox handyman and of course the matching leather bag to go with it, we say yes just unpack it and take a look at the bag here on the page the functions of the knife the tools now just begin to mean the two times here with each other usual little things then here the big blade this is nothing unusual so far then we have a woody one that is very, very good in my eyes these wood saws personally who are full of it first a little bit of right here a bowl with a great saw travel that's actually the reason for this fair brought here that this number now makes it everywhere used and extreme pliers to drag along or even no buck on it and you can certainly carry it with you in a pocket knife but just your mobile phone with cult down to the usual things bottle openers are actually can openers with frosty victorinox slotted screwdriver up here the from stocker of course, like the corkscrew here, probably with them Most people tend to be less popular but just in case I will find it coming bad then we have here, for example, that is, for example, a package heber believe that it will be yours to watch and ask and cut yourself don't finger it here is a giant these all monsters that is already like that here from me they actually ask what this is supposed to be good for somehow to sew or such say maybe give me personally value system never used here just a screwdriver and screwdriver in the eye the 40 euro costs of course always depends on where you buy the bag The scene fits wonderfully that the lords' songs sign from this one position must be able to attach to the belt and then it is small and handy stowed away and of course we still have the little scissors this was noticed beforehand so it really counts in very very many get things I think this is a very good thing it was a multiple tool in one It's nice and small and then say thank you for looking and here on this I liked the video and we'll see you in the next video See you

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