Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Best Budget Multimeter!

adam savage here in my cave with a tool
tip today it is about electronics
now i use electronics in my work you know i i made these lights
a couple years ago they were successful um but i am not an electronics guy i
just want to be really clear like i understand what a resistor is and what
it does and i can give you that waterfall analogy
and water pressure analogy of amperage versus voltage and stuff like
that i kind of understand that stuff but like i'm not a guy who could design a
circuit and i always need help with this kind of stuff whether it's from
jeremy williams or other friends of mine uh i'm not an electronics guy
but i have always worked with wiring i i don't i mean i understand a lighting
circuit i know that if i have a 9-volt bulb and have a 9-volt power
supply i know how to wire it through a switch
that's pretty straightforward and the moment you are doing
that kind of operation wiring a light to a switch
you should be the owner of a multimeter an electric
electronic multimeter now this is a digital instrument
that reads all sorts of aspects of electricity and i want to show you
my first multimeter here it is this is a fluke model 77 i bought this
in the early 90s at the foothill college ham radio electronics swap meet
down off the moody drive exit off of 280 and i this was
a piece of unobtainium for me in the early 90s this is probably
back then this was like a 175 dollar multimeter
i i that was that was way more money than i could consider
for something like this and i picked this up at foothill i think for
40 bucks and it's still actually i think the
battery's dead but it's still operational almost 30 years
later fluke they're i
just have a lot of loyalty with fruit greenlee also makes great equipment
something about the yellow of a fluke meter that just makes me
super happy uh and fluke still is making electric meters um they can tell you
things like how much current is going through uh a
piece of electronics you're doing i want to find out how efficient that
motor is this can tell you you want to find out
the value of a resistor that the markings have worn off
on this can tell you want to find out how much voltage is coming out of the
wall whether it's ac or dc voltage this can tell you again
i'm not an electronics guy and i still use these things
all the time but the fact is is that flukes
even fluke's entry-level meters can still be somewhat expensive so i'm here
for a tool tip of an amazing thing i discovered while
making savage builds last year and that is this fluke makes like a 50
version a little handheld version of their multimeter this thing is
amazing i would have killed for one of these in
the early 90s dude it's same beautiful color scheme
uh runs on uh two aaa batteries uh again i have a lot of loyalty for
fluke because i think i've changed the battery on this maybe four times in 30
years like seriously they make efficient tools
um notice here this is an artifact of using this on television
see those white dots that's covering over the name fluke that's the kind of
thing you have to do on on on cable television i
as a side note used to drive me crazy because you
when a producer sees a logo in camera they say hey pa
production assistant will you cover over that logo and the pa usually goes
and gets seriously the pa will solve this problem like this
they'll get a piece of tape and they'll see this logo and they'll
put the piece of tape over the logo like this i'm not kidding
i swear to god i've had bas do this to me so many times
and then you can't even see what you're using the number of
bottles that i'm sure are still in jamie's shop where tate went over the
label and jamie doesn't know what's in that bottle because when you tore the
tape off it tore the okay that's just a total side rant
bonus from this tool tip um this is a fluke entry-level multimeter
and i'm here to tell you if you are like me
you like you know you do some basic wiring and you understand the rudiments
of electronics get this this is amazing um and i will
show you its most useful feature
continuity what is that well if you're working on a circuit and
you're trying to figure out why it's not working you can tell often that one of the main
reasons it shouldn't work sorry how do i say this let's say you
have a circuit and it's a battery with a wire to a switch to another wire to a
bulb to a wire back to the battery and you wire it all
up and it doesn't work well something's
wrong in there either your bulb is out or the switch
doesn't work or the battery is dead if you make sure
the battery is good and you know how do you determine
whether how do you work your way through that problem
with continuity um and it goes like this continuity is a feature on almost every
multimeter you switch it to this little audio sound
and then i think you have on this one yeah you have to
there you go uh so you switch it to the audio thing you press this button and
now when you connect these two leads that's called audible continuity and
audible continuity has saved my life so many
times so here you go to the switch and you touch it
and you can tell whether the switch works or not if you
get continuity when the switch is supposed to be on then you know the
switch works with that light bulb if the filament on
the bulb is out you won't get continuity through the bulb
you can workshop your way through a circuit or through your car to figure
out where the thing that is supposed to be connected into the circuit
isn't audible continuity might be one of the
i mean one of the most important reasons to own one of these things
that and the beautiful color of yellow but
please don't consider anything that i've said as in
any way properly instructional about electronics
i am a hack uh and not a hacker i am a hack and i mostly don't know what
i'm talking about but let me tell you audible continuity a
50 fluke meter this is every bit worth
putting in your kit uh thank you guys for joining me for
this one day build i'll see you next time this isn't a one
day build i'm on automatic pilot geez i'm crow
thank you guys for joining me for this tool tip i will see you next time

adam savage

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