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How to get handyman jobs, this is one of the biggest questions I get aside from how to price handyman jobs Hi, my name is Allen Lee with honest Lee handyman services and today we're gonna talking about specifically how I get handyman jobs and how I Recommend that other people get handyman jobs now when I first started my handyman business I had absolutely no clue how to find handyman job so I kind of just went with What I went with kind of my gut, right? so when I first a little story to back this up when I first moved into the into my town I Was looking to take my wife out to a Mexican restaurant, right? So I looked up I pulled up Yep, right Yelp works great in my area.

So I pulled up Yelp typed in Mexican Mexican restaurants in my area They recommended this great one. So we went ahead and went there and now that's our favorite Mexican restaurant, right? So that kind of gives you a glimpse into how I started out as a handyman, right? So when I first started my business I kind of went with my gut and I decided to sign up for a Yelp Yelp advertising Deal so yup, obviously reaches out to you You can create a free Yelp account on Yelp Yelp reaches out to you and they want you to you know Pay them 300 bucks or whatever it is to advertise on their site So now what this does when you first start out of business You don't have any reviews. You don't have any any branding and you moxy anything like that? So no one really knows your name So when you sign up for a free Yelp account you are placed maybe you know 10th 11th 12 Maybe 20th down on the list of handyman in your area when you advertise on Yelp You automatically get bumped up to what I call the advertiser number one So when someone types in handyman in your town, it's gonna come up with Yelp And it's going to your your you know Honestly handyman is going to be number one right of the paid advertising people and then there's also a number one Whoever has the most reviews and there's also a response time that mixes in to that how they figure that out.

So Advertising with Yelp is definitely the way that I started out It's the way that I would recommend for people to advertise if yah works in their area Now this is how you figure out what advertising works in your area. It's very important Simply go on google right type in handyman in and then whatever your town is, right, Raleigh, North Carolina right and and after you get the ads the first generated Website that comes up it will either be something like thumbtack. Yo homeadvisor angie list You know, there's a bunch of other ones tackle app, right? So whichever one comes up there, it will say the top 10 handyman in Raleigh, North Carolina or Sacramento California in in my area if you google handyman in Sacramento the first generated website That's not a paid ad is Yelp, right? So that tells me that Yelp is the biggest advertising platform in My city where I currently am now if you go to somewhere like, you know, I was searching in Cleveland Ohio, right? Handyman in Cleveland, Ohio.

It's interesting Thumbtack actually comes up right not Yelp. Yelp is actually not even seen on the first page of the Google results So that would tell me that Yelp would not be a good investment if you live somewhere in like, Cleveland, Ohio At least from my researches if you have found that Yelp is a good thing to use in, Cleveland, Ohio I'd love to hear but if you search in Google you will find thumbtack for Cleveland, ohio, if you search elsewhere, you might find homeadvisor. You might find Angie's List So some people you know when they ask you what advertising agency is best And how do I get my name out there? And how do I find handyman jobs? It really is dependent on the location that you are in as a handyman, right? So that's simply what I would do That's a beautiful equation is to go to Google type in handyman and then in your city right and the first generated website that comes up that's the one where I would Put my money and I am NOT a I'm not opposed.

I'm not afraid to spending money to make money I think it's a very important thing to do and a lot of people don't do it because they're afraid that hey Why would I spend? $300 and maybe make some back right, but I'll tell you if if you are in a good generated Advertising market in your area that $300 you spend on marketing is gonna pay itself off Right away and it's gonna make you so much money I was really afraid of that when I first started my business I paid 300 bucks for Yelp advertising and tremendo I'm like, man I don't know if I should do this cuz I'm Paying 300 bucks before I'm even making any money like that doesn't make any logical sense But it paid off So much like I so I paid yo advertising when I first started out and then I went through not any paid advertising and now I advertise with Yelp again just because I'm in the Transition period where I want to grow a little bit more in my business, so bring in a little bit more clientele So that is one in the number one way that I would say to Advertise is to figure out which advertising agency works in your area But the other one that is almost more more important than that They're they're pretty equal because I don't think one works without the other is creating a good handyman website now the handyman website Design that I would highly recommend is called handyman web design com now It's named that for a specific reason because it is specifically geared toward people in the handyman and construction field It gives you everything that a website needs in order for you to be successful I mean my website brings in and generates leads, you know by the dozens every week just by having a website now I would say that this is very much equal to we're just going to use Yelp as the As the instance here if it's thumbtack in your area You can put that here home advice or whatever so I would say it's very equal to Yelp and the website because On the Yelp page you want to direct people over here website this is a very common thing that I see a lot of a big mistake that a lot of people make is they don't have a website They don't have a place that Basically captures leads so that they can reach back out to them at any time.

advertising people

And that's the beautiful thing that a website does I have some great videos on You know creating marketing funnels and things like that And I will link those up here. You can check those out but So it's very important to have a website because basically when they find you on Yelp They're going to submit a work request on your website. That's gonna email you and then you can respond to that email at any time that they're Just think about that right respond to the email at any time right rather than someone calling you you not answering Because you're too busy and then it goes so the evil voice No, but right away, they're just gonna go find someone else because they're like, well this guy didn't answer his phone Answering phone that's a whole nother topic and we could get to that, you know down the road But hey in my mind It's a lot better for someone to leave you a work request and go to your email then leave you a voicemail Because when they leave you a voicemail they in their mind They might instantly go to someone else who might actually answer their phone now a lot of people don't answer their phone in this field and you know, we'll get into that a little bit later but So I would definitely recommend getting a website So getting Yelp or thumbtack homeadvisor, whatever and then a website and then also just you know create As much as you can personal branding is very important and this might also include things like, you know, going door-to-door and dropping those little You know door hangers with your information on it those are great really in high-end areas because those people are going to want to You know work for someone in their area rather than someone outside of their area They're really going to value that so it's very it's it's a good thing depending on what area you are in but there's so many marketing strategies that you can really look into and apply in your business, but those are probably You know, the biggest three that I would recommend is, you know Getting involved in an advertising agency getting a website through handyman Web Design com That'll be in the description below check that out It'll be the best decision you ever made and then also creating a lot of personal branding.

You know, this might include You know getting you know getting lettering on your truck, you know getting you know personalized uniforms because this is important because this will help retain customers right when people see someone showing up, you know in a 1976 you know white Ford van, that's all rusted out. And then you showing up in a white shirt just covered with paint they're gonna get a different impression from you than if you showed up with a like a Beautiful truck with a trailer with nice lettering on it in a nice You know uniform with your name on it your patches all that They're really going to respect you and want to refer you to their friends And in the end it's all about you know Getting the customers trust and their tension and just so that they can share your name with a bunch of other people That's really what marketing is is is getting people to buy into your product and then share it with other people.

So If you like this kind of content subscribe to this channel Also leave me a comment in the comment section below and like this video liking this video really helps other people see this video And also share this video if you like this content and you have other people that you think might like this content as well feel Free to share it on social media and things like that that leads me into another aspect of marketing that is very very very important is social media as you know, Everyone is on social media these days.

I would highly recommend getting a facebook business account and a Instagram business account and post on and it's really easy because they're you know They're owned by the same people So you post on Instagram and it automatically posts over to your Facebook business page. So I would highly recommend posting on Instagram Every single day and that will that will transfer over and post on your Facebook as well? You're going to want to post a picture of work that you do and you know, say something like you know We're putting up curtains today You can request a free quote at and then put your website that is very important about social media Advertising is having your website You don't just want to put your your your phone number or you know, some people say putting curtains up You know message me for more information you don't It works but you don't want to have multiple platforms where you're trying to track down customers You want to direct everyone to one thing? That's a whole that's the whole idea of having a marketing funnel You direct everyone to your website and then they leave they submit a work request that goes to your email, right? So then now you have all your work requests in one particular spot And that's your email and you can respond to those whenever you want So that's why I would highly recommend Putting your website at the end of an Instagram post rather than your phone number or saying message me for more information And also having a website really makes you seem more viable As a viable business, so that is very important as well.

So thank you all so much for tuning in like this video comment and To this channel. We'll catch you all in the next video. Thanks for tuning in I'm Alan Lee with honestly handyman services out of Sacramento, California. Have a great day.

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