Dewalt DCG412 18V XR cordless grinder

This is the DeWalt of DCG412 which
is an 18-volt cordless angle grinder this actually works on the XR platform
of batteries so any Dewalt XR 18 volt battery will fit this machine this
really is one of the best cordless angle grinders that I have ever used when
you're using it it is just like using a corded machine it is so powerful the
machine has a very comfortable trigger and that of course can be locked off the
side handle can be moved from one side of the machine to the other very easily
that is so that you can change the machine for left or right-handed use
this grinder actually has all metal gears in the end there and it has been
profiled so that this low so as you can get it into a lot of smaller spaces this
grinder will actually accept 125 millimeter discs or five-inch so that's
the maximum size that you can put on there that is a 5 inch or an hundred and
25 mil disc you can of course use regular 115 millimeter disks should you
wish to do so at the end there we have a positive spindle lock which you
can press in and that enables you to change the disc very easily this grinder
is very ergonomic and it is very comfortable to use you could actually
use this all day long providing you other enough batteries and it will be a
lot easier than using a corded machine if you want to change the position of the
guide on this machine it's very simple simply flick up that lever move the
guide to where you want it and then press the lever back down and that is
it that is how easy it is to change the guard on this machine this
grinder will work with any Dewalt XR battery obviously the larger the AMP hour
the longer the grinder will long for to demonstrate the machine and its cutting
capabilities I'm going to use a fully charged 5 amp hour battery
and I'm going to use some three-quarter inch UNC bolts the nearest metric
equivalents of those would probably be an M 20 a three quarter inch bolt is
approximately 19 millimeters so I'm going to cut that using a 1 millimetre
slitting disk and we're going to see how many cuts we can get from bolts like
using the one battery charge we've got about 28 cuts on the 3/4 inch
bolts which I think you will agree is very impressive from a cordless machine
so this grinder is great for cutting most metals including stainless steel and once fitted with a flap disc you can
use it quite easy way to flap off burrs etc I actually bought this is the naked
version because they already have the DeWalt XR batteries so it simply came
as the grinder itself and the pin wrench and that's the paid 109 pounds on eBay
for that I'm now gonna fit a quality disc to the machine this is a diamond
disc made by Marcrist so I'm gonna put this on and we're going
to cut a block paver and see how well it performs with a disc like this it
does have a directional arrow on and the machine also has a directional arrow on
it so it is critical that you get them in the correct orientation this time I going to use a quality tile
cutting blade the thing you'll notice about these is that they are incredibly
thin also the flange nut that's supplied with this grinder it was actually Knurled
so that means that you can actually grip it quite easily
which makes changing the disc very easy in fact I don't actually think I have ever used
the pin wrench that came supplied with it yet so that's the the Dewalt DCG412 –
it is an absolutely fantastic machine for the money I've not actually found
anything with this grinder yet that I don't actually like I'd like to thank
you for watching this video if you've not done so already please subscribe to
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