Evolution Rage 5-S table saw review

This is the evolution Rage 5 table saw this
machine uses a 10-inch blade which has a 25.4 mm bore or 1 inch this machine will
cut wood, metal or plastic with the supplied blade the machine is very
portable you can quite easily move it about on the job site and once it is set
up it is very easy to use when you get this machine at first it does actually
require quite a lot of assembly and that will take a couple of hours to assemble
at the front of the machine we have the on/off switch that is designed so that
it is difficult to start but very easy to stop so to start it you need to lift
up that flap and press the green button that will then start the machine to stop
it all you need to do is hit the stop button and that will stop.

I have to admit
that actually broke that part off when I was doing something so you may see a bit
of footage where I thought actually have that part on the machine but it is
important to add that on because it is very quick to stop the machine
all you need to do is simply hit the red button and that will stop it we have the
rise and fall hand wheel for raising and lowering the blade and that can also be
used to adjust the angle of the blade All you need to do is unlock that lever
and then you can push the hand wheel in and you can turn that and that will
adjust the angle of the blade it's also a gauge on the bottom though and that
will tell you the angle which the blade is set at.

blade guard

On the left hand side of the
machine we have blade storage and also tool storage this machine actually
comes with the two spanners that are required to change the blade also the left-hand side
we have a knob at the front which you can turn and also one at the back if you
undo those two you can then slide out the work support on the left hand side
of the machine you can then tighten the screws back up at the right hand side of the machine
we have storage space for the push stick there's also this lever if we pull that
lever back you can then pull out the work support on the right hand side of
the machine and you can simply lock that in any position you like simply by
pressing down on that lever I have had problems with the blade guard and the
problem is that once the machine is running you obviously don't wanna put
your fingers anywhere near that and when you do fire the Machine up it does tend to make the blade guard drop down with the vibration and that can be a problem
because some pieces of material actually jam and Hit the blade guard without lifting it up so that's only a minor niggle and I'm pretty sure that
I could be easily fixed but apart from that the blade guard and the dust
extraction is absolutely superb the rip fence is an absolute piece of cake
to adjust you simply lift that lever and you can then slide that to whichever
position you want and then you can lock that in position the rip fence plate
can be adjusted and that is secured in position with these two thumb turn
screws on the back there once you tighten the two screws for the faceplate
there it tends to lift it up a bit which creates a bit of a gap that can be
a problem if you're cutting some thin material as it can actually slide underneath that so what I tend to do is loosen off the
two screws press down on it and just insert a couple of washes above the
screws like so and then retighten the two screws and that actually gets
rid of the gap you can then cut thin material without any fear of it sliding
underneath the face plate the machine has two T-slots on
either side of the blade and that is where you can insert the miter gauge and clamp
on the left hand side of the machine we've actually got a small hole there and
you can slide that into there and you can tighten up this screw and then
underneath the machine if you grab that knob and pull it down and turn it 90
degrees that then releases the sliding carriage and I have to say that this
sliding carriage is an absolute brilliant idea you can use that for
cross cutting or rip cutting and it really does make the job so easy the actual
slide mechanism is very precise so it does give you good control over any
material that you are pushing through the machine if you undo this and then
use the actual T slots that are machined into the base of the machine there is a
little bit of movement whereas if you take it back there and fix it to the
sliding mechanism there is absolutely no movement at all and you get a really
smooth and controlled push all the way through the machine so that is a really
really good idea I really like a lot and I have use that on numerous occasions
you can also adjust the miter gauge by on doing that and then you can cut your
material a fixed angle should you require to do so the clamping mechanism is
very easy to use you can simply raise that up work these underneath and then clamp
that down once that is clamped down to the sliding carriage you can then
successful cu the material very easily indeed on the back of the machine
we have dust extraction port that goes underneath collects the dust from underneath
the blade we then have this large hose that goes and connects to the blade
guard on the top so what I'm going to do to set a vacuum
cleaner push that in there when using the machine that takes away the
majority of the dust I have to say that the lead supplied with the machine is a little
bit on the sort side but that doesn't really matter you can plug it into an extension
lead if you do get the two hooks supplied on the machine as well for the
lead storage the beauty of this saw that it is very portable and it is very
easy to store and move to fold machine up simply press on that lever
can then just tilt the Machine up once you have done that you can tilt machine back
and you can move that absolutely anywhere it is very easy to move obviously you can put
wherever you want and it's not gonna take up a lot of space to reassemble the
machine simply let it go down onto the stand there and then push down on the
handles and then you can simply put machine back for use so it's very easy
to move and very easy to store now I've shown you some of the features of the
machine I'm going to show you exactly what this machine can cut obviously
machine like this is very noisy and it is essential that word pair of safety
glasses and the pair of ear defenders when you use it it so that means I'm
going to mute a lot of the volume but now I'm going to show you some examples
of exactly what this machine can cut I'm now going to change the blade on
this machine at the minute we've got the evolution multipurpose blade in there
I'm going to put one in for cutting acrylic which has more teeth so I need to
ensure that the machine is unplugged on the left hand side down there we
actually have the two spanners that we need to remove the blade we now need to
lift the blade up fully we can do that just by turning that handle until it reaches the top and then we just need to remove the guard so I'm just
going to unscrew that take the bolt out and pop that to the side then take a flat
bladed screwdriver just turn that screw 90 degrees and you can then remove the
insert so I'll take the larger of the two spanners slide that over there till it's on the flange nuts then take the other spanner and put that onto the
bolt head once that's on there to undo it you actually pull the spanner towards you
like so let's give that a couple of turns and then you can undo that with your
fingers you can now remove the bolt and then we can remove the blade and the
flange nut I'll just take my gloves off once we've got that off we can then simply lift the
blade off like so I've got a new blade which has a 25.4
millimeter bore or one inch it is also ten inches so that will fit straight in it
is important that you get a blade that can cope with the speed of the machine
so the maximum rpm on this is 5500 so I'm just going to push that down there
into the slot and then ensure it's located correctly once that's located
I'm going to put the flange nut back on and then I'm going to put the bolt back
in now I've got the blade back in I am just going to remove my gloves again we'll take the large spanner, put that onto the flange
nut and then take the smaller spanner and tighten up the bolt once you have done that just give the blade a spin just to ensure that it's not obscured by
anything it's not catching and ensure that it is located correctly can now put
the insert back in and then put the guard back on we can then plug the machine
in and then we can then test that out the sliding mechanism on the saw is
absolutely superb and it can make cutting straight cuts very easy indeed
however sometimes when you need to cut a piece that's too large to fit in there
you can actually swap this round by undoing that screw and all this is the
incorrect way to do it but it is a very effective way and can make cutting some
work pieces a lot easier so I put on in there that way around and then take the
piece that would have normally fit on the sliding mechanism we can then align
that with the blade so we get our cut line in the exact correct position then
to set this up properly you may need a straight edge obviously when you do this you're better
off doing it with the machine unplugged once we've done that we can then lower the
clamp down and we can tighten that fully that will then hold the piece of
material so we've now got that firmly fixed on the sliding mechanism so we can now
perform a very safe, straight cut on this piece of material very easily so that the evolution rage five table
saw it can cut a vast amount of materials and it cuts them very quickly
and very cleanly the table itself can be moved very easily and it is very
portable there's just a couple of minor issues such as the blade guard etc.

they are nothing serious the machine is absolutely fantastic at what it does I'd
like to thank you for watching this video please subscribe to the channel if
you have not done so already you.

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