We Built A $34 Tiny House In 3.5 Days

the fresh growth tips of spruce are actually delicious we just realized we don't have enough planks to finish the roof finish by nightfall i'm rob greenfield and i'm gonna help my friends build a tiny house on their property in just three days we're actually gonna do the whole process from cutting down the tree all the way to the finished tiny house you might have seen me recently on BuzzFeed when I finished a year-long project of growing and foraging 100% of my food this tiny house is going to be fully off the grid and built completely out of wood harvested on this property as well as second-hand materials right here from the farm this is Antwon and Margo and we are at La Rev de Gaia which means the dream of Mother Earth why don't you tell us what this place is well I have the guy as an eco project where we strive to be a community where humans nature and animals can live in productive harmony why we want a house volunteers and people that want to know about what we do here we need space to host people and I'm the first volunteer that's gonna live in this tiny house right yeah shall we get to work no let's build it the first thing that we need to do is cut down a tree so that we have wood to build the tiny house I've never cut down a tree before you've cut down thousands I'm a first so I'm gonna cut some branches first so I have a bit more space and then it's an easy tree because it's a bit steep and it will fall nice on the little field the reality is that we're not actually using this tree because we've already cut down some trees six months ago yeah because they need that dry a bit before they'd be cutting planks but we wanted to start with showing you the tree all the way to the tiny house we've rotted over here on the tractor now we changed the wood because this route I think got that a couple of months ago how many trees will it take us to make this tiny house so we're gonna need two three so now we're gonna cut beams as Foundation the floorboards beams for the sides and then the planks to cover the sides slash roofing all of these are trees that were harvested from the land he bought this land about seven years ago and this has pine forests on it that have been used for forestry for decades now and a lot of it was done in a very unsustainable way now he's transitioning this into sustainable forestry and moving it back into a native forests that is a place for humans other species and the environment to thrive and behind me is his wood saw imagine if a community had this they could come together and build their houses out of wood locally harvested and it would pay for itself in no time creating jobs and working with the land rather than having things shipped and depending upon huge corporations almost everything here is stuff that we cut today it's wide almost like four by fours these are for the foundation these what we're calling planks are for the roof slash sides are the floorboards which you can see are thicker so we're gonna send the floorboards of the tiny house to prevent splinters in your feet and we're gonna only send the floor because we want to keep the rest as natural as possible so we probably cut half the wood today we sanded the floor I'd say we're on schedule okay it's the start of day two overall we're off to a good start my go is finished sanding the floorboards now it's time to stain them and antwuan is cutting planks to be the right size how's it going good we're gonna finish the wood with flaxseed oil on therap and time so the floorboards are smooth so you don't get any splinters into your feet but the floorboards are the only thing that we're gonna finish like that because we want to see how long a tiny house that is used with natural materials were last okay we've got most of the materials cut we're already of over halfway into the second day and I hope to be moving into the tiny house in about 30 hours from now I've always wanted a tree stump table my dream is gonna come true all right this is the spot right behind me this is where we cut down the tree yesterday and it's time to finally start actually building this thing we're gonna put we're gonna level it out so the floor is straight it's not level so if you lift it here a bit to keep the level straight so we've actually moved the foundation back a little bit so that we didn't have to put it up as high and one thing that I want to mention is on the bottom we're using Douglas fir which is more resistant to rot and will last longer and then the rest of the housing is spruce and I should mention this one material that's not secondhand or from the forest the screws cost about $30 altogether and this is pretty much the main cost right screws first floor board but uh how's it feel awesome solid yeah I'm happy now we're putting on flooring it's looking huge – all right so we have a floor might even be able to sleep here tonight a little bit hectic last couple of days but I'm pretty hopeful alright so we have the foundation set and start moving upwards it's looking good for moving in tonight so now we're putting up the walls which is super simple we're just taking these planks and then we're just screwing them on and they have an overlap keeps the rain running down the side so a moisture doesn't stay on there the windows and doors cost zero dollars because they were rescued from the landfill all right it's four o'clock we just realized we don't have enough clanks to finish the roof this is the compost toilet I just built we've got my raised bed garden here and I've started a table so we are putting in the last screws to have the sides and the roof done if we finish the structure we still wouldn't have finished the inside no not finished like the details no if we continued tomorrow morning then we can make it really good looking tiny house right not moving in but tomorrow we have just a little spot left up there to do and once we've done that we'll have built out the entire house itself and still a little bit to do on the inside but man three days was quite the goal that would have been a serious accomplishment voila right now we've created the bed I've wanted a stump table for a decade nice tiny houses built [Music] but we did it have a good night so here it is the tiny house built from trees right on the land and over the next few years probably hundreds of different people will sleep inside of this tiny house so I want to give you a little bit of a tour so come on inside it's really designed to come here and live simply and with the basics so there's the door that I just walked through and then we have one that goes right through the back we built out a structure to put the bed on top of and we're actually gonna end up putting two beds inside of here one on either side underneath the bed there's some storage right above me there's a shelf and then right over here is a shelf as well just to have the basic possessions and then this will be made into a sitting area as well and then here there'll be a flip-down desk you don't live in the good life in here and being able to spend most of the time outside I'm gonna show you the kitchen now and the idea with all of this is to keep it sustainable so how this sink works water we use is from the spring and then instead of it going down the drain it goes down and it's collected into a bucket and then this water can be put on to the garden to grow food with using a biodegradable plant friendly soap and it can go right on to the plans the sink rescued from the landfill next stop is the shower the water for the shower comes from the spring as well or harvesting rainwater and with this bucket I just put holes in the bottom of it and again this water stays right here and just waters the trees so this is the spring that's just about a 30-second walk from the house delicious pure water straight from the ground and this is the water for showering and for doing the dishes it all comes from right here the compost bin is very simple the idea of this is to live as zero waste as possible to compost everything that can be composted and not send things to the landfill the last stop on the Grand Tour is the toilet and this is the pool or the view we did have to buy the toilet seat which was about $4 this plant is called Mullen or lamb's ear and it's just a wonderfully soft plant the toilet paper grows right here for free in nature and this is a compost toilet so it's composted right here on site and then that poop actually once it's composted can be used to put on fruit trees to grow fruit so here's my dream table there's the stump from the tree we cut down with a beautiful viewer just to be able to sit here read relax look out so there you have it from tree to tiny house all together with the wood coming from nature and using almost everything else secondhand we spent under $50 if you want to include the gas and the wear and tear on the blade from the saw then we're talking about maybe another 30 or so dollars now I want to say that this is designed just to be used during the spring summer and fall here in southern France and it's for woofers or volunteers who are learning organic farming here at loretta gaia i hope that this video has been helpful in realizing how simple it can be to build a tiny house and i'll see you again real soon yeah that's good you


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