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Hey friend, Allen Lee here with honest Lee handyman services And today I wanted to talk about a tool that I use all the time. And that is the Milwaukee 12 amp Sawzall, I absolutely love this thing I'm gonna tell you guys in this video Why I like it why I chose it and just what I love about some of the features So first off one of the one of the main reasons why I love it is because it's a Milwaukee Milwaukee for me is just they have made great products that are really very heavy-duty I really like, you know, just the feel of them the operation of them everything I mean, I have thrown this guy around so many times not saying that you you should throw throw your tools around You should definitely respect your tools But it this thing is definitely withstood A lot of pressure that I put on it and really done everything that I've needed to do.

So When I first got started as a handyman before I went full time my first demolition job I needed a sawzall and I actually borrowed my stepdads sawzall He had a I think it was a Makita sawzall and I liked it. It was great But that was really my first glimpse into that handyman needs a sawzall for sure I mean they have so many different applications in the handyman business And so when it was time that I needed one for after I went full-time I had enough money to buy the top of the line So on Tools went when I when I need him and I have the money to do it I always buy the top of the line or the max that I can afford at that time And for this I was so happy that it was a Milwaukee Some of the first tools that I bought was this sawzall and then also a circular saw by Milwaukee as well I really like this thing One thing that really got me on this rather than like the makita which what my set that let me borrow Was it has this this interlock to put a new blade on? So the makita it has a it has a you know You put an Allen wrench in the side of it and tighten it and to tighten the blade down I really like this thing is it's like a quick a quick lock if you guys can see that You just turn this and you put the you put the saw blade in there and it just holds it in there So when you want to remove it, you just turn it, you know, 90 degrees and you pull it out It's very nice to have a very smooth operation And it really withstands everything I need.

So again, this is the Milwaukee 12 amp 120 volt sawzall number 65 19 I've had this thing for a little while now and It's never failed me. It's always being able to do the jobs that I need to do another big thing about a Sawzall is you want to get the right kind of blade for it? There's a lot of cheap blades out there that are just gonna you know die instantly the ones that I would highly recommend are Diablo blades I really like them. They've really done everything I've needed them to do I think I've bought this this tool because I think my first My first door that I installed a prehung door, you know I went through and I unscrewed all the screws and removed all the nails by hand and everything and then I was watching Watching someone do it And they just simply took a sawzall and they just ran it down both sides in the top and just simply cut all the screws In the nails and I'm like that is so awesome.

Like that's such a time-saver and it's pretty fun, by the way So on my next prehung door that I had to do I went out and bought this puppy and oh man, it's really is a time saver and that's really When you know, you've got a good tool is when it's not only like worth it, but it saves you money I mean this thing saves you money and makes you money because it does things way quicker and it's just super awesome half so now I keep this thing in my trailer in my cool trailer at all times I mean you guys haven't seen I have a bunch of a bunch of videos on my tool trailer itself and kind of how I How I carry all my tools say it's go check that out on this channel as well In fact, I'll try and link it up here and up here for you to see as well But I keep this thing with me all the time I've used it on tons of different applications, you know, especially like fences whenever I do fences now This is my go-to deal.

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I mean you got to replace a You know rotten fence post this works great for you know Cutting the nails in between the fence post and the fence boards. That way you don't have to disassemble the whole thing You just you know you just put a 2×4 on it to Hold it secure and then just cut it out. And then you remove the post all by itself You don't have to do anything else.

So this is a time-saver So if you guys don't have a sawzall, I would highly recommend this Milwaukee 12/12/12 amp sawzall. I mean this thing is great. This is the corded version. I think I want to get the the Milwaukee When they called this the sawzall the it's the m18 one. Oh, it's the hacksaw Nothing looks pretty sweet. And I have a friend who's used it and he has some good some good experience with it But anyways, this is a great Sawzall, if you don't have one highly recommend it I'm gonna put a link in the description below where you guys can buy this Milwaukee sawzall if you guys want to check that out It's off Amazon.

So thank you all so much for tuning in and I hope you guys have a great day.

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