#GlueDots Removable Mess Free Adhesive System: By The Weekend Handyman

ten day and national Hardware show 2015 here in Vegas and walking around finding some really great stuff as always and found this new dots really very cool easy to use great information Catherine's going to tell us all about it so keep watching that's all you excellent thanks Ken well as you mentioned we are here to discuss glue dots and glue dots very simply put our double-sided instant bond initiative which means the minute you roll them out and stick your items to it they are bonded there's no mess there's no dry time they're very easy to use they're non-toxic you give you in for breakfast although I don't recommend that the one I just rolled out is repositionable so it will remove cleanly without any damage or staining it's not going to ruin any of your services and it removes completely easily this one also holds up to two pounds so it's really great for hanging lightweight items such as signage or posters or even if you're putting something like a hook on a wall and you're by yourself and you want to make sure it's straight you can go ahead and place that on the wall before you permanently secure it in if you're looking for something a little more aggressive you have maybe some tiles that fell off your backsplash that you want to put back up there we do have our advanced strengths it is a two minute adhesive so make sure you put this one where you want to because it is not coming off this is very permanent it holds up to eight pounds blue dots are great because they work on almost any surface wood paper plastic metal foam you name it our products are going to work so no more do you have to go out and buy a wood blue or a ceramic blue our products work on almost everything so it's a really great adhesive for almost any project that you're working on we actually put this together using our advanced strengthen sheets you can see it's very permanent this is not coming apart so again it holds up to eight pounds we do have another product that we are showing here today it is our double sided repositionable tape so this is great if you're putting together anything again that you want to have come up with the walls easily and cleanly maybe it's great for signage if you're putting that up around your home or office all you have to do is cut it to size peel off the back liner and you've got your double sided tape again when you are done with it all you have to do is just easily roll it to remove it you can see there's no staining or damage on this item and as I said it's really great for almost anything if you're doing tile repairs to hanging crown molding you can use glue dots as an extra set of hands so all you have to do is take some of our tape or put it up onto the crown molding put it into place and it'll stay there until you go ahead permanently scary so that's a little bit about glue ducks I hope you learned a lot as I appreciate my pleasure thank you so much very cool product make sure you go check it out where can they find this you can find our products especially the dispensers right now at Home Depot Lowe's and really convenient you got one of those around you guarantee it and if they want to go online and find out more information where they're going to do that just go to our website at www.ge.com pretty simple actually lucam so check it out ken day national hardware convention Vegas talk to you soon you


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