5 Business Ideas To Start With NO MONEY In 2021

– So in this video today we're
going to be talking about the top five businesses that you can start with absolutely zero dollars. And it's honestly amazing that this day and age that we live in you can actually
literally start businesses with absolutely no money And just out of curiosity, I went ahead and looked up the average cost of
starting a small business, and that comes in at a
price of around $30,000. So maybe 15 or 20 years ago
before the era of the internet, you know you would have to be investing tens of thousands of dollars to actually start your own business. And what I'm gonna be
giving you guys today are five businesses that
predominantly rely on the internet that you can start with
basically no startup costs. Now I am going to be honest, there are some very small start-up costs, like for example, an internet connection, or maybe a cellphone or
a computer or a laptop. But I'm assuming that these are things that you guys already
have available to you at your disposal.

So we're gonna go ahead
and say it's basically free because you already have
many of these things available to you to use
for these businesses. So no, you don't have to go out there and put together a business plan or go to a bank for a small business loan. There are literally tons
of different businesses you can start with zero
dollars, nothing out of pocket, and I'm gonna give you
guys five of those today. All that I ask for you guys in return is that you go ahead and
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And one thing I do want
to mention as well, I'm gonna go into a fair
amount of detail here and actually show you guys
some screen recordings of some of these different
business ideas in action. But I am affiliated with some of these different opportunities or different businesses, and so I do wanna make that disclosure just so you guys know. If you do use some of the
links in the description below I will earn a commission in the process, but it is at no additional cost to you. But that being said, let's go ahead and get into it and talk about the five businesses that I think are the best ones you can start right now for zero dollars. Okay, so coming in at number one here, what I truly believe is the
best business you can start with no money today is a
Facebook advertising agency. And maybe you don't do Facebook, maybe you do Google Ads instead or maybe you do Instagram
marketing agency, but anything related to social media, but in particular Facebook Ads, this is a massive
opportunity for making money with your own digital advertising agency.

So this is a pretty simple
business to understand. You have all of these
different businesses out there that are looking to acquire new customers or get people through their door. And literally the only way
to get customers these days is to understand how to use social media. Well the only issue is these
different business owners are spending 40 to 60 hours per week actually running their businesses. So they don't have the
extra hours in the evening to learn how to use Facebook Ads, learn how to run ads, take photos of their business
and set up advertisements and monitor all of this stuff.

So instead what these businesses do is hire an advertising agency to create Facebook Ads on their behalf. So that is where you would
come into this equation as somebody who understands how to use and how to run Facebook Ads. So we'll talk about that a little bit more at the end of this. But real quick, I just want
to share with you guys, there are typically two different models in terms of how to get paid with a Facebook advertising agency. Okay, so in terms of a
Facebook advertising agency, these are typically the two models you see in terms of making money
with this business. Model number one is
basically collecting 25% of all of the money that company gives you as your cut for basically
creating the ads, managing and optimizing the Facebook Ads.

So for example, let's say
you're working with a business, a medium-sized business,
maybe it's a restaurant and they have a $5,000
per month budget with you, well, $3,750 would go
towards the advertisements and $1,250, 25% of that would go to you for creating, managing,
optimizing these ads. So that's the first model that you typically see with this business. Model number two is also
very popular as well.

Basically the business pays
you a $1,000 per month retainer and then they also give you the ad spend as a separate pool of money. So let's say for example, you're working again with a restaurant and they wanna spend
$5,000 per month in ads. Well, they're gonna give you
their card for the ad spend, as well as a thousand dollars
per month for a retainer just for setting up, running
and optimizing these ads. So I'm sure you guys
can begin to understand how this can become a really good business in a very short period of time. And it's not really like business owners have a choice right now
in terms of whether or not they want to run ads on social media.

I know for example, my dad works for a very
small bank in my local area and like they're just now realizing, oh my god, we got to run Facebook Ads. So you may think that business
owners are ahead of the curve and maybe Facebook Ads
is oversaturated but, and there are so many businesses out there that need to get on social
media and begin running ads but they just don't know how to do it and they don't have the time
to learn this skill either. So in terms of you learning this skill, you can learn this completely
free with YouTube videos, you can learn from different
articles and forums, and then there also are a number of different courses
out there that teach you how to run Facebook Ads and literally set up this
business step by step. So a close friend of mine, Kevin David, I've had him on the
channel a couple of times, he actually has a Facebook
advertising course, but he also does offer a
completely free training.

If you guys just wanna
check out this business and see whether or not
it's a good fit for you. So if you guys are curious about this and you wanna learn more about a Facebook advertising agency, I'll include a link to that
free training by Kevin David down in the description below. Okay, business idea number two
is becoming an Airbnb host. Now I actually just did a
video on this the other day where I actually tried out
being an Airbnb host at my house and I rented out one of my
spare bedrooms for about a month just to see if you can actually make decent money or side
income as an Airbnb host. So if you guys want to
check out that video, I'll have a annotation or
a link up on the screen where you can check that out. So in that video I shared my
actual earnings with Airbnb. I did it for a month and I
made about a thousand dollars which was actually quite a
decent little side income here just from doing a shared room in my house.

And to tell you the truth guys, a lot of people don't realize
how easy it actually is to list your space on Airbnb. It basically took me
about 20 to 30 minutes to take some photos, write out my listing, and put my space up. And then 24 hours later, I got a notification that
I had my first booking. So it is not a very long
or difficult process at all and it's very simple to
list your space on Airbnb from my experience. So how much money can you
make with a Airbnb business? Well, to be honest with you guys, it's going to be different based on the location that you live in, the type of property
that you are offering, whether it's a shared
room, a private room, or a completely private space.

The location, the time of year, all that is going to play
into this as a factor. So if you guys do want to learn more about being an Airbnb host, or and if you also want to
check out the video I did sharing my real earnings, both of those are going
to be linked up down in the description below. But what I wanna do right now is actually jump into my computer and show you guys some actual numbers on what you could
realistically expect to make with an Airbnb listing. We're just gonna pick some random area and analyze some of the numbers. I like to be as actionable
as possible with these videos and not just give you
guys fluff information. So let's jump into my computer now and look at some real
numbers for Airbnb listings.

All right, so now I'm gonna go ahead and answer the question for you guys of how much money can you
actually make with Airbnb. And they honestly make it extremely easy to figure out this number. So basically Airbnb looks at all the different data out there
across their different hosts. And by doing so, they're able to give you guys an estimate on how much you could make
based on your location, as well as the size of the rental and the number of guests
that you would allow.

So what I'm gonna do for you guys here, I'm just gonna do a random city here, we're just gonna put these numbers in. But if you guys are curious
how much money you could make with an Airbnb in your area, the link to this calculator is right in the description below, or it's just ryanoscribner.com/airbnb and you can see exactly how
much money you could make with Airbnb in your area. So I got this random
city generator up here. I'm gonna rerun it, that way you guys know
I'm not just you know picking these numbers out of random. So we'll go ahead and just
run a couple of these. We'll start with Chicago, Illinois and put that in here and see what the earnings would be like. So let's say for example, you're looking at Chicago, Illinois, just doing a private room
for one guest for example.

advertising course

So Airbnb is saying, you could make about $1,065 per month by renting out a private room in your home in Chicago, Illinois. We'll pick a different city. Now let's go ahead and
go with El Paso, Texas and see what we have here for this one. So let's say you live in El Paso, Texas and you have an entire place for rent that allows up to four guests. They're saying you could
make $1,195 per month. So obviously the amount
you can make per month differs on the location, as well as the number of
guests that you're allowing, and it seems like the demand is definitely higher in Chicago. But if you are curious how
much money you could make in your local area with Airbnb, the link for this calculator
is in the description below. You just drop in your location, the size of the rental
and the number of guests, it'll tell you just about
how much you could earn as an Airbnb host.

All right, so idea number
three for a business that's gonna cost you no money is to become a content creator. So basically doing what I'm doing here in the form of making YouTube videos or I also have a blog investingsimple.com where I do investing related topics, personal finance, make money online, covering all those topics on my blog. Well by creating content just like this I'm actually making money
through advertisements and affiliate marketing and all
of these different ventures. So essentially this is one of
my favorite analogies to use when talking about making
money online or passive income or any of these different topics. There's basically two choices you have when you're looking to make money. Number one, you can invest
the money you already have and make more money like dividend stocks or something like that, or
if you don't have money, you can invest your time
into something else. So content creation is
very much an example of investing your time into making multiple
different pieces of content that all have the
potential to make you money day after day, week after
week and month after month.

So let's just say for example you were to make 10
different youtube videos, you did one per week. And then let's say you
got that channel monetized and then each of those YouTube videos were making you just $5 per day. And I know that sounds
like a lot of money, but to be honest with you guys I have dozens of videos on my channel that are making me $10,
$15, $20 every single day and a lot of these videos are
even two or three years old. And I also have blog articles that are bringing in at
least $5 or $10 per day.

So creating a piece of content, bringing you $5 per day is actually not as difficult
as you would think. So let's say for example
you have 10 videos, each one brings in $5 per day, now this is a $50 per day business and it just begins to stack
on each other just like that. As you create more content, you build that residual income and maybe every video you make isn't gonna slam it out of the park. But as you begin to have these videos in your media portfolio we'll call it, or different pieces of content
all bringing you money, you have all these different oil wells potentially bringing you income from affiliate marketing or advertising or whatever method you're
using to make money. And as far as the cost of this business. Well you can literally start out with the phone that
you have and the camera and you don't have to invest any money to be a content creator. All you have to do is invest your time.

Okay, so idea number four for a zero dollar free
business that you can start is by doing freelance work online. So personally I have a couple of freelancers or contractors
that work for me. Number one, I have a writer
who does two articles, one the two articles
per week from my blog. And then second of all, I also have an SEO person
who does 10 hours per week being paid on an hourly basis. So my SEO person, we
pay him an hourly rate. I have a business partner in my blog. And the writer we just pay her per article that she is putting together. But you could actually be on
the other end of this equation and be a freelancer providing
a service or a skill online for business owners just like me. And this is truly an
opportunity that you didn't have 15, 20, 25 years ago, because the internet basically made this a level playing field where somebody from California could be working with someone
in India or vice versa, and you could be working with people from all over the world.

So it's not like you could
only do freelance work for somebody in your local area, there are people all over the world looking for help with different
skills and projects online. So just to show you guys
a couple of examples, we're gonna jump into my computer and I'll show you some websites where you can basically post
jobs if you are a freelancer or look for different gigs. So we'll jump into my computer now and explore this idea a bit more. Okay, so as far as
freelancing online goes, there's primarily two websites out there that people are using. There's Upwork and then there's
another one called Fiverr. And Fiverr is gonna be
probably the easier one to get started with, because it's easier because
people can search for gigs and you can start typically
at a much lower price. But if you're looking
to become a freelancer you're gonna want to
leverage both of these tools. So just to show you guys an example here, you can either search
and find a freelancer if you're looking to hire somebody or you can post a job here or you can also post what your gig is or whatever service you're offering and have people find you in the database.

So just for examples sake, let's pick one of these categories here and we'll pick marketing for example and see what are some
of the potential gigs or people that are offering help. So let's say for example I'm a YouTuber and I'm looking for help
with YouTube marketing, so I click on this right here and this supplies me with a
list of different freelancers who are willing to help
in this certain area. So for example we have
Chad, 75 bucks an hour for help with video marketing. Pratima here for $35 per hour. So you can literally create a profile just like these people have and offer freelance work
online with Upwork for example. Another example here, we have Fiverr. So just to put something in here, let's say for example, I was looking for somebody
to make content for my blog.

I can type in here finance blog and see what type of things populate. So after typing that in there's a number of different
gigs that showed up here, let's pick this guy here, he's got 37 five star reviews. It says right here that he will write personal finance articles and blog posts and you would put in your word count that you're looking for. So let's say I'm looking
for a 2,000 word article. Well that's going to cost
me $120 for this service. So these are two options
you guys have for you in order to find some freelance work. You can post some gigs on Fiverr or you can leverage sites like Upwork or maybe a combination of the two to try to find some different
freelance work out there. Okay, so the fifth and final business idea that I have for you guys here is by simply reselling products online.

And this is one of the easiest businesses that you can start, and one of my favorite things about it, is there's really no age requirement. And maybe you'll need to
have your parents account to have an Ebay account,
but other than that, you can go out there
and go to garage sales or go to thrift shops and
all these different places and look for items to resell. So essentially what you're doing here is you're going to these different places where you're looking to buy
things below their market value and then you're gonna
go on eBay or Craigslist and try to sell them at
their fair market value. So there's so many people out there that are doing different
versions of reselling. You can literally do this with anything, you can do it with electronics. Just for examples sake actually, my stepmom sent me a text the other day because she knows that I do videos and she found a microphone
kind of similar to this one, it was a RODE mic and she says, hey, would you actually
like this, it's $30.

And I said to her, I said, I don't actually need that but you should buy it anyway because that's actually
worth quite a bit of money. So she ended up buying this microphone with a pop filter and
a stand for 30 bucks, and it ended up being worth
significantly over a $100. So there's deals like that
all over the place, guys. Yes, there is a small amount
of money involved here called working capital.

But if you're doing this
for under a hundred bucks, man, that's basically no money. So just for another
example here of reselling. Let's say for example
you go to a garage sale and somebody's selling a
hundred CDs for 20 bucks, so you're essentially
paying 20 cents per CD. My cousin actually does this. He sells stuff on Amazon and he got a bunch of CDs he's selling, and he told me he's
consistently able to sell CDs at about a $1.25 a piece, and the buyer pays shipping and handling. So he told me his profit per CD after the eBay fees and whatnot, he's making about $1 per CD. So if you actually did this, bought a whole lot of CDs and then sold them individually on eBay, well, take that $100 that you earned, subtract the $20 in your costs
here of the initial product and you just made 80 bucks
from a $20 investment. So that is how you can
make money as a reseller, and what you would then do is take that initial
profit that you've earned, put it back into inventory, and now you're able to
buy even more products or more expensive items
with higher resale value.

So you just continue
reinvesting those profits and that can turn into honestly
a pretty decent side income just by flipping or
reselling products online. And you don't need a lot
of money to start this, you can literally go to
Salvation Army or Goodwill with a $20 bill, and I can almost guarantee
if you're patient enough you will find some items that have higher resale value online that you can simply sell
for their fair market value. But anyways, guys, that's
gonna wrap up this video. These are my top five
favorite business ideas that you can start with
absolutely no money or basically next to no money. Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below.

Have you guys tried any of
these different businesses? I would love to hear what you guys think. Like I said, there's also a
number of different resources down in the description below. If you wanna learn more about each of these different business ideas. If you guys are new to the channel, make sure you subscribe and hit
that bell for notifications. And as always, I hope to see
you guys in the next video..

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