wago compact connectors – Ultimate Handyman DIY tips

these are called compact connectors and the made by a company called where goal and they're absolutely fantastic they actually replace these which are terminal blocks now a big problem with these is that when you tighten the screw up onto the cable you actually you can actually push the way you so you can actually damage the way another thing is with these if you don't tighten the screw up sufficiently the way is come loose and then they tend to start sparking which is dangerous once your wave actually terminated into one of these connectors you can forget about it because they don't need servicing or anything all you do is make the connection and then that's it if you look on the back of the connector there you can see a look a guide that tells you how much of the insulation you need to strip off from the conductor which is 10 mil so these are so easy to use all you do is open up the levers then push your way into the oil and then claws the lever and that's it that way it is now secure in there another good thing about this type of connector is you can use it with a solid cable or even standard cable so I want to put a piece of flex cable in there there's that stranded you can put that in there and it'll also grip that as well obviously this one is a three pole connector so you can accept three waves so I can just put another one into that all no so you just push it in all the way and then close the lever and that's it now it's as easy as that you don't need a screwdriver you just flip your way you push it in close the lever and that's a you've made the connection now this one's a 3-way connector you can also get a two-way one and also a five-way one which is really useful if you need to connect five ways together these wave art collectors are really easy to use all you have to do is push your way into the way more connector and press now on the lever and it's as easy as that so I'm just going to give you a demonstration now with valued actually use these one of the favorite places where I'd use a meter if you were changing a light fitting and you add a ceiling rolls up then you tear the ceiling rolls off and you need to connect all you three live wires together so one of these it's really simple you just strip your way off push it into the connector and clausa leave it and then do the same with your next way you make sure you pushed all the way in clausal leave again then put your last wire in there and clausal leave it and that's it another good thing about these is they actually have a tiny although where you can actually put up probing so if you ever need to do any testing you don't need to undo any of the clumps all you need to do is push your probe into the dedicated terminal low and you can test it and make sure that it is live


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