Evolution Evosaw355: Ultimate Handyman metal cutting!

this is the evolution Evo's are three five five this machine has a 355 millimeter blade or 14 inches this machine you can cut wood plastic or steel with the blend which is supply the blade will actually outlast approximately 20 abrasive discs so you should get approximately a thousand cuts in Mal steel from one of these blades you can also get a special blade first machine if you could see the lots of aluminium and you can also get another blade for cutting yet stainless steel the best on this machine is cast iron as you can see up in machined there you can easily change the angle from see you are 245 degrees by all doing that leave you at the back then you can turn that until you get it on the 45 degree mark and you can lock off the handle again on this side of the machine we have a convenient place to store the X key for changing the blade it's also a lock down pin on this side of the machine if you need to transport the Machine you can simply press that in and you also get a spur set of brushes with this machine you can see that it's caught at 45 degrees absolutely no problem at all not only can you use the same blade for cutting water can also use it for cutting water that has been embedded with nails that end of this hundred mill by twenty mill steel bar was actually caught on a band saw and that was caught on the evolution if you look at the quality of the quartz on there you can see that we have got an extremely clean cut the course with all evolution soils once you've cut through the material it is absolutely cold to the touch this is a piece of 80 ml by HTML 5 millimeter walled thickness mal steel and again absolutely called to the touch she cut in metal on a regular basis a machine like this is definitely worth considering

14 Inch Chop Saw

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