Alex Pretend Play Floor is Lava Volcano DIY Science Project for Kids

More, Uncle. More. More? More, okay.
We'll put in more. Eww. – Oh-oh.
– Is this supposed to happen? – Run.
– Run. Oh, no. Phew, that was a close one. Oh, no, there's so much lava.
Uncle, help. Hang on, Alex. I've got an idea. Oh. No, that didn't work, Uncle. Just hold for now, Alex.
I'll find something better. Hmm, maybe I can find
something upstairs to help. Alex, I found something that might help. Whoa, popcorn? Well, I guess that didn't work,
but at least I got popcorn. Hopefully, this will work. Wow, that's a lot of lava. Whoo. Well, that didn't work. Hmm. Rock or floatie? Rock. Floatie. Rock it is. Okay. Okay, floatie, floatie. I vote floatie. Ooh, floatie. Maybe this will work. – Hey.
– Ooh, you got the floatie, too? Smart thinking.

– I'm pretty sure this will work.
– This is definitely going to work. Ooh, that didn't turn out well. Hmm. Ah, I got an idea. Ooh, yeah, Lego blocks. Hopefully, these will work. Wow, Lego blocks actually work. Whoa, it worked. Let me go grab some more Lego blocks. Oh, these are working perfectly, Alex. Yeah, this is perfect. Whew, last one. Good job, Alex. Uncle, we ran out of Lego blocks. How are we going to stop the lava now? Hmm, I got a perfect plan.
I'll be right back. I've got pit balls, Alex.
We can use these. Alex, help me dump the pit balls in. Okay. Three, two, one, go. Uncle, it's working. Yeah, we just got to keep dumping in more. Wow. – Jump in, Alex. Let's have some fun.
– Okay. Let's see how much you can catch, Uncle. Whoa. And that is how volcanoes are made. Alex? Alex? Alex. Alex. Ooh, Uncle, it was only a dream. What? Can you fix it, Alex? I'm late for work. Yeah, sure. I'm the best scientist. I can fix it in one second.

All done. Try it. Okay. Wait, hold on, Alex, it's not working. Huh? Let me double check. It still doesn't work, Alex.
I'm going to be late. Okay, okay, okay. Oh, I forgot to give you this. This is the on button. – Here you go.
– Oh, thank you. Yes, it's working. Bye. Good bye. – I'm the best scientist.
– Cool. Alex, Alex. What happened, Auntie? Can you help me with my science project? Sure, I'm the best scientist.
What do you need? When I turn the bottle upside down, I need the ping pong ball
to hold the water. I'm the best scientist. I can do it. Aw. Uh-oh. Whoa, what happened here? I'm asking the best scientist
to help me with my project. Huh? He's my student. Sorry. Just kidding. That's okay. Can you help me? I need the ping pong
to keep the water in the bottle when I turn it upside down. Yeah, sure. Let me show you. First, you have to squeeze
the water bottle. Then you turn it upside down
with the ping pong ball under it.

Alex Alex Alex. Alex.

Then you slowly let go. And the suction will keep
the ping pong ball in place. Cool. Whoa, that's amazing. Can I try? Sure, give it a shot. First, you have to squeeze it, put upside down, let go and… – It works.
– Yeah. Remember, always do
science experiments with adult supervision. It's like magic, Uncle. Can you show me
more ping pong ball experiments? Sure.
Take your plastic cup, your ping pong ball,
put them together. Not so high, right? Now you take some water
and you shake it a little bit. Then you add your ping pong ball. Now, you've got to back up because there's
a lot of splash going on here.

Whoa. Now, that's some distance. Now let me show you a ping pong ball trick
using straws. Straws? Wow. How'd you do it? You need to take a deep breath. Then a steady stream of air
when you blow out. Let me try, Uncle. Go ahead. Awesome. You helped me a lot today, scientists. I learned a lot too. Now, let's do a competition. All right, whoever's ball
goes the highest, wins. You ready? Three, two, one. Drop. – Congratulations, Uncle, you won.
– Yeah. Now, remember, guys, patience is the key. If you fail, try, try again. – Bye..

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