Handyman Corner “Duct Tape Spare”

this week handyman corner and take you outside and show you how to change a flat tire now everybody gets a gets a flat tire quite often actually maybe you got it from tailgate in one of them glass delivery trucks or maybe you're run over an animal while he was yawning I got this one from old man Sedgwick picking his toenails and throwing him out the window anyway the first up here is to stick it out cap off there all right now does this pick your wheel has been on been on the truck since that since I bought her new now some people say you should rotate the tires I don't I don't really understand that I mean they get rotated while you're by I mean so I think some people just look for work let them get on there that long these nuts are rested on there like cacao flaps on a waffle iron it was throw in some penetrating oil and I say you know if you're gonna put penetrating oil on it there's no sense I'll be in skimpy home Mac you got a silky guys really really soak it in there and you know we we like soaking things in blood I mean for the price of Canada stuff you know it's very very cost effective I love the smell of this stuff it's starting to loosen me up a little too maybe I use a little too much other how the penetrating oil here hey now we got to loosen off the nuts here uh all right all right I don't know Derek ah now get the tire iron the tire iron on there and it's a simple tool but it's it it's it's a useful tool I like my brother-in-law alright alright what we're finding now is that the nuts on this wheel are tighter than say the disks on my spine we got a switch to the law of the lever which is it's not working lever well I do now is a stick this pipe arm take this pipe on this adds some leverage it I can really really horse this down now Oh horse hey purser down all right it's going it's going come on Wow that as Confucian say yeah if at first you don't succeed switch to power tools rocket went record rings wrecker I can shrinks friends syringe put that on here alright what we're gonna have to do is switch to an innovative alternative to the normal tire changing technology and this will require the handyman secret weapon duct tape weave duct tape the spare tire right on right on to the flat there of course now this is only temporary unless it works so that's got her done remember until the next time absolutement don't find you handsome they should at least find a handy hey red green here with a brand new one-man show that last one wasn't a complete disaster so we've decided to try it again with new stories new jokes new advice and whatever else it is that I do it's the how to do everything tour is gonna start right here in Canada this coming fall so get a couple of tickets for yourself or you know we would make a dandy gift for a friend or a relative to get all the details go to read Green Comm and click on the how to do everything tours meanwhile keep your stick on guys

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