Cleaning Business Diversification – Do You Offer More Than House Cleaning?

does your cleaning business have diversification in the services that you offer that is a great question hi there i'm angela brown and this is ask a house cleaner this is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question and i get to help you find an answer yay if this is your first time for joining us please subscribe when you come back to youtube or your podcast app we will be here waiting for you on your homepage we can help you pick up and carry on the conversation about house cleaning and your cleaning journey all right on to today's show there's a house cleaner that called in and asked this question hi miss angela this is savannah i have a new cleaning business well it's not really new i've been doing it since 2016 but i didn't get my llc till this year number one question for me would be is that legally okay uh i talked with my law firm and he said it was but i don't think he understood my question my next most important question would be me and my husband are thinking about adding handyman services to my cleaning business and i was wondering if i'm allowed to add those services i've already done a couple of handyman services with my husband with my new with my clients but i just wanted to make sure that i can actually add it to you know some of the services that i do on top of you know and market for it so i can get more business even if people are just calling in for small or you know medium handyman services thank you all right i love this question congratulations on getting your llc set up that is super awesome and the fact that you did it now rather than in a few years from now that's also awesome that will help protect your assets if you expand your business all right so awesome okay the next part is about the handyman service all right so i want to stop for just a second and say i love the fact that you want to expand your business and you want to expand the services that you offer because in house cleaning there are a lot of opportunities for handyman work now that said i want to stop for just a second and i want to give you some very strong advice based on 30 years in the business and a whole bunch of experience working with different companies okay listen up on this one keep it two separate companies have a house cleaning business have a handyman service you be in charge of the house cleaning service let your husband be in charge of the handyman service okay for this reason when you hire people you're going to be hiring people that have cleaning skills or journeyman contractors that have their own set of tools and their own set of skills and their own learning and their own experience for handyman work they are not the same set of skills it is not the same business they are two separate businesses when people need a service for house cleaning they're going to go on the internet and they're going to look for house cleaning they're not going to look for handyman service they're going to look for house cleaning when people need handyman service they're going to go look for a handyman service not a house cleaning company if my teenage kid punches a hole through the wall and they need dry wall repair i'm not going to hire a house cleaning service okay what that sends is a message that says whoa these people do all kinds of different things they're probably not very good at any of them right if you have two separate businesses all they're going to know about is the in-demand service and then when you have a customer a house cleaning customer whose teenage kid punches the hole through the wall you can recommend this company that you also own okay so there's a lot of crossover but i want you to keep them separate for this reason lots of husband and wife teams don't work out period they just don't this gives you the last say as the boss you're going to be the king of the kingdom in the house cleaning business your husband gets to be the king of the kingdom in the handyman service okay so everything all decisions all conversations hiring firing clients whatever you get the last say in the house cleaning business he gets the last say in the handyman business this is really great for this reason should you ever bust up and go your separate ways you have your business intact he has his business intact you both take your businesses you go your merry way no one was the wiser okay lots of businesses fall apart and crumble if there ever becomes a moment of disillusion between the the relationship you get a divorce and then everything just falls apart and nobody ends up with a business this way you each end up with your own businesses also for search engine optimization it's a beautiful thing the search engine is going to always going to always this is true from now through infinity it's always going to provide the best user experience so if a customer is looking for drywall repair the search engine is going to say there's a house cleaning company that also does handyman services there's a journeyman contractor over here who does handyman services that specializes in drywall repair who am i going to send they're going to send that guy okay the keywords that you use for your website are industry specific so if the handyman has keywords like drywall roofing leaks repairs brick work whatever it is those are keywords that are going to boost that to the tops of the search engines over on the house cleaning side you're going to have a separate website that has keywords like cleaning and bi-weekly cleaning and moving move out cleaning and those kinds of keywords right they're very different keywords so what you want to do is register two separate domain names costs about 10 bucks a year you're going to do separate hosting packages which is three to five dollars a month not a lot of money and to get started and to have two separate websites two separate businesses two separate sets of keywords with two separate sets of services will make your life so much easier and it will save you thousands literally thousands of dollars per year in marketing trying to just keep your businesses separate okay it will save you so much money if you try to merge the two you got this weird mix of the search engines don't really know what it is you offer and you can end up spending so much more money trying to become visible in the search engines so don't play that game keep them two separate companies make it easy on yourself and even when you hire people it will make it so much easier because your job descriptions will be different in the event they have a house cleaner that does a regular maintenance clean on a customer's house and they need some special repair work you can send in someone from this company to help them that has the skills and it doesn't take away a person off your front line job does that make sense anyway lots of reasons to keep your businesses separate even though you might own them both i own four companies i've got four llc's they all serve the same customers but they all do different things and i need the different keywords and the different websites and the different you hear what i'm saying all right so that is my suggestion i highly recommend keeping them separate for all of those reasons all right i hope that helps a little bit if it does give us the thumbs up if we've earned your subscription please subscribe and until we meet again leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it [Music] [Applause] [Music]


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