Mercedes key battery change

this is quite a common Mercedes Benz keyfob
so at the front there you've got a lock button then the unlock and then the
button that just unlocks the back doors if you press any one of these three buttons
and the little LED there doesn't light up it means that your battery's gone if
your battery goes it means that you can't get in your vehicle using the key fob so
then what you have to do is use the emergency key and the emergency key is
that metal part there but you need to be able to get that out and to get it out
you need to slide that slider across and then pull the key out so you can open
your vehicle door using the emergency key and you can start a vehicle using
the key fob but obviously you need to change the battery so to do that if
you just look down the gap there you can see a plastic button that you can depress with the key and also if you look on the key there you'll see a gap in the
plastic at both sides so if you get your nails and engage a nail in each side of
the plastic and then push the lever on the inside using the key you can
actually separate the key so now you've got access to the battery
so if you pay attention to which way in the battery is which is the positive
side up and then if we look down there you'll see a little spring so I'm just
going to press that spring in using me thumbnail and now the battery has
actually lifted up and you'll see that it actually takes two batteries so we
can now slide the top one out and then slide the bottom one out lies a little
bit fiddly getting that one out so that's how to remove the two batteries
and then putting the batteries in is just a reversal so you make sure that it's a
negative side down and then same with the top one and then you just need to
engage the clip back into its locating hole so if we just press down on the two
batteries and then we just need to guide that clip back into position as you can
see it's going in now so we just need to push down on it so if you just check
that tab is located correctly and then you can just take your key and you can
reassemble it by pushing that back into the key fob and when you push it in just
push it all the way and then you just need to take your metal emergency key
and just shove that straight back in there and when you shove it in that
slider should slide back that way to ensure that it's locked in and then when
you've got it back together if you press the key fob and you could see there that
the LED lit up so that's how to replace the batteries in a mercedes-benz key fob


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