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so you're looking at the new cordless lawnmower here from Craftsman this is a Sears product right here we're looking at this is a 20 inch 40 volt lithium-ion powered lawnmower that we're working there and I just took it out on its maiden voyage it mowed this area this is right in front of our office here it is a boat of 45 roughly maybe 50 foot by 20 with a little bit of rounding here so it's about a 45 by 20 so we're talking about 900 square feet approximately in this area you can see the wind rose right here we've got a lot of wind rowing going on this is a three and one it can mulch it can bag and has the low back little chute attachment right here and what that does is it actually pushes the grass back down so you're not going to have in case there's kids or someone walks up and surprises you you're not going to have grass and things being picked up and thrown at them I want to show you a couple of things with this as long as you are out here 7/7 different height settings and I went in the third height setting which looks about perfect for the where I like to have one some people might go up into the what would be the fourth setting right here we were in a third and it can get much shorter that's a nice height though the wind rose again this was kind of thick you can see up against the building there well that's a little bit taller but this is on the south side of a building so the grass is probably this is more equivalent to what the grass was you're talking grass from anywhere from four on the edges all the way up to about six inches in length this molded down in one battery we're actually going to take a look and pop this open because here is the battery and I have not checked this now so this is we just finished I'm going to pop it out and on a battery it has a little indicator we're going to take a look okay so it's down to pretty much 25 percent or somewhere in that ballpark so if you're probably mowed just a little bit more but not much more in there another cool feature with this is that it has a second make sure I'm opening this up right a second hatch back here because the machine goes it comes with two batteries and a second hatch is a storage compartment for a second battery so if I'm all mine I could have used one battery and get the grass to Invensys so thick I probably could have gotten this done with maybe half a battery little bit less than that I can continue mowing and then when I run one battery down I can go to the second 1/3 height settings here we are in the low setting right now we can go up to a second height setting and then the exo-ls is for storage so is that a height setting Ana no maybe not but it's storage easy to open us up and to tip and adjust the handle the handle itself can be adjusted here we have three different spots and where you get the bread the taller people for the shorter people and right in the middle and I put it there just for now it has a little key that you can take this out so that it cannot be started so the kids can't be you know if they're playing around they can't start it accidentally and hurt themselves nice sized machine not very heavy whatsoever there's a carry handle here they can easily pick the Machine up it's a little a little heavy in the backend compared to the front end you know that's just the way it is but I like the way it rolls across the lawn and such and here's the here's the kick I'm going to see if I can do this with one hand here got to push the button actually I'll show you how they push the button first thing you need to push the arm down that is us more so this again is a new lawnmower here this is a 40 volt lithium-ion battery powered right there you go take a look at that it has the blowback attachment on it right now from Sears from Craftsman we'll put a link in the description below so you guys can check this out you


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