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– Hey guys, I'm Wade of All Trades. In today's episode of
Handyman Skill Builder, we're going to be caulking like a pro. (machine whirring) – If you guys are like me,
then when you started to caulk, you probably made a huge mess. You weren't happy with the results. And so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you a couple of quick tips that's going to make it super easy to get really professional results when you're caulking. Being able to caulk a pro is one of the major skills that
every handyman needs to do. So let's talk about a
little bit about the tool. So everybody has seen
a caulking gun before. So this is made by Dripless. And as you can see,
there's a special action.

So when you let go of the trigger the plunger actuary
retracts, and then goes back. So what that does is
it releases the tension on the tube and it stops
the flow of material. So that's huge because most of the time if you've ever used a metal
one, you know, you always gotta hit the release on the
back to release the pressure. This one does it for you automatically. So that's pretty amazing. You can get these things on Amazon. I'll put a link in the description below. These guys are the original innovators of a Dripless caulking gun,
definitely worth a few bucks. It's kind of tool you'll
use quite often and you'll have it probably
for the rest of your life. So this one here is the ES, ETS 2000. It's got the ergonomic
handle made out of plastic. It's got a ladder hook, it's got a, a knife to cut the tip. It's also got a tip clean
out on here as well. So for the few extra bucks it's gonna take to get good results, honestly, I'd get one of these things.

It's got the barrel that spins. So if you cut your, your tip on an angle which we're going to
do it here in a second it allows you to get the right angle for however you're applying your material. Whether it's up down, you know, sometimes you'll find that you're really in kind of a crazy position. So that's what this is
going to help you do. It's going to help you get
into the right position. It feels good in the hand too. And it's light too. So spend a few bucks,
get yourself a Dripless.

You're not going to regret it. Now let's get to some caulking tips. Okay. So the number one
tip is cutting the tip. Now this is probably the mistake
I see the most people make. I used to make it too. Cutting the tip too far back. You're going to get way too much material and you're going to have a heck of a mess on your hands when you're trying to get it off and make a nice bead. So what you need to do
is just cut the tip, error on the, on the small side. So get yourself a super sharp knife. Now, this one actually took a tumble. That's why it's bent a little bit here.


But, get a knife. And what you want to do is cut off just maybe like an eighth of an inch of the tip. And you want to cut it
on a bit of an angle. That way when you're applying the material it'll come out nice. So take your knife and cut your tip. This is all I cut off with the tip that little piece right there.

So here's what the
finished tip looks like. It's got a bit of an, an angle to it and that allows us to really get into the corner as we're pulling. So cut it on a bit of an
angle, error on the small side. If you cut it too small,
you can always go back and make it bigger, but
you can't make it smaller. So got yourself a nice little tip. All right. Make sure you have some paper towels around get a nice little flow going. Okay. So once you got your tip ready, you want to have your angle into the space where you're going to be caulking, Run yourself a bead. Now make sure that you're not
putting on too much material. I'm actually putting on
probably a little bit more than I should be right now. It really doesn't take much.

So once you have your bead laid in make sure before you start you get yourself a little spray bottle, some water, add a couple
drops of dish soap. That's going to help
lessen the surface tension of the water and make it easier to spread. So once you're done applying your caulk, spray it liberally with
your water and soap mixture. Now some people use their finger. I don't like to use my finger. I think if you want good results, buy yourself one of these tools,
you'll get better results. So it's got essentially for a
large bead and a small bead. And normally I use the small one. So also with this, grab
it, wet it with your, with your tool, with your tool. And then have some paper
towels ready to get the excess. And in one smooth motion, spread out your bead. And even, see, that's not even the best bead right there. So I might run it the second time. I'm going to use the big one, actually. As you can see there's the
excess wipe it on a paper towel. It's also not.

Run it a couple of times if you have to. So at the end of it what you want is a nice,
smooth looking bead. It's going to be the best
for keeping water out. This tile has a lot of texture to it. So it's not going to
be absolutely perfect. But as you can see, it makes a nice bead. The tool's the easiest, use the water you'll actually get super good results. You'll be able to impress people with how good you can caulk..

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