Handyman Corner “Milk Crate Furniture”

this week Andy ban corner we're doing another installment of our series on how to build fine furniture you know there is something darn wonderful about being able to take some strips of unblemished hardwoods and make yourself a beautiful table or even take some wrought iron and weld it into some lawn furniture or grab a couple of milkshakes and turn them into a handy dandy little bookshelf suddenly you're part of a long tradition of fine craftsmen who turned woodworking or what-have-you into an art but you know after your first project of this you might want to try something a little more ambitious I mean a bookshelf is okay to look at but next thing you know you have to buy books and that seems a little pretentious for a large member so this week I'm gonna show you how you can do something just a tad more ambitious these milk crates here and we're gonna make a fold away couch bit all right you build two units like this three by three for your sides might want to put some padding on top of here is an armrest and you've got the storage bins in here wine rack beer rack even a soft drink rack you know if you want to Lowe's and put these things around the eight crates worth apart go get your top is basically the same technique you know with the duct tape and a lot of a lot more racking shelving here you know the duct tape with that kind of a silver chrome look kinda looks like the metal furniture that's so popular with the article put that up on top and there's you're shaking all here all your television remote controllers could spit in the air and there's our friend up turn to take shaping up now we're ready to make the fooled away seat bad okay now what I've done is I've made two units three by five grades each and wrapped them all in duct tape and when you do this though don't skimp on the duct tape and whenever I've done the project and use less than a dozen rolls of duct tape I've never been real proud of the results you know before you put this together you got one of those Batman exercise thing to see that the football players you don't do that kind of do that cat stuff I never wanted to play football ah and now we just fold her up together there's our seat like just a pollster this now to match your house or if y'all the house to get it to match your pants if you don't have pants well you have a more interesting life and I do look builds the strong bones and strong couches doesn't know you know of course when somebody drops over they got a they got a place to sleep you know yeah you just get up and you whip off the whip off the blanket here and close the seat I'm sure they help and with beauty of our human hinge hmm tell them the standing well back and say bedtime bit hop in the bed and there you have a fantastic so remember women don't find you're handsome they should at least find you handy I don't like your guest will be staying any more than one night either so that's an added bonus hey read Rainier I'm out on the road doing my latest one-man show and it'd be real nice to see your smiling face in so to find out where I am and how to get tickets go to read Mein Kampf

Milk Crate Furniture

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