From $0 to $8,000 per month in the Lawn Care Business at 19 (Pt. 1)

earning a hundred thousand dollars a year as a lawn care business owner in your first year does that sound interesting to you it does to me a 19 year old from whatcom county is going to show us how he did it trust me this is a must watch [Music] how much money were you working with what did you start with in this episode we're going to learn about the mastermind who started this business how he grew his client base from 20 to 300 people how he's retained them through relationship building and what's even more impressive you guys is doing all that in his first year in business so on average yeah i'll do between 500 to up to 6000 a day that's a ton of money an average lawn care business in the first year makes somewhere between five thousand dollars and half a million dollars and that's only if they're in a small percentage of businesses that don't fail in the first 18 months so i'm about 50 profit margin if there's one thing you wish you'd knew before you got into the business what would it be how did this teenager do it overcome all expectation all odds and make it happen in the first year we're going to hear all about it ask them all these questions this episode's for anyone who's looking to start a landscaping service business and not only so please subscribe to our channel like this video hit that bell so you don't miss any videos from upflip and it's time to go meet this mastermind let's go meet russell russell it's good to be here with you thank you in a couple of minutes tell us a little bit about yourself how you started the lawn care business and maybe why so i started this lawn care business senior in my high school i worked for a previous landscape company two years before i started this one and i decided this it's time for me to branch out my own become an entrepreneur so i've scaled this business up from a trucking walmart up to what you see here multiple trucks yeah trailers quite a bit of equipment multiple pieces of equipment here so it's a very successful marina that is cool so you got into this pre high school graduation correct wow why i mean what what got you into this particular business out of all the things you could have done so ever since i was a little kid i'd always be like your typical startup story a person while i'm around my neighborhood and stuff and so i was like uh i try to figure out what i want to do senior year so i obviously don't want to go to college because college isn't for me i don't like racking up a bunch of debt and then trying to pay it off later hopefully getting a job after high school or after college that's awesome so at this point today how long has it been already since you've been in this business i've been in business total seven years with this business year and a half and how old are you 19.


Is that a question i can ask probably not [Music] let's talk about your budget when you first started your your company your business how much money were you working with what did you start with so i started about two thousand dollars so you have two thousand bucks that's all i had to my name pretty much and to start a business that's now you know putting you in the six digits per year with two thousand dollars you guys that's amazing it is um and you mentioned equipment wise two thousand bucks how did you spend that can you break it down to russia so i bought like a 200 blower and a 150 a wee year and the rest of it is just as reserves the rest of it so you you started everything with just less than a thousand dollars let's say less than a thousand bucks yeah and then a couple pieces of equipment yeah any advice for our viewers who are in the same boat maybe they're even younger than than you uh where do they start maybe they don't have two thousand bucks and they're thinking well great for you russell but we don't so how do they overcome that just start because if you don't if you outstart you if you have like a broom and a weed or you could start somewhere or if you have you just go sell a job say okay i want to trim your bushes for say 500 say okay i need 50 percent down so you have 250 dollars you can go spend that say 200 of that hedge trimmer so they give you money up front so you can go do the job for already that's amazing because a lot of people sort of stop and don't do nothing based on the excuse i don't have any money what you're saying is if you have a broom yeah and uh and something else start with that yeah and or if you if you have no money if you go sell a job and get 50 on that job you could go and start your equipment with that there's never an excuse there's always a way around stuff yeah what about profit-wise what's a good day for you and what's a bad day dollar wise as far as potential income that you're bringing in so i have about 50 profit margin for my overhead and stuff like pretty good so on average yeah i'll do between 500 to up to six thousand dollars a day depending on what job i'm doing gotcha six thousand dollars a day that's that's a ton of money if you can keep that consistently even if you average that out to a couple grand a day with a 50 margin man that's that's incredible so in your world uh you've got a lot of tools that you use can you walk me through or show us a couple pieces of equipment that add value to your business and what you do absolutely let's go take a look over here let's check this one out kubota am i am i reading that right or kubota kubota kubota kubota okay yeah so i just got this earlier in the year it's school's equipment where i buy all my kubota equipment a lot of my bigger pieces of equipment so they had a good deal for zero percent financing which i can't pass down nice you can't i can never pass down zero yes i got tractor package and i got nice tilt deck trailer with that gotcha would you say these are kind of the most important right now absolutely because especially now i'm going to a lot of dirt work and a lot of construction they definitely come handy a lot during the week right what does this guy do so it's a industrial brush cutter so i can mow fields mow down large areas of brush and stuff pretty easy to connect to the back of this truck tractor oh yeah i got sell pallet forks i can pick up big pallets of stone or large trees and then you got a box scraper for the backside new grading work and regrade driveways these are pretty cool toys they're like transformers you got a bunch of parts you can add to it and then do different things pretty much oh yeah [Music] how did you establish those first relationships those first customers is there a particular process you followed or friends family can you elaborate a little bit on that i think it's important to know so when i first started i got my first let's say a couple dozen customers i provide i try to provide as much value as i can to my customers so i let the work i do show how the value that they're getting out of their money but it's if somebody you don't know they don't know you there's no relationship anything specific you could share on how to establish that for people well i'd say it's just trying to educate them as much as you can on their projects so if it's like for example just try to trim up a shrub properly so you tell them hey this is how i'm gonna do i'm not just gonna hack it i know i know i've seen people do that i'm highly trained like that oh yeah especially now i'm trying to go into more dirt work kind of stuff you need to have you need to create a lot of confidence with your customer that oh yeah this is how process is going to work this is the results you're going to kind of get so they're not kind of in the dark about a lot of stuff they're very comfortable with what you're about to do to their property so you're speaking intelligently the customer who you're establishing rapport with correct here's you know what you're talking about as much as you can on their project that's pretty cool [Music] if a customer calls and asks for an estimate what does that process look like within your company do you charge an hourly do you charge for estimates so i provide free estimates to everything so it doesn't matter if it's the six thousand dollar job or a hundred dollar job it's the same it's the same service my customer calls me they'll get usually within 24 hours they'll get an estimate it'd be an in-person estimate and then they'll have a name emailed it estimated to their emotion 24 hours do your competitors maybe charge estimates and and you don't and was there a reason for that so most companies i believe you all free estimates i believe when you get to the larger items like when most construction companies will probably charge 50 feet you do especially if design work right a lot that it'll probably charge your feet because they're taking time and actually giving you a product okay so free estimates i mean that that sounds pretty good even though i can imagine that takes your time and you could be estimating for three days in a row with no income coming in correct like when i first started it was very hard to do estimates because you want to get that job every single time now i turn down more work than i get because i uh but even just when people call me i qualify them over the phone and say okay where are you located here in the county so because i only service norfolk county so anything for a dollar above i don't bother going down to bellingham because that's too far because i want to try to keep my service area very small so my route density is very tight so say going from here to across town it's very house to house right [Music] russell what about if there's one thing you wished you'd knew before you got into the business what would it be based on your experience now in seven years i'd say just keep reinvesting in the business because a lot of people when they start they see oh yeah i've replaced my income from my nine to five what i make now but people don't consider is that nine to five was net pay it wasn't gross pay you still have to pay your taxes your fuel your overhead with that too so you're continually reinvesting in your business that's how i've grown mine so fast is because i haven't i've taken zero of a paycheck in the last two years wow because i keep reinvesting into more equipment because the more assets you buy instead of liabilities right [Music] a question i have for you guys if you started a company and you thought okay who do i go where do i find my customer please share a story below if you ended up working with someone who was the closest person to you you were surprised i think that would be a pretty cool thing to hear you know absolutely who is your first customer how you acquire them we'd love for you to engage us comment below it'd be fun fun to hear um let's talk about your profit margins what does that look like in this business in general and then what does that look like for you and your business as well so i'd say for most companies between i'd say six figures up to 200 000 i'd say it's about 50 60 i'd say so most if if you're not reaching that you're doing something wrong you're not charging enough or you're not estimating enough that's a pretty good margin as far as business i mean 50 60 i'd say so because that's why i want to try to stay small is because that's when you have the best profit margin because when you get bigger most million dollar two million dollar plus companies they have a temper between ten to fourteen percent profit margin really that's a huge drop because they have all that over here they have all their employees overhead they have their space overhead create me i'm the only employee any material i have that's pretty much my only overhead so be gas fuel repairs that's all the overhead i have wow yeah to go from 50 to 60 margin as a smaller more hyper-focused business owner to bigger and see that huge job right that's right sometimes it's always better yeah yeah sometimes bigger isn't always better as far as growth and potential [Music] i hope you enjoyed this first part of us interviewing russell from legends lawn care services couple things that really stand out is staying small having a big profit margin focusing on your neighborhood i mean he lives right there and he's got six five customers right next to him so i hope you guys are taking out some great things from this video this is part one make sure you come back and watch part two thanks for watching if you haven't already subscribed to our channel please do we appreciate you interacting with the channel leaving comments hitting that bell so that you don't miss any videos youtube rewards us for that and we appreciate you we've got amazing content coming up

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