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hey guys Carol and seriously as part 2 of Lucius and case we're gonna go kill that guy gene photos colleague amy was not her sometimes I hate when he smokes in dead room gives me a headache ok alright yeah alright yeah ok nananana um ok hey guys slice cut all at me come on big dishes very good is that um can't you see I'm performing a delicate operation here no why don't you go downstairs and watch TV or something good mm-hmm you don't need this this sounds drunk there's fire going and written summertime deseo summer is it tonight uh yeah this huh oh it's across oh oh it's dreaming your power however crash tells you saying you can't take crosses all right so essence killing yeah well there you are lucious let me look at you now I believe you've grown since I last saw you know on the age I know that how are your left eye so drink it stop creeping around lucious you're making me nervous yeah my home okay yeah like we should fight for a hard sell homes let me look at you you've grown sailor well I thought that's what just happened think is tab no well chapter is involved smoking tonight there's something I can do honestly not know how are your lessons going what's up Oh Ryder I don't know okay looks like his lighter hi Jenny right now Wow no I sewing still in jeans matches now the only way for him the night of cigarettes is with Evan added extra where's I should set trap some kind the oven has a system that prevents gas leaking out they needed to resort on the graph that screwdriver yes it glowed just like hey it's glowing I'll address that was creeping around Lucia stuck here making me nervous she'd stab in the face oh then be detected put it away put it away put it away put away he sees that you took it put it away so that you can see you your bar fight to go bye-bye I don't know where I'm supposed to go they said methyl two of them the ovens in the kitchen probably Oscar is going crap have you seen my matches hey Sam all right where can I get light ah here we go oh I didn't do it oh look how walk away did you oh well accidents do happen yeah I'm sure it's all right health if you can do it in front of home ah yeah stop the pot oh my god that was really thinking does not have a clear now off too easily okay I'll just play the waiting game hey Mouse turn I know they're a keyboard turner when you're playing laughing you need another singer your lessons going we'll just take that though take it you wanna see ya what's keeping your father I need to find some new matches I can't be missing let's go honey Oh light well then yeah first you have you seen my badges kickers logical watch I wanna see him die your father I need to find some new matches I can't be messing with light let's let me then get light ah here we go I would even do that in the flesh sticking your face up to it did it oh that's freaky oh not just standing there I'm gonna go play in my god ah what can I say mr.

Way I don't know like little 60 this was a real unfortunate series of events quite candid I just gene was my campaign manager and a friend of the family for many years she's been around school some tires no he's waiting for you know we really must do an investigation here I'll need to speak to your handyman about the gas leak this shouldn't have happened I had a feeling there was something weird going on in that house did you know really I couldn't quite yet put the pieces together so I took a step back for a while let it brew after a few weeks the call came in just when things were getting back to normal they've been another accident in that godforsaken house it happened on a rainy day I think it was Tuesday magic it was generously was known to find his drinker yeah was fixing a bathroom in the lower west wing okay I'm good your father is doing a killing a routine with hook up this music reminds me of fail oh no no they have is always smiles here we are again yes you've been doing his name I make me proud but I must do you I can't you can use you can train your mind to move objects that you would win but here let me show you how okay have you done some press by suppressing number to write your cursor to toy car accident but you can either the object with your mouth now also press and hold girls masturbating oh one of us what names you to bring me okay this moves so fast I can't reach the stuff on the side just a little box seriously yes no depth perception law left now move your house of break items just go try breaking the coffee cup ready spontaneous combustion you start machines was talking this you start oh wow magus ups continue with your mission and bring me so but my sensors show no mercy yes I guess you got ease your lung Tong you like Professor X but no that's he reads minds and stuff I mean Jane Grey yeah what you no answer and OB you said professor professor x oh you don't know excellent no I know XO I tasted Professor Oak's Pokemon so my gosh yes that's how folk Iman ended its rooster from the beginning i miss for it I just do hey look it's raining no you're an AUSA nothing gets it to go find the person needs to tell ya having chores the map I ever do up this at us Oh doctors did you do your mommy yo mama Oh yes the devil channel Nigerians it's funny Oh behind it two double doors this house is what like an emotion Anna I had to say yeah Oh was that drunk silent guy conscious t an apparent operation on a new reason he is always we won't notice changes install that fixed up it's a panel I think visit in the living room I'm saying something yeah I says you can do without a tool the pedals have one gz screwdriver neither I do well he's a hand and maybe half the tools go back to his he had a toolbox fixed a few a rule about crap I heard fun not can do ah hurry anything fun run spawn of season one she try again yeah we all of the times higher than okay I got no I had to do love c2c maybe should do that first my Cynthia and then change his list her out Oh it's all time oriented okay they're still rub it in Miami listen uh did you see no mommy oh don't look even told me to choke nah I wouldn't you say that's a very good Jeremy are you enjoying showing people so far I mean yes yes but if it was actually did I mention I'm taking on the look and he's still sick tell me door door ajar doors ok mr.


Nosy little something that's nice stand but you like everybody I'm gonna practice my French but my show my show kids ah cuz he and she was like a frickin zara guided hard acceleration I should make something like this oh very not to buy things magically out of the piano anymore okay okay really look you see how's that I think is how to be good oh let's pass up Oh got a pencil it's your head looks up ok now i should get him there so i guess it to make them up Oh easily that's some good plunging night on the toilet you have to pencil huh it's alway s puppet hey listen oh ah drinking some more yes uh-huh this is your great role model mmm don't go to sleep can take his bottle he's gonna like sit up he walked her last time we can't do it now okay yeah don't let go watch them lay father was linked your injuries women hi khlo that this might be in the bad guys wants naraz have to be the good guy against enough ah my Paris Jesus no bad Jesus well you just listen to and if excuse me at times like when you can send me any time to convince s5 that'd be fun by that's why there's no loosen up long you're always loose Oh yeah go go do it hahahaha this is tough on me but right probably guys he's still smiling you probably didn't even feel it tell your mates what no but it seems your handyman was drunk as a skunk he was an accident waiting to happen I was going to fire him after the other incidents but it just didn't have the heart it's hard enough to keep the staff here with recent events but you can't blame yourself why are there so this might be the worst case of professional neglect I've ever come across wow she is it still doesn't happen to death in the walk-in cooler the on top inconclusive but we're still waiting they're going to shoot at a poor heart or circulation and fainting 50 business why would you have that in your home if you've got a little kid okay wow this isn't there talk about other things like statue has a penis murder murder death death death that's not statutes all right I think we're gonna stop it right there for now thanks for watching you please like and comment if you wish and I join us next time bye-bye yep out see you smile yeah the floor is god it's like there's

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