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DIY Halloween Costumes Out of Candy! 15 DIY Projects for Halloween!

Boo! In today's video we will make awesome Halloween costumes out of candy. Yes that's right! I'm going to show you over 15 DIY ideas using real candy. Tasty! Hello guys! It's almost that time of the year when we get to wear epic clothes and eat loads Candy and just have fun with friends and family. That's right – Halloween is coming up pretty fast and I hope you're ready to make The coolest and definitely the sweetest DIY fashion ever! I'm going to show you how to make awesome Halloween costumes out of candy! These are all very easy to make, super affordable and look great! So ok, go grab some snacks, because these DIYs might make you hungry, and let's get started! First, we make the costume using delicious, puffed, tasty marshmallows!! I'll show you 4 easy DIYs that you can put together in this adorable princess marshmallow. This one is so pastely, sweet and pretty – perfect for all the girly girls out there. To start this outfit we're going to make a marshmallow choker necklace. Take marshmallows of your choice. These fruits are so delicious plus they look so cute, right?! Making a marshmallow necklace is super easy.

Take a piece of thread and needle and simply push the needle through the marshmallow. I alternate the shapes and colors of the marshmallows as I go to make the necklace Colorful and interesting. I want to make the necklace long enough so that I can wrap it around my neck twice and Wear it as a necklace. This should be enough, so I can cut away the needle and DIY first for our marshmallow Costume finished! It looks beautiful and delicious. It smells like heaven, too. Let's continue with two more DIY Marshmallow Extensions. One of them is the marshmallow ring. Take an inexpensive ring that you don't wear anymore. Try to find one that is too great. Apply some hot glue or any other glue on the front like this. Grab a marshmallow and stick it on. I went for this giant white one and then I'll stick a colored marshmallow on top. It's like I'm being a jewelry designer with candy – I love it 🙂 No but seriously, I Very impressed with how beautiful this ring turned out.

I would absolutely say yes. We shall make our hair all princessy as well, so here's how to make a beautiful marshmallow Hair clip or crown. Take a regular hair clip, or just tear off any unnecessary decor to make it easy and flat. Apply a strip of glue and choose marshmallows of your choice to decorate it. I started with a large white, rounded yellow marshmallow to stick to the side. The idea is to make your hair decoration as large as possible. So I'm adding another layer of delicious goodness to my clip – it's Halloween after all! A strawberry and candy swirl make this giant clip extra awesome! I love that! Every princess needs a magic wand, am I right? Not really – a magic wand is actually more like a fairy thing, but it doesn't matter.

Just throw a wooden kebab stick and stab in one or two marshmallow pieces. There we go – magic wand done in seconds. The biggest statement piece of this outfit is definitely the beautiful tutu. This is what makes the costume so girly and princessy. The Tutu is actually super easy to DIY and I will be showing you how to make it from scratch. First, you will need some tulle fabric in any color. I picked up a plain white one. I cut my tulle into a set of 10 by 70 inch strips. Fold a piece of tulle in half like this and loop a strip of tulle around the elastic waistband.

Stick the tulle ends through the loop and pull to tighten. Keep adding tulle until you are covered with enough elastic to fit your waist. I like to add more layers of tulle to make the tutu really full and opaque. Okay so our tutu is done and you can totally stop here. But since we're making a marshmallow princess costume I decided to glue a bunch of marshmallows All over this tutu. I'm using hot glue to attach it to the skirt but any kind of glue with good hold will work for this. This was my first DIY-ing tutu and I really liked how easy and fast it was to make this. It goes perfectly with a lot of different outfits, especially where you can get tulle in different Colors – like rainbow or even black. That would look very epic! Here comes my last marshmallow and my tutu finished it all!! How awesome flipping! Ok before dressing I decided to paint my nails using five different pastel colors, Which goes perfectly with this whole marshmallow princess vibe.

And a little tip – to make your light-colored paint opaque, start applying white polish as a base. Works wonders! Okay! Here are all the costume pieces that we've had created so let's quickly put them on. Tie the tutu at the back by making a pretty bow. Wrap the necklace around twice to wear it as a necklace or just to put it on to be one long layer. Here comes a delicious episode. For hair beading I also made a side crown hair clip, and decided to go for the Ultimate crown. I made it the same way as for a hair clip – just glued the marshmallows onto the plastic headband. For makeup I decided to keep with soft and pastel tones. I apply some light pink as a lotion to color all over my eyelids.

The white eyeliner goes along with my watery eyes to make the eyes bright and more doll like. We also need to give a little rosy flush to our cheeks so I'm using a big soft brush To pop in some light pink blushes. To finish grab the look of the lightest and most pastely looking lipstick from your collection Her image is smeared all over those lips. This is! Our makeup, rivets and costume are ready and looking fabulous! As you can see I put on a soft pink sweater and some white socks. I love everything about this outfit! I think it looks so pretty, it's super easy to put together plus it's very affordable. Marshmallows are inexpensive and tulle is one of the most affordable fabrics too. I'm not much of a girly girl in real life but I just loved dressing up as a marshmallow A princess for a day when we were filming this. Next up we use different types of bonbons, jelly beans, gum balls and smarties to make The most gorgeous and fun candy costume.

It is made by od 4 DIYs plus I included an amazing lip tutorial, where I'll show you How to create awesome bonbon lips. OK let's start crafting! We're gonna make a fun hat party using candy wrappers and gumballs. You will use a bunch of gum-colored balls and these soft fruity bonbons, which also It comes in a lot of different bright colors. Take a piece of thicker paper, wrapped candy, gum balls, decoupage glue, and elastic thread. Grab that paper and roll it like this until you end up with a cone. Secure this shape using a few pieces of tape. Then take your scissors and cut away the excess paper to get a flat bottom edge.

This way the party hat will stand nicely and straight on your head. Here comes the fun part – it's time to unwrap all the yummy candy. The good news is that you can eat candy, just save the wrappers. Make sure to crush them a bit. You can use a heavy notebook to do this. Once you have a bunch of wrappers flattened and ready to go, take the cone and let's assemble the hat.

Apply a bit of modpodge on one section of the hat and stick on the first wrapper. Continue by covering more sections with modpodge and laminated. As you can see I like to stick partially coated on top of each other. Also note that modpodge dries translucent so you don't have to be too careful with it. Our hat covers all, so we can cut away the bulky pieces, which are hanging off. This way we get a neat bottom edge! Using a hole puncher make 2 holes on opposite side of the cap. Grab a piece of elastic thread and stick one ends over the hole.

Make two or three tight knots. Stick the end of the other thread through the second hole and again making two knots to secure Install it in place. There we go – this flexible band makes sure that hat stays firmly in your head The entire Halloween. The last detail needed to finish up this hat is the gum balls all over the bottom brim. Stick them closely next to each other to make them have a super nice and clean end to your hat. Finally glue one last gum ball right on top of the hat, which will make it cuter. How adorable is this candy party hat, right? It just seems so fun, happy and positive – I like it so much. It's time to turn these inexpensive green glasses into the most amazing and fun nerd For glasses your eyes have ever seen. How can we do that? Using jelly beans of course! Push the lenses off the glasses' edge so you're only left with the frame.

Apply a dot of glue to the frame and place on the jelly beans. I decided to combine jelly beans with some small candy pearls to look more interesting. This is such a perfect and inexpensive DIY for Halloween or any other party. Make a few of these for an awesome party prop. Take a group photo with friends and your Instagram feed will be featured – guaranteed! Another mind-blowing DIY you're gonna learn today is a bracelet made from a plastic bottle.

acrylic paint

You will need an iron, a plastic bottle, a glue gun and some candy of choice. Cut off the top of the bottle. You can use exacto knife or scissors like i. Now make another cut around the bottle about an inch less then the first one. To get rid of the sharp edges of the bracelet we will use an iron. Turn on the heat and use the steam free setting. Rotate the bracelet close to the surface in order to melt the edge of the bracelet. You can see the plastic bending inside giving our bracelet a neat and smooth finish. Melt edges on both sides of the bracelet. Well our bracelet is ready to be decorated! You will use a batch of jelly beans to do this. But if you want to make a bracelet that you can wear literally every day, you can Decorate it perfectly with some gems, fake flowers, buttons or you can even paint it with acrylic paint.

But since I'm making candy for a Halloween costume, I'm just going to stick with the candy. Using my guardian glue gun we will attach colored jelly bean to all over the place, making it the world Sweetest bracelet ever! How wonderful! It seems pretty incredible that we just made a bracelet out of a plastic bottle. It's totally affordable and amazing. OK, so we got a bracelet, glasses and a hat. I think we're also missing a candy shirt. We're gonna make one using smarties. Smarties Ah is one of my favorite desserts, I never get bored of them. Take an old shirt that you don't need anymore and put on a heart stencil or any other shape of your choice. Trace the edges with a pencil to get the heart drawn on his shirt. The rest of this DIY is super straightforward. Simply glue Smarties onto the shirt and tracing the pencil lines. This will give us the perfect smarties heart shape. You can make just one line of smarties around a heart or you can fill in the whole heart With these delicious treats.

I decided to go halfway so I made two smarties lines. I feel it looks bold enough, but not over the top. Plus I don't want my shirt to get too heavy. How beautiful it looks, isn't it? I feel like I need to make one using buttons or beads so that I can wear it every day, not just for Halloween. All DIYs are complete and we are ready to put together our candy costume! First – gorgeous jelly bean glasses. I can't get over how awesome it turned out! And the bracelet looks rather dashing as well! We can't forget the candy wrapper and the chewing gum ball hat! But this outfit is not quite done yet.

I still have to show you how to create an epic bonbon lip! Take lipstick of any color and pop it on your lips. I'm actually using an eye pencil and shadow because I don't have lipstick in such a deep blue shade. Trying to be creative with different uses of makeup, you know. Grab a bonbon and cut two triangle pieces. These are the parts that we're gonna use for our bonbon lips! All we got to do is apply some whip glue to each one of the triangles and stick them next For our lips, like that. I think it looks beautiful if you match the color of your lips to the color of the complex. How unique and cool this bonbon lip hack is! Yay, we can finally take a look at the finished costume candy! I think it looks a little nerdy with the glasses and for me this is very nice. I also wish that you can just take one or two ideas out of this outfit and make Something fast and adorable. Even if you're not completely dressing up for this Halloween, you can still just make up Bonbon lips or jelly bean glasses.

You don't have to go all out. A fun little detail can make your Halloween special and happy even if you don't have time To make a full head to toe costume. It's time to turn ourselves into adorable little cupcakes. Actually into a giant, huge cupcakes! We make delicious cupcakes with pink liners, white fluffy frosting and a ton of sprinkles. This costume is very creative and cute plus it's really simple to DIY. We're going to kick by making these amazing spray glasses! like what? Isn't that the best thing ever? Cause I think they are. To make it you need a pair of inexpensive glasses that you can get for a dollar or two. I found these pink dots, which I love.

Dip the brush in puddle slime mod or any other glue that dries transparent and apply it marked your eyeglass lens. Then take some colored sprinkles and pour these cuties onto the lens. I like to be generous because I want a lot of sprinkles over my entire lens. Repeat these steps for the other lens as well. I suggest applying a very thick layer of puddle slime mod so that the sprinkles can stick firmly to the lens. Go crazy with sprinkles, leave the glue to dry for a minute and shake off the excess sprinkles And you've never got yourself the most amazing glasses! Our jelly bean glasses nerd got a serious contender here because I really can't decide The ones that are more epic. These sprinkle glasses are awesome for parties, birthdays, and they look amazing on photos. psst. For the second DIY in our costume cupcake project we will need a rounded bucket or laundry basket.

And I'm not suggesting getting your mother's approval before taking her basket. This will serve as a cupcake lining and make works we've got to cut the bottom. Do this using an exacto knife and you may need to ask parents for help. Also make sure that the basket you are using is large enough to go around your waist and ties. Once cut down, flip the basket around and tie two straps or cut a string on basket handles. These will be the shoulder straps! To make sure she stays up all day I would link her to a show like that.

For the next step we need some fiberfill – which is basically the pillow stuffing. I sacrificed my old inexpensive pillow to get fiberfill. Take a piece of that fluff and glue it to the top edge of your basket. This represents frosting on our cupcake. I would glue on the larger fiber pieces first and then add smaller pieces in between for Make it look really complete and delicious. Keep adding more and more stuffing until it covers the entire edge. Grab some hair colorers and cut sprinkles like the ones I have here. Using your giant felt-stick glue gun sprinkle sprinkles on the frosting. This looks beautiful especially if you use different bright colors hair like pink, Yellow, blue and green. Sprinkle glue on pointing in various directions to make it look as if it were Sprinkle randomly all over the cupcake. There we go, our cupcake basket ended up looking incredible! This was actually an easier way to make than I initially thought. You can use real sprinkles instead of felt ones, although they kind of get lost in frosting fluff because they are so small.

I also decided to make a quick DIY sprinkled shirt. All he did was take an inexpensive white shirt or tee and stick on felt sprinkles. I'm using fabric glue here, but hot glue will just work great. I'm gluing giant sprinkles all over the back and also our sprinkly t-shirt is complete! Now we're totally gonna look like delicious frosting! We got to give this cupcake y a look at our hair as well. Just as with the wrapper candy hat I made a paper cone, but here it was covered with fluff. Now I just need to stick on a bunch of sprinkles. Tie on a piece of elastic band so that the hat will sit firmly on top of your head. Before you wear it all up to the cupcake there are two things I want to show you. Are the first nails sprayed. Paint all nails white. You may need more than one coat to get it completely opaque. Then dip a small paint brush or toothpick into any nail polish color of your choice and make Short lines all over your nails.

I drew pink, green, orange, and blue sprinkles to make my nails look colorful and happy. Seal your design with a top coat to make the nails shiny and beautiful. Ok, the nails are done but we gotta show off some that love our lips as well. We're going to turn it into a cute little cupcake. Apply some bright pink or lipstick on the lower lip. You can also just use my lip liner. This will be our cupcake's liner. The upper lip will be a representation of frosting, so take white eyeliner or white face paint That color is white. To give this cupcake a little detail, dip an eyeliner brush into a light pink liquid lipstick and Draw vertical lines all over the lower lip. Our cupcake lining way would look more realistic. Time for sprinkles! You can use real sprinkles and unite them on using a little eyelash glue. Or you can simply draw on. I chose the easy way and the lips turned out gorgeous! It's time to dress up! I've already had my shirt on and some random pants because they wouldn't be visible anyways plus DIY spray shoes I made in one of my previous videos.

Let's jump into the cupcake basket. It fits perfectly, and it is very comfortable. Here comes my fluffy hat and my streak. What an adorable Halloween costume, isn't it? Imagine if you and your friends were dressed up as a cupcake, but all of you would have chosen Different basket color. That would be suitable for Halloween national team goals! I knew I loved finding alternative ways to use things, and this outfit just lost it all! With a laundry bin, skirt, and pillow stuffing – I think this is very creative and cool. Making your own Halloween is way more exciting than just buying in a store. Halloween is such a fun celebration and there is something magical about the layout and design DIYing a costume for this festive day. And even if you decide not to fully dress up this year – little details are like crazy Flange design or funky glasses can make your day exciting and fun! These were my DIY Halloween costumes from Candy! Hope you guys like it and give it a big thumbs up if you do.

Also tell me in the comments which l were your three favorite costumes. Also tell me what is your all time favorite dessert. Mine is probably smarties – I try not to eat that much but it's my weakness. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you're new here and I hope you have a lot A fun DIY fashion ing for this year. Thanks a lot for watching, I love you guys and I'll see you soon. Good-bye! For one day you get to be from or whatever you want! For one day you can be the craziest person on earth and people won't give you a stranger Look or call you crazy. To be honest I wish we had more days like this. But since Halloween only comes once a year we should make the most of it. Wish you all a spooktastic Halloween!

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