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Valuable Info on Choosing a Handyman for Seniors Part 2

there was a day when all you needed to do was ask can I check your references and do you have insurance those days are gone there's an awful lot of people out there especially recently that have been laid off from companies they're they're not insured they're not registered with the proper authorities in their state here in Pennsylvania a contractor needs to be registered with the attorney general's office so that's a good place to check you can check with the Better Business Bureau handy man should be registered with the Chamber of Commerce besides can I check your references and do you have insurance you need to know how much do they take up front you want to be wary of a contractor that's going to take too much money up front in Pennsylvania a contractor whether it's a handyman or contractors under they allowed to take one-third of the project price up front unless he has to order special order materials that can only be used on your house beware the handyman or the contractor that wants to take half or three-quarters up front all that means is that he's not in good standing with his local suppliers a good handyman who's running a legitimate business pain his own insurance paying his taxes paying his workmen's comp for any employees that he has you can expect to pay forty five to eighty five dollars an hour now that ranges if you're in Kentucky you know you might see the $45 range if you're out in California you're going to look at the higher end I know some businesses that are in 105 dollars an hour but that's kind of extreme so a general rule of thumb 45 to 70 dollars an hour for a handyman if they're much cheaper than that you want to find out why you know are they paying their taxes do they have insurance those are interesting questions if you have a guy that's going to work for twenty or twenty-five dollars an hour one thing that you want to do is if you can if you can get a handyman or a contractor via a reference of a neighbor somebody who has already used this contractor and somebody who has already checked his references check to make sure that he's registered with any local authorities check check with the Better Business Bureau those are some of the things you want to do so and getting there getting a contract owner referral is always great because they're trying true the things you want to stay away from is the guys that are out of state have unmarked trucks don't have proper clothing or proper ID guys that are say they're working in the neighborhood and they can cut everybody a great deal if everybody would just give them five hundred dollars up front and they'll take care of all your home improvement needs those guys they come up in the summer from North Carolina South Carolina Virginia West Virginia when things start to slow down this slowdown in their part of the country they come up to the northeast and they collect an awful lot of deposits and then they head back down south with the money and they don't even bring a hammer with them they have no intentions of doing the work so doing your due diligence making sure that they're registered contractor trying to get her contractor through a referral someone who's done work in the neighborhood checking the Better Business Bureau checking with any authorities local authorities those are those are always good and beware of people who want to take a lot of money up for

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