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DIY Transparent Screen

Hey, Evan. Hey Katelyn. You know, screens are cool and stuff, But what's cooler than a screen? I do not know. A clear screen. (laughs) That would be so cool. We could, we would love to play video games and see each other's eyes. Through the screen. Through the screen! Or I would through the screen being able to draw crazy things on your face. It would be so cool.

But is it possible? Oh, did you have another example? Or we can watch movies, watching romantic movies, but also seeing each other's eyes. Or, yes, or that. You're not, you don't like my idea, I can see that. And the way we can make that happen I think is we take this monitor apart and divide it into layers. How an LED, LCD screen like this normally works, there is a luminous layer on the back, the LED, which emits pure white light.

And it passes the liquid crystal display, that it colors. So before the white is here it's just the LED shining through a bright LCD screen. As for the color, the LCD screen will color that white light in any desired color. Now take this apart and fit it into a new frame. All of that. That's the hardest part. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little scared we will break everything. Yes. I looked around, and I see no screws, where are the screws? Ooh. (Jazz music) Joobie, are you excited about the monitor? Yes. EVAN: Can you help us take it apart? No. KATELYN: What a silent meow. Oh, looks like we're putting them down for surgery. We are. KATELYN: Scalpel. (laughs) Okay. I'm just going to start disassembling whatever I can get. We don't have to save anything from this framework, because we're going to build our own framework later. Yes. Turn right? Okay, that's fine. Now we need the electronics who's in here, save . But we can destroy the chassis. Look, I get it, I get it.

Wait wait wait. Sorry I won't, I'm going in so blind. Shall I cut a thread? Am I going to destroy everything? I do not know. You know this falls outside of my comfort zone in every possible way, so. True? It's just one piece. There must be a way… There is a way. To to like… Don't break it though. What if we cut the corners? Oh, I did something. Yes Yes. Naughty? (panting) TOGETHER: Oh! Oh, that part is connected, okay. It's connected. Is this free? (plastic crashes) haha! Ha, ha, ha! Okay, can I just do a really quick system check? Yes.

See if it still turns on? Is it still on? (wood block falls) (panting) That almost broke my toe. The Revenge of the Block. You know which block that is. (hammer hitting) I'm so clumsy, look at those big dents in the woods. KATELYN: Seeking revenge, but without success. haha! Right, so the monitor is connected to the power supply, and yes. Look at that. Oh nice. That is beautiful. Okay, we haven't broken anything yet. So far so good. Okay. You know, what's crazy, Katelyn? What? I want to show you what the LCD screen is. This thing right there. We're going to extract that. KATELYN: That's about one millimeter, two millimeters thick? EVAN: Yes.

KATELYN: Thing, okay. Over there. This is what we're going for. Man. Oh look, you can see it! Isn't that weird? Oh, it looks wrong. What's in there? What are you pushing in there? There is some kind of foam seal that goes all the way around. Now there's something in it. We're going to part it anyway. Let's go ahead and remove all the screws. All the tape we can see. (happy elevator music) I don't know what this does, but I unplugged it. (laughs) Oh, there's a lot coming loose. And this cable sends the signal to the liquid crystal display. So what we need to do is disconnect this. Oh no. KATELYN: What happened? Wasn't I careful enough? KATELYN: Is it broken? It may have broke a little. How important is that metal piece? Probably very important.

Turn right? We broke it all, ready? So it goes back in. I think it still works. I get so sweaty my mustache is sweaty. (laughs) You can't see it. I thought you were taking a selfie of your mustache. Do you feel it? Touch it. Oh yes, it's humid. (laughs) It's a moist pain. A moist pain. Okay. So we can put all this aside. (organ music) Oh no. Oh no. KATELYN: Oh no? EVAN: Okay. Okay okay okay. Why is this so stressful? Why did I choose to wear long sleeves today? (laughs) Now my mustache is getting sweaty. Oh sorry, there you go. Oh yeah. And I think we'll just have something sweet all the way around can run outside.

And then the liquid crystal display is free. Please untie. Oh! Oh, it loosens, oh, it loosens! Oh, it's coming loose! Oh. oh… Is that the LED panel behind that? That's the LED panel here. And this here is the LCD screen. I'm so nervous. I don't want to pull I don't want to crack it because this is a liquid crystal display, it is crystal, it is fragile. Oh no. There's foam on this side too, I think. Is that bad? Yes. Not sure if I will be able to access it. What if you have to access it from the side? Like range here. (laughs) Doesn't reach long enough. I can achieve it. Okay? Complete separation there. I almost had it. Where are you still connected? Okay, let's see. Ooh. Oh okay. Do you have this side? Yes. I've got it. I have the little one. Oh my God. This is so thin and light. I know! This is so thin and light. I'm going mad! I'm going to see if we have plexiglass of the right size, hold on both sides. Oh no, these are too small.

Okay. I'm going to do something crazy. I'm going to do something crazy. I'm going to plug it in. Oh how will this look without the led? That's what we're going to find out, honey. Give me a moment. Okay. My hands are shaking. This is the part you thought you had broken it before? yep. How important is that metal piece? Okay. It's connected here. Let me turn this on. This is the real moment of truth. If this works, we'll look pretty good here. It would confirm that we didn't break anything. Yes. Okay. Monitor cable, power cable.

Oh, I see a light. Can you see anything? Yes! Oh, I can see it. I see it red. Yes, yes, yes, here, go upstairs. Here, move slowly. Move slowly and people can see the color change. I'm going to play that same video. Oh, this is so cool. Oh, weird. I can see it better from this side. You can't see it from behind to good, because it is super reflective. There may also be a polarizing filter. However, I can see it from here. Yes. Did you get it from this side too? EVAN: Oh my god. I know, it works. Look at that. Look at that beautiful creature, from who we can see each pixel. EVAN: It's hard to see. KATELYN: But you can bet it works. EVAN: Everything works. We are on track. KATELYN: We're on the right track. I think we should remove a filter from this now. Okay. According to some online videos I've watched, do you get wet paper towels and put them down here from an hour to a day.

And then you can just peel it off. I feel like the moisture is seeping into the electronics, but that immediately gave me a stomachache. This is going to feel so wrong. It goes, yes. Pretty wet. Okay. KATELYN: It's bedtime for you. This looks like a craft project that went wrong. Yes, we have paper for this monitor. EVAN: Papier-mâché monitor, DIY hack! (taps) Let's see if this is enough to remove the film. Oh yes, yes, yes.


Do you have a satisfying angle? EVAN: Okay, go for it. (sexy music) Oh yeah. From the side too, oh yeah, that's great. KATELYN: It tears. EVAN: Oh no. Oh no. That's horrible. So we run into some difficulties. I think we should just let it soak longer. We thought that since we're in this half with polarized foil, what is it? I do not know. Is it anti-reflective? Is it polarizing? We remove some kind of filter from above, but i want to see what it does. Because it's half on, half done. Let's hook him up. ROBOT: And see the difference. Yeah, I mean, if we decide we'll do it find more fun with the sheet, there's really nothing you can do about it but maybe we can solve some mysteries.

Yes. Let's do it. Oh, I also went ahead and ran to the hardware store and got some protective film which we can kinda like, sandwich it. I thought we'd just mention that if we got into the edit later, that's fine. So a sandwich of Plexiglas. Okay, let's just put this behind it. Oh yeah. I can see it much better. Wow. Oh wow. This is a time when it comes together. But is the deleted movie good? Or the with movie? This is movie. This is not a movie. The no movie is better. The no movie is better> Yes! Okay. Oh, thank goodness. On top of that, that's for sure. And there. That's where the filter is. And you can see just like Katelyn's, hand on the other side. It is more vague and this is not so clear. It's not that good.

Yes. So we'll delete the rest of the movie. We'll just let it retract a little more. Yeah yeah. Hey there, do you love to live, by frolicking in your backyard. KATELYN: Say hello to the neighborhood cats, EVAN: The smell of fresh electronics in the morning. KATELYN: If you want to live, you have to eat and what better way to do it than with our sponsor, Hello Fresh, America's number one meal kit. EVAN: They have more five star recipes than any other meal kit. And we literally didn't try any that we didn't like. KATELYN: Plus they save you time because all ingredients are pre-portioned and shipped to your door so you don't have to run errands, which take an average of 41 minutes. So you have more time to frolic. EVAN: Plus, they're super flexible. You can easily change your delivery dates, or skip a week if needed.

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And of course we have the supervisor here to approve our design. EVAN: Looks like she's got the watching things very closely. Are you working hard? Yes. I'm going to try to keep the design pretty simple. Only two main components, the base and the arms, the base has a CNC slot cut into it, so that we can connect the cables to the electronics housing that bolts to the base.

SAMEN: And now, a homemade montage. (Jazz music) Ready to find out if this fits? I am. I'm so excited to see what this all looks like. (laughs) Okay. Oh, honey, that looks sharp. You know this is a cool look for monitors in general. This type of frame. Okay. Now we just need to install electronics. (Jazz music) (panting) Oh sorry. Oh, that makes me a bit. Let's look at the access to the bottom. How do I prevent it from sliding out? Beautiful. Yes. Now this is a bit of a tricky part. The last time I have to do this. So hopefully. KATELYN: Hopefully you don't break it. EVAN: Yes. KATELYN: Nice. (humming) What if we had broken right there, because of the top tape. It was stuck and pulled a corner on it.

(laughs) No I can not. This LCD screen has been through a lot. The cables have been through a lot. What if we mounted it, but somehow broke in between? Okay. Switch on. Data in. Please. Yes! Yes! Yes, yes, it was ok. We haven't broken it yet! It looks good. Turn right? It looks, it looks, it looks high-end. It looks like a thousand dollars fake money. Joe, what do you think? Does the Supurrvisor approve? Hello, nerds. EVAN: Yeah, come out. What do you think? Do you have ham behind that? KATELYN: Yes, I have to investigate. EVAN: Oh, she will. She wants to be! KATELYN: Well, thanks for demonstrating it. EVAN: Yes, yes! KATELYN: Perfect silhouette! EVAN: Yes. Yes, that's so nice! But now we have to all this time and effort that we put into this transparent monitor somehow justify .

I think the best way to do that is by standing on one side. And for me from the other side to Photoshop things on your face. Perfect. (happy piano) Help! Help, I'm stuck in a computer monitor. aww! Are you ready to do some photoshop? Yes, let's do it! This is so neat. Okay, so Katelyn and I both have a live view from what you see. So that we can have a little fun, work together. Katelyn also prepared some files that I'm afraid of. So I wonder, honey. Do you feel rock and roll? Magic? glam? Magic. Okay. Oh God. You are a furry lizard. A hairy lizard! Aye, Katelyn, can you replace my eyes? Can you, can you do my makeup? Do eyeliner? Let's try two different ways to do it.

This is going to be a great test. One uses Photoshop resources and the other draws. Okay. KATELYN: So we'll start with that. Oh no! Oh, this is really cursed! Oh no! Give me a cheeky pout. Oh. (laughs) Oh, honey. So interesting to see you and like what you do. Ooh. Supurrvisor wants in my lap. Jump up! Yes. I have an assistant. (laughs) EVAN: I can you can almost see in the reflection. Yes. Joob stops against my arm. So she also has some input. mm. Oh yes. Oh my. (laughs) KATELYN: I'll have to touch up your eyebrows. Oh, I look so glamorous. We can call this, this video Evan's e-girl makeover. KATELYN: I'll give you a purple mustache. Oh, that's what that is. I think you look beautiful. You are ready to take the internet by storm. (laughs) Now that I'm an e-girl. Now I want you to add tattoos. Did the Supurrvisor encourage you to do that? Yes. I know you've been considering facial tattoos, so. Dragon. KATELYN: It's a spider web.

Oh, crawling on my face. Oh, this will upset some people. He has a very muscular leg. That's his deadly leg. You know, it's not a perfect spin. (laughs) Look, here's an example view a tattoo with different emotions. Happy. Sad. KATELYN: Is that your sad face? Mmm, that's pretty good. Stylish. KATELYN: You could honestly do that. Here, let me add something. Ooh! (tongue roll) Here, I have another haircut for you. It's Snookie. Oh yeah. Is that your best? What's your best Snooki impression? That's such an outdated reference. I do not know. I didn't remember that cultural moment. What is your Snooki impression? KATELYN: Oh yeah. (laughs) Ooh yes, it's me, Snooki. (laughs) Okay, so now that we have a transparent monitor, we found at least one great, beautiful use. Very practical. Very practical. But you know, this project isn't going just about being practical. It's also about challenging ourselves and do something cool. And build something that looks really sweet. If you guys want more Evan and Katelyn content, we have more channels.

We have our second channel. We have two gaming channels. We stream live on Twitch and we have a podcast. You remembered them all, I'm so proud! (clapping) Day! Bye! (boo) But untill now. I can't shake your hand now, I'm sorry. Here, shake something else. Thank you. I know you don't like it when I touch your nose. Not really. (laughs) Okay, let's turn this off. (boo) Oh, no, all my stuff. No, I'm coming. I'm coming, stuff. Just don't die, stuff. All right, shoot him, shoot him, shoot him! I can not do it! Hey, what about your silence?.

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