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DIY Clothes! DIY 5 T-Shirt Crafts (T-Shirt Cutting Ideas and Projects with 5 Outfits)

Crazy ideas and hacks for your old T-shirt for summer!!! Hello everyone! Summer is everywhere in the world. I am looking forward to it for a long time Sunny day, swimming in the sea, short sleeves – I miss this so much! but talking about Short sleeves, you will need a lot of elegant and beautiful outfits this summer. But don't worry on your boring-looking closed-back T-shirts. Because I'm here to save you in this tutorial I'll show you how to turn a lot of t-shirts into beautiful shirts You will love it. I brought you four. Actually 5 outfits that I can't wait to show you So let's get started. First we made this adorable panda With the lace of a plain white shirt! My own happens to be an adorable word on me, but No problem if it doesn't. For the lace edge you will need a piece of lace and fabric Glue. I went for hot pink lace to add some color to the shirt and we're just going Glue along the bottom edge. Turn your shirt inside out and put a piece of cardboard Between the back and the front of the shirt, to prevent them sticking together while sticking lace.

Put some glue on the inside edge of your shirt and place on your lace, That's how simple this is! This DIY literally takes two minutes and adds a lot to the easy making process T-shirt! One side is even turning the shirt around and keeping adding even more lace The entire bottom edge is nice and lacy. There we go! Now just leave the glue to dry About 20 minutes and you can turn the shirt over again to see the beautiful result.

My shirt still had a lot of blank space so I decided to draw a panda design too. Here I am drawing the panda's eyes, nose and mouth. For the eyes we need two large pieces of White spots, a cute little heart for the nose We will also go to add a little pink My cheeks are this sweet friend. Inside the black we need to leave two white circles for the eyes. So I glued a piece of duct tape circled. Put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt. This will make it easier for you Now we are all ready To start coloring a beautiful panda bear. With this technique you can also make him cute again The tops of animals, such as a cat or mouse. These are very easy to make and look just perfect exquisite! Done now, to the mouth. I'm using black and pink fabric markers for Lace match. Finally I paint two pink ovals below the panda's eyes. This makes it It looks cute but also ties the lace and panda design together into the most beautiful shirt ever.

This shirt really went from nothing to the most amazing shirt in my country Closet. I am very happy with the result, I kinda want to draw like Kawaii Animal Faces for everyone Of the shirts I own keep the rest of the outfit simple I pair it with black denim Pants and some lacy white shoes. Oh ya! Time to turn that long shirt into a gorgeous lace heart fringe top. You will need a shirt Some lace, heart stencil, self-adhesive paper, fabric glue, scissors or to be exact a knife. Cut a heart out of your stencil. Place on a piece of self adhesive, striped With a pencil and cut it out. Put the cardboard inside your shirt to make it Make sure that you will only cut the back layer of the shirt. Take your knife Trace the shape of the heart to cut out the heart. There you go with you Beautiful heart silhouette window. Flip the shirt inside out and take a piece of lace cloth. All we have to do is grab the drawstring on the shirt. I like to point a small amount Glue all over the edge and then press the lace over as I go.

Let the glue dry completely, Me it takes about 20 minutes and then you can turn the shirt over again to reveal The gorgeous lace heart we just created! Cut off the excess lace and we're done! I I think it looks very beautiful and I love the easy way this is made. Well, the first half of our shirt transformation is complete, but we still have to hold the knot A fringe bottom to give this shirt a summery and flirty vibe! I stick to a piece of بقطع Duct tape as a guide up to where I want my goal to go.

My shirt is too long I also want to cut some length. If your shirt is too short to start with you This step can only be skipped. The star cut tassels up to the main part of the masking tape. Limit above a slight margin you can just leave it like that – it already looks super Cool, but I'll show a little more special fringe by styling the front pairs together. Before that, let's give our strands a little tuck so it doesn't look like a fresh cut. Put a piece of cardboard between the front and back of your shirt and we Ready to start spinning! Knot together tassels along the shirt, making knots at the highest possible level. Just so… the front is finished. Now we have to repeat The same steps on the back.

Knot together two marginal strands and go to the next pair So you have hold all over your shirt. The next row of knots needs to be a little lower, so I attached a piece of duct tape as a guide. Now you have to take one fringe String one of the first pair and one of the second pair and tying them together, making a knot under the masking tape. Take the remainder a series of pair two and one series of Pair three and make a knot. and so on until you reach the end of the row. I will Knots later so here I'm in follow-up with the third row. grab a string of One pair and a chain of two pairs and tie a knot about half an inch below the row 2.

Take the remaining chain from pair 2 and the chain from the three pair and make Knot. Continue until the third row is completed. I decided to make four rows of knots, so this Another one I love is how you get this beautiful crochet detail with sail tassels. If you want your crochet part to be wider, go ahead and make more knotted rows. Think Four is just enough for me. I also knotted the back strings and that's how beautiful it is Top seen at the end. I love how tassels give so much movement to the outfit and make It looks interesting and complete. I am very pleased with the result!! If you want you can lower Away the excess fringe but a-, I decided to keep mine because I love the T-shirt for Already cut off. I paired the top with some jeans and light boots You have blue stars everywhere. Some brown sandals or wedges will go perfectly with this outfit Also for a more romantic bohemian look. Here I will show you what the shirt would look like if you decide to cut the excess marginal chains.

I've got the exact same shirt only that it's pink, and I will repeat all the steps as before with the color blue. Here's a little stop-motion movie of the process. In fact I get a lot of questions how do I do stop-motion for my videos. It's really simple, all you have to do is take pictures or second snapshots of this process. So I knot one knot, a movie for a second, then I make another knot, a movie about seconds, and make a third knot, a second movie and so on. When you put all these shots together You get a stop motion movie. So here we have finished our spinning and it's time to cut Away excess tassels! Just make a horizontal cut under the fourth row of nodes. Voila, We got a beautiful crochet top, which I think looks great. see how You can have a completely different top with one simple step, in this case cutting from the sidelines. Because this is shorter I love wearing it with more height – waisted Bottoms, like this skirt.

This shirt may be 10 years old but I love the color and the graphic so I never responded to get rid of it. However the Nuba… is terrible. So let's say this kid in a cool shirt Filled with interesting cutters! We need a shirt, scissors or exacto knife thread and Needle for a few stitches, ruler and masking tape. First we make braided Detail along the neckline. So trace with your pencil, draw where you want your cue to be. I will use my knives to cut even a piece of cardboard inside A shirt is a must. Now start making one to two inch pieces crossing our drawn line. You are Scissors can be fully used for this if you don't have a knife. continue making this Cut all along the neck line. Now what you want to do is take the first two tables and Tuck the second under the first one. Withdrawal. Tighten the second strand, take the third strand And bend it under another strand, pull the third strand and take the fourth strand Under it and so on along the collar.


I already saw this design in a store not long ago Before and thought 'Hey' I can do it myself, but I've also seen a lot of other pieces The recent designs and these unique tops are always very expensive. I only have two branches Left and finished my braid. Now we have to secure our cue. Thread needle and Make two to three stitches so our braid is locked and it won't go anywhere.

I also I decided to make a few stitches on the right side just so it doesn't open be big But this is completely optional. Also if you want to cut the collar of your shirt, but I decided to keep it, because it looks kind of retro and old school. Now let's make a cool triangle that cuts everything along the back too! Don't forget to put A piece of cardboard or other material on the inside of the shirt, especially if you use Accurate knife When I see things like that in stores I always take a picture then I can shoot a video with me and I'm able to rock these cool shirts for the cheapest way. Average five! For proof, I like to stick two strip-cut masks in a V shape like so.

Now we have To cut the horizontal cuts between both mask cut the tape. I use a knife, but scissors Work is very great. Well, once all the cuts are made, remove the cut masking tape and start Braiding the same way as before. Take the first two branches and tuck the second one Under the first one, pull the second ring up, take the third thread and tuck it under The second thread. Pull the third thread and take the fourth thread under and so on.

At The beginning of this is a bit more difficult because the strands are so short but they get it Much easier when upgrading. Here is my cue it's all over so all that's left for me Is it a few stitches to secure it! Try to use thread in the same color your shirt so that the stitches are not visible. Yay! We're done with this awesome discount! We're not quite done yet, though! I made the decision to cut the sleeves away to get a nice sleeveless Top. I'll make it more cropped too by cutting away about two inches from lower. Now… I'm so glad – top it's all done so let's quickly put it down! I Pair it with some distressed light washed jeans, blue shoes and cool glasses A real real girl look, haha! I really love how in ten years I can wear this again Beautiful shirt.

This is the whole point of recycling clothes, giving life to parts completely yours forget you Last, but certainly not least, let's change this plain white long cami into a cool graphic Top with tassels and beads. For this DIY you will need a longer white blouse or T-shirt, Star-shaped printing, self adhesive paper, scissors, textile coating, plastic container To put paint on, applied sponge, beads and pencil.

Start by cutting a star shape out of your print. Put it on a piece of self-adhesive Paper and trace the silhouette with a pencil. We do the same as we did Heart of the heart, remember? Cut the star out of your self-adhesive paper and here you have it stencil for shirt! Stick your shape the center of your crest, like this. It's time for the exciting part – paint the canvas! I decided to go for two colors, blue and Pink. Start with blue. Rounded dip sponge application in paint and fabric Start making big dots on the edge of the star. The purpose is to cover almost the entire edge Then we gradually put less and less points as you move away from the star Let's now Add some pretty pink dots on the blank spaces. Also, as you can see, the dots are on the edge It should scrape a little bit from the star so that when you remove the adhesive it will It looks like there is an explosion of colorful dots behind the silhouette of stars.

Removal time Our star stencil reveals our cool design! I can tell it would look amazing! Look, I told you! But we are not done with this summit yet. we Still need to make the beaded fringed bottom! Hum cut down and then they start cutting Thin vertical stripes reach the masking tape. I cut my front and back tissue together to save me some time. Now that actually sounds pretty cool if you ask me, but we still You should add beads for the most amazing detail to our top. Before continuing, give Tuck your hem nice to get rid of a fresh look This part is basically similar الأساس To the top of the lace heart, but the fringe will be different, because we will use beads Instead of spinning tassels together. Take your beads or your other beads Check and cut them using scissors. This will make it easier to sew them on the fringes Also you can open a bead like that.

Take two fringe strands and spin the bead on. I'm using scissors to help me open the bath Bead and Saturn bead on tassels. Keep making these beaded pairs of tassels along The entire row until all of your front margin is grouped into pairs. For the second grade, you You should take one tassel from the first pair and one tassel from the second pair, adding a bead, and slide it half an inch below the first row of beads. continue to do This is for the entire row. Make the third row using the same method. Take one hem Chain of the first one pair of the second pair, tie them together by sliding on a pill. Then combine the remaining tassel from the pair with one tassel from the pair three and so on until you end up with a third row. Repeat these steps on the back of your shirt and you're all done! See how absolutely out of this world gorgeous this tasselled design look. I'm so happy at this level I can't even explain it! So I'll just shut up above.

No, I'm not, haha. Fringe is a huge trend this season, you've seen it in all stores, But I don't even care what and what not because I love fringe every summer! hem Tops just look so fun, happy and flirty. Perfect for hot summer days. I'm here simply paired me with some yellow pants and white sneakers, because with like that you can't really need much more. With all these beautiful T-shirts and t-shirts we are all ready for the hot summer days. I hope you give it a try and if you do, please send me pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Also don't forget to check out my DIY t-shirts and shorts from the past year for more summer outfit ideas.

Let me know in the comments, which is short today It was your favorite as well as the videos that you would like to see next. This is the day, thank you very much for watching, I love you to the moon and back. Good-bye! Take a look at the back of your closet, and I'm sure you'll find old T-shirts that can Be pimped into beautiful unique pieces, which you will love to wear for years to come.

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