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Handyman Connection | What is included with Handyman Connection?

so somebody's getting the brand of handyman connection the vision we've been doing a lot of work recently on on developing an IT program that supports the brand of our lifetime vision of being the customers one-stop source for all of their home improvement needs the vision of the business really is about servicing the customer for the initial time in holding that lifetime value of that customer so the repeat business so when you're buying a handyman connection franchise you're looking at buying all the tools to take you you know through the initial training through the IT support the marketing and the brand of the business and then how to scale that business so that's what you're buying when you're buying human connection business the great thing about our business is really it's a recession-proof business when your toilet breaks down right recession or not you get the toilet fixed and the great thing about our job size is we have the ability to scale with the economy coming back with the housing market coming back with the resale market coming back we have the opportunity to do anything in your home to fix it whether it's the small things to the large things not only that we have a changing world in which technology the connection of the home and the connection of the home technology is becoming an increasing market as well and you've got the aging population to the baby boomers are changing the their home around changing their lifestyle and the things that they need done whether it's the installation of the the ramps in the homes or the bathroom changes so there's a tremendous market place in which we feel we're nicely positioned for the growth the economy is growing which is great but a time again sometime in the future economy is going to slow down and we feel like we have a recession-proof business and that there's always a need to get something done in the house you may wait an extra month or two but when that toilet goes you get that thing fixed you're not waiting to the end of the recession you get those things fixed right away that's the great thing about our business as we service all those different needs technology is is one of our key strategies we're actually one of the key initiatives is technological leadership which when you think of a handyman you're not normally thinking of technology but the way that the world is changing its we're really moving to a more pervasive technology where technology is stuff we wear and it's all around us and we're looking at the handyman business we're trying to really take the the simple form of fixing something and going okay how do we best communicate with our customers how can we be the lifetime connection for all their home improvement needs one of the platforms that you do that on is technology how do you connect the craftsman to the homeowner when they want their their needs taken care of on a consistent basis and we've spent a lot of money and a lot of investing into a new crm program and will continue to invest in that in the future


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