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10 Simple Sensory Activities for Toddlers | DIY Baby Entertainment

Hello, my name is Gemma and this week's video is all about sensory play for your toddler. I have previously made a video all about sensory play for your six to twelve month I'll link it above now if you haven't seen it and so I thought I would make a new video with What to do with your toddler because Oscar is now a year old So we have kind of moved on from the things that we were doing and we're doing still lots of sensory play but different activities So I thought I'd make it a gear this week of another ten activities that you can start doing for toddler when they also reach the year milestone So what is sensory play? Well sensory play is pretty much probably what your one-year-old is already trying to do They will be using their sight their hearing their balance and movement their sense of smell touch taste To investigate explore and learn they will be doing that naturally and it is inbuilt in them to do that Unfortunately at the moment, they can't read and learn things So they are learning through doing so as a parent if we can provide and facilitate different opportunities for our children to investigate things through their senses We're just helping their development and aiding their exploration of different aspects of their lives So in this video, I've put together ten different activities that cover a range of different senses And I really hope that you enjoy watching them and I hope that you will try them out with your child and if you do Don't forget to put a comment in the box below.

Let me know how it's gone And if you've got any other ideas Please as well but those down because I love trying out new things and if you haven't subscribed to my channel already Please make sure that you do that and you will be notified when I upload my next video So without further ado Let's get straight into the video with our 10 things that you can do with your child to support their sensory development Depending on where you live getting out into nature doing some gardening is probably one of the easiest sensory activities you can do for your Child getting into the guys and returning provides so many opportunities. Here's oscar with his hands in dirt He helps with the authoring of balance feeling the cold water Getting out into nature and seeing the bees like here in the lavender field. He's also learnt to pick strawberries Find them under all the leaves smell them taste them and it also helps my dad with collecting up the leaves in the garden So the opportunities are endless for sensory development The smells tastes moving around is just endless so definitely try to get out in the garden and just see Exactly what your child gets up to What painting is great activity for tactile and visual development as well as improving your child's fine motor skills I've got these little sponge paint brushes from the pound shop in a big pack of paint brushes and things And just some sugar paper for mark making and it is super fun.

Especially if you're not a fan of too much mess This is probably the activity of feo Moon sand also known as cloud sand is a recent discovery for us. I Noticed that Oscar was really enjoying being out in the garden and having his hands in dirt and I just thought to provide more opportunities For him to feel different textures that moon sand would be a good opportunity so I use a really simple recipe which is 4 cups of flour for half a cup of baby oil and you just mix it around in a big bowl with a spoon and Oscar also helps me to do it and it actually keeps really well I just keep it in a sealed container and then just bring it out whenever he Wants to play with it and it seems to have kept really well So moon sand is brilliant because it is so soft to touch and really cool actually as well it also holds together really well so you can make shapes and snowball shapes or pack it into a container and then break it apart and this is Love to do with it.

He doesn't tend to squeeze it together at that stage yet But maybe an older child could but I make the balls for him and he loves it breaking them apart Magnets could buy quite a few opportunities for sensory play first We need bought these another ones from a listener and Doug They really support our nursery rhyme songs and also our storytelling And Oscar loves to pick them up out of the box and place them on the radiators Which is another bonus of being bright in the UK that we have big magnetic surfaces these I have lovely pictures of animals they really support visual learning and His fine motor skills are also developed by being able to pick them up and place and pop in the radiator we do lots of scene with supporting his or to learning and obviously talking about the animals and I'm also doing Basel sign language with him so that he learns the signs for each animal The verb basket really supports our child's problem-solving skills as well as their fine motor skills All you need is laundry basket and some rope Just weave in and out the rope to create a web and place some objects that will interest your child underneath Oscar really loves doing this and it could intrigues him every single time It's always handy to it objects in there that he hasn't seen for a while as well.


But he loves this activity Newspaper floor is as easy as it sounds just spreading the newspaper across the floor and letting your child crawl along it this really supports That auditory learning. Is there hearing that crunching sound which babies and what does love? But also it's being able to see the colors and the pictures from the newspaper Is really an added bonus Oscar loves also just picking out and ripping the pages so many different senses are being supported here Posting is a skill that many children around this age will start to love I Noticed as soon as Oscar was getting towards one that he was loving putting things in and out of boxes so I just cut a Large hole in a cereal pocket and gave him a pack of cards don't expect to ever get those cards back or than be in useable order But he loves picking up these cards and posting them into the box by providing opportunities for your child to do the posting skill You'll be working on their visual and tactile development as well as their hand-eye coordination You can try a range of different objects to post into so we've got a big large jar that Oscar place wooden balls and People into so there's lots of opportunity to work on the posting skill Edible finger paint.

All you're going to need is some yogurt and some food coloring I use one of these dishes with a section with a spoonful of yogurt a little bit of food coloring and then I make a myriad of rainbow colors I then give him some brushes sponges and here's a fingers to paint with and he could do that on sandpaper the only thing with this is you're not going to end up with a picture that you can keep because obviously yogurt isn't going to Mark make that well But it does provide them with an opportunity to get their hands dirty in yogurt and you know that that if they eat it It's not going to be a problem. It's a great one for the garden as well and Oscar really enjoys painting himself So pillar Mountain is really a recreation of a soft play But at home, so you can create a wall or a tower of pillows and encourage your child to Scramble and climb over them at this age climbing and using their body for balance and movement is exactly what they want to be They need to use those muscles to develop their gross motor skills, and this is a great Activity to provide that opportunity So you can do this in many ways that just loves pushing on the pillows climbing over them and creating his own Towers So we've made it to our final activity which is rainbow oats All you need is a cup of oats in a big bowl and a variety of food coloring you Will need about a quarter of a cup of water possibly slightly less with some food coloring in it Give it a good mix to distribute the food coloring and then add it gradually to your oats Depending on the food coloring that you use I'm using gels will depend on the coloring that you get from the oats Mine didn't color completely, but it worked out really nicely.

So I made red orange Yellow green and blue oats and just laid on paper towel overnight to really absorb all the moisture You want them to be super dry before you give them to a child? I then put them in a container and gave Oscar a variety of implements to use to play with them He loved using the big spoon. He also had a talent lunch box container, which he filled and Unfilled and he just enjoys that experience and tactile activity So that is the end of this week's video I really hope you've enjoyed what she knows ten different sensory activities for your one-year-old. Don't forget if you haven't subscribed up so-called here that you can click on to subscribe my channel and I'll also link some of my other baby entertainment videos on this side as well.

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