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How to run a successful handyman busines. The do’s & don’ts

oh hey YouTube how's everybody doing hope everybody's doing well this talks with mr. fix alone burden on Raleigh North Carolina hope everybody's having a blessed day what I wanted to do with this particular video is it's kind of an important topic for hanging them basically no matter where you live with city town or you know if you live in a big city a small town a local community it doesn't matter where you live okay it doesn't matter what trade you're in you can be a carpenter a plumber an HVAC guy you can be a handyman like my businesses you will be a landscaper you can be a various number of different trades okay but the first a specific topic that I want to cover today is follow-up and professionalism okay what happened this week shocked me a lot because what I what ended up happening is this let me give you some background information if you run a business already you've been at it a long time you know basic business this is not going to come to us to a surprise to you but will be a surprise to you or a shock to you okay but for you new guys that have never been in this business before or you're in it you've only been in it for one year this information or a little longer this information is very valuable or you're an old-timer and you know it's your business has become somewhat of a routine to you so I want you to old listen up to this information because it could make or break your company and and you know my channel is all about information I try to provide you guys valuable information how to run a successful business when do you take the information or not or use it or not as totally up to you okay but here's here let me give you some groundwork on you lay some groundwork down for you okay there's a forum that a lot of neighborhoods have is called front porch or back porch it's almost like an Angie's List in a weird way except the homeowners themselves talk amongst themselves and they have a page that they set up a forum that they set up that says okay hey what was your experience with this contractor this plumber this landscape or this handyman this car you know just basically any experience they may have a painter a roofer just anybody that they run into it's an open chat line so what it is they got the and as always the housewives think about that keep that in the back of your mind it's always the housewives that chat amongst themselves okay and they'll say oh yeah this we have wonderful experience with this guy or this company and or oh we had a horrible experience with this guy or this company or girl but here here here's what here's what ended up happening is that my name gets dropped around on these front porch back porch forums and I live in a course Wakefield behind me is Wake Forest over there is Wakefield that way is Bedford now Bedford is huge community it's like about 4,000 homes and what ended up happening is I've worked throughout the years you know Bedford Wake Forest Lake Wakefield different places and I don't ask people for a referral you know all I say is if you like my work just basically just spread my name around you know I don't get too technical or try to you know do too much over selling I just great job as best as I can do it and and make sure that the customer is satisfied with the work that's the bottom line that's what I'm into quality work you know I don't chart you know like I tell tell you guys a lot of my videos I'm not cheap I actually charge quite a bit for what I do so when these people you know when you hit them at a high price and and and they expect a lot out of you they'll become very demanding because you know you set your price so high that they're going to say okay well we want this level of service and annex that they should get that okay well what's been going on is that the Bedford community which I work a lot in Bedford I'd have several accounts over there a couple of doctors I work for over in Bedford and my name got dropped in on this back porch front porch for him as a handyman well I never go in there look because I don't have access to their webpage or their gossip form or there another chat forum so I'm just basically relying on whatever the homeowner says has to be you know what you know their response to my services so I kind of find out I've got a five-star rating with five different customers that have all used me over the years well this one housewife who she's got a job – of course she's married some kids and they've got a nice home over in Bedford she had was having a bad really bad experience with this local handyman it was going around the Bedford community and basically handing out his card making all these promises saying oh yeah I'll do this for you I'll do that for you and you know I'll be here in a week blah blah blah and then he never shows up he never calls and he basically just drops the ball over the all over the place now trying to find who this guy was or what the company was and I couldn't find out over say you want to tell me and I respect that that's that that's kawaii I didn't want to dig in too deep I said oh whatever you know the guy is not acting like a professional so what it up happening is a total ad about me I told her about my YouTube channel I took gave her my reputation as far as a Better Business Bureau we've got a four star rating with a Better Business Bureau and also with Angie's List and I'm not I don't advertise with these sources it's just that I've gotten reviews from a lot of customers maybe they drop my name to these companies because they're members and they could still talk about you even though you don't have to be a member of these particular you know these these accreditation of companies so what I did was I went ahead and booked the job it was it was wood rot job and and quite a bit actually it was took me oh six and a half hours to do do this work and I set the appointment for two weeks in advance now this is how I played it I told her I said I am busy I'm booked anywhere from two to three weeks out but on this date I will shoot you an email 48 hours to 24 hours in advance let you know I mean I am coming and I'm going to show up on that day that day in that time well I knew the day was approaching I had he email because I make sure they sent me an email and and coordinate saying that this is how I work through emails only because it is a paper trail and and that way I had him on file I wouldn't forget because I go through all my emails every single day and I showed up right on time the housewife was actually shocked because she said the last guy never showed up or he would hardly ever show up and when I ever did show up it never was on the right time or date that he said he was going to come and then his work was you know a little little iffy so I went ahead knocked out the work and made sure they knew I was there I said the appointment got their main contact with home owner she was there got there at 8 o'clock in the morning spent a whole day there and I also waited for the customer back that evening well while I was in the neighborhood I handed out three of my business cards and set two more appointments and the same store he was the same exact story all the experiences they had was with the same one or two handyman they were floating through this neighborhood making promises and nobody showing up no follow-up okay so what I did that day I got done exactly a three o'clock a third a finished at 3:00 and I went straight over to the southern lady's house it was right around the corner knocked out a small rock chop quick 70 in cash soon as I was sitting any order guy came up behind me says oh by the way let me get your business card I need a handyman I said oh great you know have you had problems with your previous ent man yeah he never showed up he never said any point and never called and I said wow it seems like this I've heard this story before you know in fact I'm hearing this story all day long and so what end up happening was as I went over to his house and I fixed the door problem he had some lock problems and made $25 cash on him so I waited for the original home owner come over on Rajah he showed up I did a complete walkthrough made sure that all the points to him you know him and I talked about that I was going to repair I was done professionally and everything was perfect and he looked at me and he says you know what you're a breath of fresh air he goes I I'm surprised and I'm shocked and I'm pleased how you performed and how you treated treat your business and how professional you are and especially with the follow up the reminders with the emails and also too that you you actually showed up and you did the work you know exactly when you say you were going to even though it was two weeks in advance but you showed up it's giving long day you guys know me by now I love ice house but anyway that good story uh then he goes Tom I love the way you handled this whole situation you're our new handyman now this guy's got money it's part of some sort of marketing companies apparently a pretty high up and he said I got some more stuff for you to look at we look at all his decks he wants me to restate all those decks as three level home and he's three decks three get separate decks and he told me flat out he says I know your book – in three weeks in advance I'll shoot you another email but I want to go ahead and get on your schedule to go ahead and stained stained my decks and I said great soon as I got home there was the email with a big THANK YOU you know you handled yourself as a professional we appreciate that my wife appreciate that you know you know the entire time that you were here you acted as a pro you know and this is a breath of fresh air for us and we're going to spread your name around and there you go and it's on the front porch backwards for them that they do this this chat room that they have amongst the entire neighborhood so you can imagine once that your name gets dropped in those forums how much business you'll actually get from it because you will get a lot of business okay now because of that I was doing my normal routine in routes this week I've already booked three more mulch jobs which I'm going on a big mulch job tomorrow which is a good profit margin in that I finished up a an edger job today a metal edge or job today out of nowhere just came out of nowhere he says Tom you got you got a couple hours to knock this stuff out it was a quick hundred dollar so it took me 45 minutes quick hundred dollars and then tomorrow the most job would be a cool 400 easy there and then I've got a another concrete installation job is a skim coating job that starts on Friday I've already got a deposit the guy doesn't even live in North Carolina he lives in South Carolina and I've been wheeling and dealing with the sky for several years and he says Tom I got this project also send you a deposit boom deposit comes soon as I get the work done he sends me the balance it's been like that he's like I get the check within three days he's just that professional with the way he handles his side of the business then also to this weekend I got a power wash the hospital so today and then I got a fence job I got a repair or gate so from Monday just from Monday now I've been wide open for the last 30 days last month and a month before that each $10,000 each March April both $10,000 make okay and that's not 9,000 it's $10,000 each this month I'm on track for about 8,500 the month is not over yet I've got still three days to go so I can also book and build all my landscaping customers which is another $2,800 so here's that here's the critical and the crucial part of this message guys you want to start a business no matter what level you are at a sole proprietorship S corporation like me where you're just a one-man show out there where you're several guys but if you're the owner of the company let me let me give you some good advice you need to get in a habit of following up never ever making promises that you can't stand up to okay don't over promise and under deliver and I took away from this one guy so much business that you know if he would know you if he would actually know what I made all these customers that he could have made himself because those were his clients ah he would roll over in his damn grave okay so the moral of the story is guys is follow up do what you say you're going to do show up when you say you're going to show up do professional quality work like I always preach do quality work whether you do use my techniques or not I don't care use your own but whatever your results are they come out good and that people like them and you can stand by it I always give a six-month warranty then you're in business but bottom line is is that make sure you get these people to send you an email don't just scribble their name down on a piece of scratch paper professional business to argument business card get their business card from make sure that they email you it's a paper trail it's legal it's binding it's one of those things yes we're allowing mr.


Fix-all to come on our property on someone so date and so on so time so when you got all this stuff in place all this you know things in motion and you actually show up do the work I promise you I swear to God I promise you these people will remember that and they'll also tell their friends they'll tell their neighbors and and and they're going to just flat out they see you in the neighborhood with your van you know you drop whatever make sure you got some professional advertising you look professional you know just all the normal things that you got to do to run a business okay because if you walked into a place of the place was a dump you wouldn't go in there and shop would you of course you wouldn't I wouldn't and I know you wouldn't either so remember your consumer is 90 percent females because they control and run the household okay so if you don't get along well with females are you too cocky or you're a little arrogant you didn't shave you got bad breath you know you're not dressed correctly you know you got have your act together you got to look like a pro and then you know you go there and you're representing yourself and you're representing your company and you got to sell yourself you gotta sell your company okay so just this week along the last three days fifteen hundred dollars made in three days all cash and I haven't stopped yet because I was Wednesday I got all wait till Sunday I'm sure I'll probably knock down oh god I know probably about another seventeen to two thousand dollars then I booked in Bell everybody for $2,800 landscaping so I probably hit the ten thousand dollar mark again this this month so that's my advice to you guys be a pro show up on time do quality work and follow up keep that in the back of your mind you got to follow up hopefully this advice has been helpful to you guys and running your own small handyman business and in the future you know I wish you all the success in the world and and that's all I got to say to you guys I want you guys to have a blessed day you know what to do hit the subscribe button give me a thumbs up leave those comments always leave those comments this is Thomas from this fix a home garden on a rolling North Carolina signing out I'll see you guys in another video bye

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